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Sorry everyone

Maybe some of you jave noticed my lack of
Thats the only reason why. Here's my classes
1.Spanish II H
2.Marketing I
3.World History
4.English II H
5.Chemistry I H
6.Geometry I H

then out by 12:45............

Designer's help needed

I need help designing a CD cover for an alternative radio station. Use my link to get the image. Here are the guidelines- size- (jpeg-500x500 pixels). It must have the logo and the title: Area 108 declassified session. 

Once you have you image send it to my through e-mail, or post it here.....thanks

X-box is going portable?!

 sorry but my link isn't working, but i'll tell you how to get there. Got to then in the search bar type: analyst group says microsoft portable game console coming in 18 months. then under sear results click relevance. And there you go. picture and everything.