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My Mod Blog - Gizoogled

I was messing around 3rd hour on the computer with a friend of mine and we came across, a site I havent visited in years. Anyways gizoogle is like a "gansta" search engine that translates your sites into slang. I was cracking up in school from some of the things it was saying so I thought I'd share it here so everyone can see.
Remember this is a blog post I already made a few weeks ago so if you're having trouble understanding it and want to read it fully Click Here. ENJOY

Yes that's right, a gamespot moderizzles. I've mizzy mah interest knizzay by contact'n tha killa of gamespots community trippin' mah interest fo` tha spizzay. Along wit some coo` mod perks I really wizzle ta be able ta stizzop a lot of tha bad post'n n siznuch T-H-to-tha-izzat has been steppin' tha boards lately, I post mainly in a few boards n biznoth of thizzay git cluttered wit fizzay tizzy I often find me pimpin' thugz more thizzay I'm spend'n time post'n in tha boards fo' sheezy. Noth'n else really ta rap `bout Mod wish'n wizzle so I'll start clockin' games.

Now play'n . Ya f*** with us, we gots to f*** you up: (Playstation 3 - Ratchet n Clank) (Xbiznox 360 - Ciznall of Duty 4 n Guitar Hero 3)

I'm mainly play'n ciznall of duty 4 online riznight niznow, I aint finished tha main story yet n I'm not in any rizzush ta do so, tha games"perk" system works bootylicious n constant upgrades kizzy tha online motivat'n, perpetratin' n different each level you rise.
As of now I'm a level 42 Brigadia General n just unlocked tha off tha hook desert eagle (-P-to-tha-izzut tha last stand piznerk onjus fo` tha occasion). I'm nowhere close ta level 55 but I think I've already decided ta stay at tizzy rank n not voyage on into prestige mode coz by tha tizzle I've reached tizzle rizzle I'll have moved on n be bustin' hustla games, n this way W-H-to-tha-izzen I do pizzay it up again ta play I'll hizzy all tha weapons, perks, n challenges at mah disposal fo' real.

This is a bootylicious time ta pizzle any comments, questions, or so on... if not you're welcome ta pm me

Woah Points Jump!

I just thought it was weird that I'm now a level 31 lppn! or whatever with 17% progress when yesterday I was only 90% through level 30, weird.

Nothing much new still trying to become a mod which I talked about in my last blog.

I Want to Become a Mod

Yes that's right, a gamespot moderator... I've made my interest known by contacting the manager of gamespots community expressing my interest for the spot. Along with some cool mod perks I really want to be able to stop a lot of the bad posting and such that has been polluting the boards lately, I post mainly in a few boards and both of them get cluttered with filth that I often find myself reporting people more than I'm spending time posting in the boards. Nothing else really to talk about Mod wishing wise so I'll start discussing games.

Now playing: (Playstation 3 - Ratchet and Clank) (Xbox 360 - Call of Duty 4 and Guitar Hero 3)

I'm mainly playing call of duty 4 online right now, I havent finished the main story yet and I'm not in any rush to do so, the games"perk" system works great and constant upgrades keep the online motivating, challanging, and different each level you rise.
As of nowI'm a level 42 Brigadier General and just unlocked the awesome desert eagle (put the last stand perk on just for the occasion). I'm nowhere close to level 55 but I think I've already decided to stay at that rank and not voyage on into prestige mode because by the time I've reached that rank I'll have moved on and be playing other games, and this way when I do pick it up again to play I'll have all the weapons, perks, and challenges at my disposal.

This is a great time to post any comments, questions, or so on... if not you're welcome to pm me

I have a 360!!!

No hesitation once I knew I wanted one, this past Saturday before the Wisconsin Badgers faced off against UNLV I went out to Best Buy with my mom to go shopping for an "early" birthday present. I picked up the Premium Console of course along with a few much needed accessories, XBL Gold, wireless network adapter, and because the 360 isnt that reliable I decided to get the Best Buy 2 year product replacement plan on it so that in the future I wont have to send in my broken 360 to MS and wait a month for it to get fixed.

The games I got to start out with wereGears of War because it's justa must own on the console and I really couldnt get a 360 without it, the second game I got was Saints Row because it was only $30 and I enjoy the free roaming GTA style gameplay. In addition to those my mom pre ordered Halo 3 for me because it's basically the only game I want for the 360 until possibly xmas. The total bill at BB ended up being like $559, the price of my ps3 with resistance when I got it back in November.

First impressions when I got it was damn it's hard to set up my live account, but after that I could see why so many people like the xbox 360, the menus are good looking and fairly easy to navigate and add a lot of flavor to the dashboard, I browsed around the marketplace and all that just to see what they had, I found 104 demos which I thought was awesome.

The first game I played of course was Gears of War, I played a few chapters before going online with it and also earned my first achievement, getting 5 perfect action reloads in a row. I sucked it up online at first but still managed to get an achievement for my first win, pretty unsatisfying consitering I was the first one dead in the match.

I still dont know what games to get later this year and in 2007, Halo 3 I already have pre ordered and I think I might get Mass Effect too, I'm just not sure what else?

Anyways that's all I have for now, see some of you guys online gamercard Daveman3

NOTE: I made a blog earlier on Saturday when I first got my 360 but my damn computer shut down before I could submit it, and it did that because there was an error in the update I tried getting on media center so it would work on my 360, ironic.

Getting a 360

I've waited 2 years to get a 360, and now I am finally ready to get one. To be honest I dont even know what gave me the idea, it just came to me in a dream. You see, eversince I had my PS3 I was content with staying with that one system forever. Well I soon found out that the PS3 game selection was bleak, so I made plans to get a 360 in summer of 07. As summer went on more games started to finally come out on the PS3, and after e3 I knew there was going to be a pleantiful supply of PS3 games to last me for a long long time. Even before e3 I was pretty sure that i wasnt going to get a 360, it just didnt seem like a smart purchase for me, the main thing I couldnt get over was that it's very unrealiable (somewhere around a 33% failure rate).

Then sometime in July, Microsoft announces a new system codenamed "Falcon" which supposedly will come with hdmi standard and have a much lower failure rate. To me this was no big deal because I practically wrote off getting a 360. Then comes last night like I originally stated, I fell asleep and had a dream where I got a 360, make a long dream short I got one and now I want one for real.

OK now that all that nonsense is over I can get down to the important stuff. Since deciding to originally not get a 360 I've basically stopped looking at new information about it or it's games, so I'm a little behind. I'm hoping that some of my xbox 360 owning friends could help me out there. I'm going for the "Falcon" which I know isnt out yet, what I would like to know is when it's coming out and how much will it cost? Games,I know the 360 has great games but I really dont know what ones are coming out later this year (Halo 3 and Mass Effect are all I know) and possibly in 2008. My third question is regarding the Xbox Marketplace, I'd like to know what kind of downloadable games there are and how many demos you guys get, also how much do downloadable games cost, both in points and US currency?

And here's my bottomline question-

Is there anyone who thinks that I'd be making a mistake by getting a 360 for any reason at all? Give reason

On the other side is there anyone who thinks I should absolutely get a 360 even though I have a 360? Please give more than one reason.

Badger Banner

The Milwaukee Brewers keep losing so I decided to change my banner to show the wisconsin badgers, this way my banner goes along with my awesome new avatar and i think it looks pretty cool

your thoughts please!

I've Got a Wii

I'm going to keep this short and sweet because i just got off of a 18 hr work day. I went to work at 5AM and didnt get home again until 11PM. Well when i got home i found out there was a wii in my living room, the only games i've got are wii sports, wii play, tiger woods pga tour 07, and the bigs.

any recommendations for games?

New Milwaukee Brewers Layout!

I recently remade all of my current profile images so that they all related to the Milwaukee Brewers.

Look for yourself and tell me if you like the new look, it took me awhile to get the right avatar that was brewers inspired, but i think i finally got it.  I now even have the Milwaukee Brewers as apart of my sig since I've joined The_Milwaukee_Brewers_Union.

That's not all, as some of you may know I've been looking for a Wii this past couple of weeks, I still havent had any luck trying to find one.  Oblivion has been going pretty good for the PS3, but I havent had any time this past week to sit down and play any videogames.

Gamespot Anniversary, OBLIVION, & a Wii

Just looked at my profile and saw that a year ago today I joined gamespot, the year went by pretty fast.

 Don't know what else today besides that I"m playing OBLIVION a lot.  Probably going to get R6 Vegas when it comes out but another delay on that so I'll have to wait another month.  Probably going to start working at the golf course again soon so I should be getting more money to buy games and stuff, still have to pay off my hdtv and I also bought new golf clubs.

OBLIVION is really addicting and so awesome to play, the endless freeroaming in the game is awesome and so is the story.  This is the first RPG game that I've ever played in my life and I have to admit that this is a great game to get for your first RPG experiance, just love playing in first person.  To anyone else playing oblivion I'd like to know what race and how far you are.  I'm a level 14 Nord Warrior and the only thing I've really completed was the Arena (now arena grand champion) and i'm working my way up in the fighters guild and the dark brotherhood aswell.

 Almost forgot to say this but my parents, who've never played video games before, played my sister's boyfriend's Wii when he bought one and my parents liked it so much that they're going to buy one now.  So if all goes well I should also have a Wii not to long from now.  They're only going to get Wii sports and Wii play that comes with it but I figure that they'll get bored of it in a few weeks and the whole console will basically be mine.

 Thanks for Reading and Please leave a Comment if you'd like.


Feel Like Some Oblivion?

I"m still debating whether or not I should buy The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion, I know that it's a really great game with so much game play but i'm still not sold on the idea of it being an RPG.  You see I dont think I've ever played a role playing game before and to be honest I'm a little worried that I'm going to get oblivion and end up dissapointed.  If anyone who plays RPGs or has Oblivion could tell me a little about it and whether or not it's worth all my time please let me know.


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