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Bad day ever...

long time no see guys...its very long since my last online in this site.last month my computer broke down...i dont know make me mad for a few day..why?? i think my processor blow,so i need money to buy a new one.what the......

i dont know when it'll ok cause i dont have enough money and i not have a job yet :P...

anywhere, see you all later after i get the new processor...or i buy a new computer:roll: 

It's 2K

Today I reach 2000 in posting massages. :D

its been a long time to get 2k posts since i had a problem with my network.congrat to me and thankz to all my frenz..:P


Sory guyz

i'm not here for a long time before, now i'm a bit busy and had a problem with my internet connection.maybe when i'm free again i'll come back active like before...

thats for now, sorry guyz...

No more heartless & nobodies

sound familiar i just beat the Kingdom Heart II :)... finally Sora, Donald & Goofy meet with Riku and Kairi.hehehehe. i think it a great game with cool CG and story.i think i take around 33h not bad the beginning i think i'll take more than that, but i did my best to beat it as fast as i can.i just reach lvl 51 for Sora. i dont know what game should i play my hand i got DW5-Empire,so what you all think...or maybe should i play another game...:)

Level up...

I'm no longer at lvl 14...but now at lvl 15 after for a long time, i don't know why its take too long to reach the lvl 15... anyway thanks GS...:) to all my friend kep on good job to lvl up yourself...:P

Kingdom Hearts II

I just started play Kingdom Hearts II yesterday. I hope i'm not make a mistake by playing this game.but i haven't play the first one yet...:P untill now i think it has interesting storyline. One more thing i'm not finish Shadow Hearts yet...hehehe...the final boss quite difficult to beat...Lady and Malice Ubral, they make me sick...i had try many time but still can beat them...maybe i need some rest.anybody can help me,give some hint or the best strategy to beat them.:)

Final Exam

This week i have final exam, but i stole my time to post here..hehehe :D just to release tension after study...

Yesterday i had one paper, today one paper too. and next friday one paper. so, total three paper hehehe...:)

that's for now


Next level

Yeah i'm no longer Toobin' but now i'm the Ring King...hehehe.. lvl 14 after for a long time i'm waiting for this...:x

thanks GS also all my friends...

UEFA Champion League

Yeah Arsenal go through to the semi-final...

in semi-final Arsenal vs Villarreal, Barcelona vs AC Milan...I hope Arsenal will face Barcelona in the final...:D

Barca vs Milan will be the interesting match cause they are quit strong team in europe...but i hope barca will win..

As the Arsenal fan, i think the Gunner will win againts Villarreal.after beat Real Madrid (1-0) in knock-out round and Juventus (2-0) in quarter-final, the gunner will go to the final...hehehe.

hope my team will win the title...:wink:

go..go..the Gunners you can do it...

Drakengard 2

I beat that game today...i feel so happy after for along time i had played that game...i just take 28h 11min 9 sec...hehehe.

i don't like the final stage,while fight with legna.that song made me sad, really sad song...:(

but i feel great after beat that i not sure which game i'm gonna play.i think i'll play shadow heart.what do you think....

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