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It's that time again...

Another Tuesday, another maintenance/patch day in the World of Warcraft LOL And yes, I still do exist lol It's E3 time, so I figgered I would come around and see what's upcoming in the game world. I'm liking what I'm seeing :D My sisters just picked up Sims 3 today - looks good from what I've seen so far.


All week, I've been having trouble getting to sleep. Not your normal "I'm laying in bed can't shut my mind off" kind of trouble, but the "I can't drag myself away from my new game system" kind of touble.

Lately, I've been getting into work at around 10-10:30am. A few weeks ago, I had no trouble showing up at just before 9am. Lucky for me, I don't have a scheduled time to follow and can basically show up at work any time I want.

You can always tell when I get a new game or a system - my sleeping habits go WAY out of whack. Command and Conquer is the reason I was up until 12:30am! Since my computer (and all other computers in my house) aren't new enough to run the game, I got the 360 version - which I had the chance to demo last week and I fell in love :) When I told my friend Kevin that I got the 360 version, there was a chorus of "ewwws" that ensued.

I really like the game, and I'm happy to have the opportunity to play that kind of a game on something OTHER than a PC. (Maybe that's why I'm so happy with my Wii and DS - new ways to play.) Kevin mentioned something about playing a RTS game on a console... (referring to the point and click kind of play.) I basically shot back at him about FPS's and how it's the exact same thing...

I am a happy camper :)

$600 poorer

So I decided that it was time I buy my xbox 360. I'm excited!

There's only one problem. Error code E68. I bought it today and I've already got my first error! YAY. LOL It's alright tho, I'm going back tomorrow to exchange the unit. I'm not surprised - the machine works great though, I put in my boyfriend's hard drive and it ran real nice.

For those who own a 360 already, what games would you suggest?

===== UPDATE =====

So I went and exchanged my xbox yesterday, quickly and painlessly. Went home, and it booted perfectly :) Last night, I played Viva Piñata for I don't know how many hours. I managed to pick it up brand new for just under $20 (taxes included) price matching is awesome :)

As for the games I like to play, I pretty much tend to stick to puzzles, RPGs, action, and real-time strategy games. But I'll play anything that's fun :) I'm prolly going to be picking up Perfect Dark soon - my sister has been dying to play it.


Right now, at Blockbuster, I have a copy of Super Paper Mario on hold. They got one copy in today, and it's going to be mine! YAY! It's nice to know people who work at Blockbuster :) I'm going over there tonight to pick it up. AWESOME!

Movin' on up - again

So the other day I posted that I was at level 16 - well that was pretty short lived because now I am up to level 17. And I'm now labelled as Minus World. That sounds pretty cool. I am not sure how it was that I moved up so fast, but it might have something to do with watching a bunch of Super Paper Mario clips and videos and posting a bit on the forums. I'm a bit peeved because my Super Paper Mario is currently listed as "Out of Stock" at - I had pre ordered it having $6 off.

I'm at work and have a lot of work to get done before 5pm and I have a meeting at 1pm, so that's going to take a chunk of time out of my day. I was hoping to go and see Grindhouse tonight, but that might not happen. It's a long freaking movie.

I'm movin' on up

Woot! I hit Level 16! :D I am now a Magician Lord LOL You know, they should make the level names match whether you're male, female, or even "other" Guys aren't the only ones that play games y'kno!