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Top 10 Coolest Castlevania Bosses

10. Astarte (PoR)-I'll admit, she may not be the coolest looking or the most original idea, but heck she is the only boss I can think of that can kill a level 80 in boss rush due to the fact that if Jonathan gets hit by her "temptation" spell, he goes on a murderous rampage and wastes Charlotte. Barbaric.

9. Behemoth(PoR)-This half rotted blue lion creature was scary when it chased you down in the beginning, but was even cooler during the boss battle. Those rotting worms were a good touch, too.

8. Tie-The Creature & The Werewolf (both being the ones from PoR)-They are both cool so they both stay. The Creature is the powerful frankenstein rip-off that will electrocute you to death, while the Werewolf is the big furry thing that throws lamp posts at you. I'll stay on 12th and 14th streets, mind you. (If you played the dungeon, you'd understand)

7. The Doppelganger(PoR and SotN)-This guy is rad. He is you, except stronger and more murderous. Have fun with the annoying ones in SotN, but in PoR, he dupes your armor too, so crappy armor is the key to a super simplistic fight.

6. Medusa(like freaking everything)-This chick is angry. If her heads aren't going to make you kill yourself (I almost did), then she will gladly. Though the SotN one was so easy due to the mirror armor, the one in PoR doesn't pull punches. That's why god invented the Greatest Five.

5. Fake Grant, Trevor, Sypha(PoR, SotN)-This ain't easy. You have the whip slinging, Richter-rip-off Trevor, Grant, the eerie spiderman assasin, and Sypha, the chick whos magic is best to be avoided. Cool boss. Ironically, Fake Trevor is in a game with Richter as a boss twice (SotN and Whip's Memory in PoR), so it is like you have to fight him twice.

4. Death(same as Medusa)-Nothing says old-school like the Grim Reaper. He is Dracula's right hand for a reason, being annoyingly hard (at lest for me) in PoR and Aria of Sorrow. Heck, he even combined with Dracula to make a huge demon. That's bad @$$.

3. Beezlebub(SotN)-Harkening to number one, this dude is baaaddd. It is a huge corpse suspended by chains that you have to slice up. Heck, he doesn't even hit you. So how can he be hard? Two words: giant flies.

2. Dracula(everything in the universe)-Why do Belmonts hate him? He is a good role model. He teaches you to be persistant. Veeerrryyy persistant.

1. Legion(AoS, HoD, PoR, SotN [under a different name])-I swear to the video game gods this is one of my favorite boss battles ever. This huge being is composed of hundreds of corpses. If that isn't bad enough, he constantly drops them on you, and even when you strip him down with your weapon, the inside is a huge tentacle monster. Lord. Oh, and the one from AoS with a face--*shudders

Remembering Ocarina

I have always been a constant gamer, and I feel nobody appreciates the old school clas-ics anymore. I think this is because we get new games, go in and out of interests, ect. This week I am into RTS because of Civ 4 and want to replay some of my old Warcraft 3 & Starcraft, while in a few months I can have a gamegasm over the newest Zelda game. But I think everyone should return to their roots of gaming and replay one of the old, fun ones that made them into the lifeless loser they are today. What I am trying to get at is this - replay (or just play in general) The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. This is not only the greatest game of all time, but it still kicks the @$$ of all the games out today. We have our super graphics shooting games, a few years ago we had the birth of our system's grandparents, so I say, get OoT on your Wii's virtual console. Although I don't own a wii, I still own the 2 copies of the game on the GCB. I wouldn't reccomend looking for them unless you try e-bay, but still. Appreciate the old schools. -skalokos

Top 5 Zelda Dungeons...Twilight Princess

Twilight Princess was good, yes, and very ground-breaking. It had the least cutesy-cuddly-Wind Wakery tone since Majora's Mask, which guarenteed it to be great. Now, the dungeons.

5. Water Temple- Although not a fourth as nostalgic as the one from OoT, or even MM, this was a fun dungeon by all means. The water-lever stuff did a good job of replacing the pure evil of raising and lower water levels in OoT. Sadly it had the same item...and nearly the same boss...I really think they were trying to pull it straight out of OoT. Meh, if you can think of a better game for a stoner-toad-miniboss, I'd like to hear it.

4. City in the Sky- This was a good one. Easily the hardest dungeon in the game, CitS featured a Wind-Templey feel with the whole double-clawshot and Peahat Gardens thing. Hanging thousands of feet above Lake Hylia is certainly somthing the Zelda lovers didn't see coming. And Argorok...epic.

3.Goron Mines- Normally I can't see myself putting such a noob dungeon in the ranks with the big boys, but really. Walking upside-down on the ceiling with magnet boots, obtaining the Bow, getting Key Shards to make the boss key, and a huge (but easy) boss battle! If any dungeon gave you a nostalgic feel, this one did.

2.Snowpeak Ruins-There isn't anything really more innovative and fun than this. Basically, the yeti girl (Yeta) tells you where she thinks the Bedroom Key (boss key) is, but it just turns out the be a vegetable. You take the vegetable to Yeto (the yeti dude), who puts it in the soup, which in turn, increases the healing value of the soup. That system isn't just the only good thing...don't forget the Ball and Chain and not just another boring fire arrow.

1.The Arbiter's Grounds- This dungeon had the best ambience of them ALL. PERIOD. The architecture is slightly egyptian-ruins mixed with a pinch of Spirit Temple, while being an underground jail full of zombies. Basically, it starts off in a Forest Temple type 4 poe search, cumulating into a warm, gooey boss battle with Death Sword (so cool), only to end with the gay-est, but perhaps funniest Zelda item ever. And Stallord? Maybe cooler than Argorok.

Top 3 Zelda dungeons of...Majora's Mask!!

3. The Snowhead Temple- I'm sure we all remembered the aggrivating process to obtaining the Goron Mask + Goron Lulluby, so there was nothing like entering the second dungeon ready for action. Though not particularly long itself, this dungeon showcases many Zelda mainstays, like bombing walls, shooting Eye Plaques, and un-freezing things. The dungeon's main puzzle with punching out the blocks was entertaining, and Goht was just awesome! Bravo!

2. The Great Bay Temple- Back in the day there was a little Water Temple with weird puzzles, an odd item, and a boring boss. Now, we have a dungeon with impossible puzzles, a cool item, and an impossibley satanically EVIL boss. This dungeon was basically a huge water factory, complete with tubes, levers, and gears. The main room where you swim into each little tunnel gave this dungeon a feeling of endlessness and turned it from a small factory into a water-filled deathtrap labyrinth! And trust me, getting eaten by a giant...err...gargantuan fish at the end far from helped.

1. The Stone Tower Temple- Finishing the best temple for last, are we? After the drudgery that was Great Bay, Ikana Canyon opened up many suprises, and it all comes to a big bang conclusion with the Stone Tower Temple. Filled many bosses, items, and an open-ended feeling, this was just going to be like any other except for the super-awesome tower-flipping aspect. That alone makes it numero uno. Asides from the sad reality that the Giant's Mask (or as I like to call it, the Easter-Island Mask) can only be used once, and that the theme of undead doesn't really mix with the whole Spirit-Templey feel (literally right down the the boss thats an insect instead of a rip-off of Bongo Bongo), this is still the best dungeon in the game and maybe all of Zelda.

On a lesser note, I'm afraid that I had to leave out The Woodfall Temple for it to be top-three. Although this dungeon is a step up from a lot of Ocarina's lame noobling dungeons, this wasn't that fun.Wellkind of. It was known for 2 things: The Hero's Bow, and Odwalla, the Masked Juice Salesman. It still gets kudos.

another best zelda bosses

This is another top 5 zelda bosses. Of course, these are never set in stone, since another game might come out in '08, so you never know.

5. Trinexx (link to the past)- this was awesome, and you have to admit it. It was probably the most epic boss in the game, as well as the hardest, coolest, and the most fun. And that was a good game.

4. Argorok(Twilight Princess)- This is the definition of epic. Though not immensly hard, it was still creative.

3. Bongo Bongo(OoT)- An inspiration to bosses such as Mazaal and Gohdan, Bongo was the bomb. Sure, we call ourselves speedrunners and Zelda demigods, but when you get punched by that thing, your palms sweat. Plus it looked cool.

2. Stallord(Twilight Princess)- This is another "epic" just like Argorok. A huge skeleton dragon with firebreath and an undead army? What can be better? Oh, right, the stonerific battle design.

Gannondorf/Ganon(most zeldas, most notably OoT)- Scew the fact that the first half was hard and the second half was easy, screw that the Ganon and Agahnim storyline made no sense, scew the fact he is a huge gerudo AND a massive pig. He is more iconic than YOU will ever be. -skalokos

best & worst games

Hello and here is my picks for best and worst games. (yet)


  1. World of Warcraft/BC
  2. The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of time
  3. God of War 1/2


  1. Spiderman 2 for the GBC
  2. Pitfall (piti-full) the mayan expidition
  3. Pirates of the Carribean Curse of the Black Pearl

The COOOOOOLEST video game boss ever

The Creepy Teddy Bear from HELL - - Hunter: The Reckoning (I think redeemer)

When you are finished walking the creepy little girl through the cemetary to the building so she can meet her parents, it seems like a happy reunion until moments later the teddy bear she drops turns into a bloodthirsty (but clumsy) monster that must be destroyed. Why? It ate her ****ing parents! If I can find a pic, i'll try to post it.

Digg this

Why the **** is there a digg this thing. I hate ads on my own **** web page. I clicked on it and had no clue what it is, so now i say-REVOLT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RISE AGAINST TEH NOOBLET SYSTEM! * lol *

Legend of Zelda bosses

I felt obliged to bring my favorite zelda bosses to the table. The hardest, coolest, and overall best that i have fought yet.I am doing the top 5.

5. Trinexx (A link to the past) gameboy advance

difficulty  4/5   coolness 3.5/5  epic? 4/5

4. Helmasaur King (A link to the past) gameboy advance

difficulty 3.9/5  coolness 4/5    epic? 4/5

3.Volvagia ( Ocarina of Time) Nintendo 64

difficulty 2.5/5  coolness 5/5   epic? 5/5

2. General Onox ( Oracle of Seasons) gameboy color

difficulty: 5/5  coolness 4/5   epic? 4/5