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Hey guys!

Yo i'm back! Yeah.....I know, i've been off for 4 months i know you guys missed me (maybe) lol. I've been off because of school. Also, I've been in basketball tournaments lately and play for my high school. So yeah, that's pretty much why i've been off for 4 months. Uhh, everything changed here, I think i remember some of you but im really lost @_@. Anyway, E3 has got some cool stuff. I was right, there will be a Modern Warfare 3, my prediction was right. Hmm, a lot of good games this year, Battlefield Bad Company 3, inFAMOUS 2, Modern Warfare 3, which of these are you getting? Again, another short blog, but again, I will try to get to be online a lot, since summer break is almost here well for me, I will be on a lot more. Hope to see all you again! :D

HTML errors -_-......

Ugh every !@#$#@ time in my union. I try to post and I change the post to something else, still doesn't work. MY GAWD!!! It would be a better world without this stuff. So, what do you guys think about Modern Warfare 3? Bad idea? Or good idea?

Black Ops gave me karma..........

T_T it really did no lie. Okay, i turn on my PS3, disc is loading.....all of a sudden this weird noise on my PS3. so i checked it out..... and, WTH a crack right in the middle of my Black Ops disc -_- :cry: HOW? I'm hating on Treyarch right now for cheap discs man. And another thing is........ I GOT BANNED!! AWESOME! I'm telling you i am like plain beast on Black Ops and i know some hater reported me for cheating..... -_- i could be banned forever :shock:

Designing again..............

I was bored over the weekend. Plus, had no internet. So, I'm thinking hmm.... should I start designing again? Anyways here they are! I'll be making more. In the mean time, you may ask for requests.

Whoa! @_@

I found this thing on yahoo. you just have to basically look at the middle long enough and the stars will disappear, but this 1 is really cool! :question: Oh and if you look long enough and move your eyes a bit it goes back to six stars

Anybody wanna join? Black Ops?

I think it's about time some of you guys start playing black ops with me! Yeah, i know you finalstar2007 you wouldnt resist playing black ops XD. Anyway, post your PSN ID i'll add ya.

1 year!

Hmm... I know i haven't been blogging or haven't been on. I know im a little late. Maybe some of you are mad. But hey i've been here for a year! It was kinda long. I've been playing Black Ops great game btw. Oh, add me XBlAcK_MaMbA23X pn ps3. One thing is I might or am a part of machinima(youtube). That's all for now guys!:D

Blog #77: The Last Day

Hey, I know I haven't been going on. Maybe not in the mood. Maybe just not liking GS anymore. Well, today or tomorrow, will be my last day on GS. I know i've only been here since November but, it's time to leave.:cry: I will be on only on holidays, possibly some days to see how you guys are doing so see ya!:cry::D:)

Blog #76: It's been a while!

Hi, it's been a month since I made a blog, I don't even know how long iv'e been posting in the forum!:D Okay, so here is the good news, I will most definitely be on the 17th and so on and so on. So yeah, I'll still be on on like once in a while but I will be on the 17th. Hey, I know how to type japanese now!!:P クニネ クラテ チスイ ンラナ・(hi, how are you?) Yeah, you heard my question:P, how are you guys? Well, I'm doing great, I know it will be awhile till I will be on like the old days. Yeah, I need the resurgence pack and the stimulus for the PS3, but the resurgence is coming in July:evil:. It's already out for 360 if you have the game, probably $14.99 on the store. So yeah, I'll be on the 17th like the whole day, and I will like try everything to make dead things here active again, so see you the 17th!!!:D