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Haha what is 'commitment' anyway

So much for the weekly posting idea. I was totally committed to this and everything; then I got cast in my uni's production of The Tempest, and then we went back to regular classes, and then my head imploded and I forgot to do everything ever. So here we are. Updates! I finished Tomb Raider last week and it was fantastic. Such an interesting reboot. I loved Lara's character arc throughout the game - even just the way she retorts at enemies throughout is so well-implemented. It's one of the few games, too, where I actually want to go back to the island and find all the collectibles, which is ridiculously rare. Shoutout to Crystal Dynamics for doing something right for once. Also barrelling through Ni No Kuni and Dragon Age II at the moment. I'm up to the first battle on the boat in NNK and sorely regretting not sucking up my pride and putting it on easy mode- I love the game, the art, the music, the story, but I hate the grinding. Hate it. Despise it. Loathe it. It's the only black mark on an otherwise flawless piece. As for's like if Mass Effect were set in Westeros, which some people might hate; but for me, it's glorious. And it's one of the rare occasions I've ever managed to make a decent looking character in a game. She's super hot. I'm proud of me. Oh, and while I was in the US in December I picked up a copy of Persona 4 Golden - and let the records show that to this day I am still playing it. 80 hours down, three quarters through my second play and no signs of slowing. If only I could afford P3P... Right. That's that. I don't really know what the point of this is anymore aside from killing time, but hey, it's fun. I think. Maybe. Oh well. S x

That's why Goku's hair is so big; it's full of secrets.

ROUND TWO! Or something, I don't know. It's been a big week for me! Top of the list; I got a job at EB Games yesterday. I'm on the books for every store in the CBD and I'm super excited. I also answered the phone call from them while at a sushi train, with a mouth full of sushi. I AM THE MASTER OF FIRST IMPRESSIONS. Right. Back to it! 1) Started re-playing Assassin's Creed II this week. For some inexplicable reason it took about 30 tries to get past the 'learn how to bleeeeeend' level because none of the NPCs decided to be kind and walk in groups. Oh well. I also keep forgetting that I don't have all of the skills and weapons I got in the last playthrough, so I keep getting super angry every time I try to jump-grab-thingy up a wall and fall to my imminent demise instead. Videogames; bringing out the douchebag in everyone! 2) I've been working my butt off at ME3 trophies when I have the chance (which is never). Uni finishes in two and a half weeks. Expect mayhem. 3) Officially in love with the Gaming Transcribed blog. 4) Discovered why my Cerberus Network code has never worked - it expired January 31st, 2012. Lame. Could call EA; can't really be stuffed. Also can't be stuffed paying $27 on PSN, so it's really the worst kind of double-edged sword. SPEND MONEY? OR TALK TO STRANGERS? SO MUCH PRESSURE. First day on the job on Monday. Ciao for now! S x

I lost 270 trophies.

270. Two hundred and seventy. Calm. Deep breaths. Do not break GameSpot's language filter. In retrospect, really, it is my own fault. You'd think I would have been checking what account I was saving my games on for the past however many months, but no, I'm actually inept. Merry Christmas, Dad, have all of my achievements. Oh well. Guess I have something to work towards! Kind of. ACR

S x

Behind on the times.

Happy Inaugural Awful Blog Post! You'd think I would have noticed that for the past 18 months, every trophy and achievement I've been earning has been syncing to my father's PSN account, but no, it turns out I'm actually a dumbass. So here we are. I'm pulling my head out of the imaginary bucket and getting my gaming crud together (Ha! I got censored. Oh man, GameSpot is going to love me). I've had this PSN account for, what, three weeks now? Maybe four. It's super frustrating, ngl. Mostly due to the fact that I've consequently lost all my saved games to my dad and am basically having to start fresh with everything. I can practically hear Skyrim and Assassin's Creed II crying from here. Anyway. THIS WEEK'S MYSTICAL AND NOT AT ALL EXCITING ADVENTURES; 1) I finished Mass Effect 3 over the weekend. Sobbed like a baby. Not even ashamed to admit it. SPOILERS. I went with Control in the end, but I hadn't played any multiplayer because I'm apparently both blind AND illiterate, so my EMS was horrible, effectively killing way more people than I ever wanted to. And yes, that includes my squadmates. I had to pause for a minute just to absorb that. Liara, man. LIARA. No. Uncool. NO MORE SPOILERS. 2) Still only about a third of the way through Mass Effect 2, though. I don't like the gameplay nearly as much as #3. Can't pinpoint why, though. Whatever. I'm in love with Miranda, I'm shat off I can't save Ashley with a fem!Shep on PS3, etc, etc, life goes on. 3) I've only played about an hour or two of Red Dead Redemption because I got really bored? I don't know, I've just read so much good stuff about it and I'm really, really bored. I'm disappointed. Hopefully it ramps up a bit because if I have to lasso one more horse I swear to god, Bonnie is going to get a hoof to the face. 4) Obviously RPGs are my favourite, but I play a lot of other stuff too, mostly due to the presence of a five year old in my house. So Seb and I have been discovering the wonders of saved game loss this week after attempting both Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing and Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 and discovering that (yay!) we have to start from scratch with both. He started yelling at me. Something about Jacky and Akira, I don't know. The kid's a glorious, magnificent basketcase. Next week I'm going to try and get some more headway through ME2 and Red Dead, and I might start up a new ACII save and rekindle my fragile ego. Whatever happens, I'm sure next week's blog will be just as terrible as this one. Get amongst it, man. THAT'S ALL, I'M OUT, ETCETERA. S x