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@edgework: Star Wars Galaxies: Starter Kit is one. I also notice a bunch of EverQuest expansions listed. I did play EQ for many years and it is possible I had them on follow once upon a time years ago. Maybe that is even true for the SW Galaxies entry. None of this could be anywhere near recent though and if it ever was on my followed list I would have removed it ages ago, as in years ago. I also notice two Anarchy Online expansions listed. Again, maybe I followed those years ago?

I have trouble believing I ever followed the entry: Bet on Soldier: Blood Sport and that is in the list also.

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@edgework: Thanks for your reply.

That list you linked has serious issues and while I appreciate the link, I have no clue how one would navigate to it in the future short of bookmarking it now that you posted it for me. I guess this is moot since you mention it is going to become more visible somehow. The issue with how screwed up the results are is significant though. I had a list of under 20 titles roughly and the results returned by "objects" (which is a peculiar name for a list of games btw) counts around 60 now and is loaded with odd stuff that was never on my followed list. So that is certainly broken as it stands now. Hopefully you are already aware of this and will be fixing it too.

I can see all the changes to the site layout as being a more subjective thing. However, it would be very, very nice if all the lost functionality of the user profile and collection pages (stacks, etc.) was returned as time goes by here. I'm glad to hear you are working on some of that.

On a more positive note, I should add that I do like the inclusion of two new lists (stacks), namely the games I've played and games I've finished. That is a nice addition.

I would still like to see both the Gamespot rating and my rating displayed with stacks entries. Actually, I'd like to see the other user review totals listed there as well like we had before.

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At this point I am seeing plenty of negative feedback here about the site overhaul but what I am not seeing is any written response from anyone at Gamespot. Maybe there have been some responses buried in the threads here and I have missed them but I've read quite a lot of the posts here and have not seen one.

I'm sure I am not the only one who would like to know what the reaction to our feedback is at this point and what if any changes are being seriously considered or not in clear terms.

My own personal greatest point of dissatisfaction was the complete dumbing down of my profile page with my games collection and the replacement with "stacks" which are an unsorted mess with no information about each game anymore including my ratings of them. Also, my followed games list simply disappeared. What is more, the stacks are not working. I am unable to add new games to my collection for example. I have to think that this site rollout was at least tested on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari browsers and yet many are reporting this feature is broken at such a fundamental level.

So please, could we now get some open and honest communication from Gamespot about what is being done, what will be done and what you are not planning to change? For many of us there are decisions to be made based on your response. So it would be much appreciated.

I've been a member for a decade and I am trying to be polite and respectful in this request despite how displeased I am. I hope you will have the courtesy to reply not just for my benefit but for many others here who probably like myself grow tired of talking to each other about all of this without any real news from Gamespot.

Thank you.

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Has there been any word from Gamespot about fixing the stacks so first off they work and secondly the functionality and info our games lists used to have is restored? If so could someone link to where they talk about that.


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I just tried adding some new games to my collection stack. I typed in search term, got the game in drop down list and selected it then search box goes blank and that's it. It doesn't get added and I cannot add it.

I wish they'd have tested this stuff before launch. Hope they fix it soon. If they get stacks back to having the functionality of the old collections, now playing, following, etc. pages I'll be a happy camper again.

And if not, I will RAGE!!!

Yeah, I know. Nobody cares about that. lol

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The only thing I do on GS since they changed the site and destroyed my collection page is to come here and see what's new in the bugs forum.

I'm not sure why I am doing this really. I expect they are invested in their changes and feel they are great and that some of us just don't get it, etc. Denial is a very powerful thing. The only thing that will really generate a response is revenue loss. Maybe. So, I guess we'll see what happens here. Maybe most people think this is all just fine and maybe they don't.

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Why, oh why do people always feel the need to "improve" things that already worked? The existing site could have used subtle refinements over time, sure. But this???

This complete revamp with the loss of my collection page as I knew it and all the functionality/information it contained has no redeeming value as an "upgrade" at all, no matter how you try to look at it.

I've been a regular here for over a decade and it is as if a hurricane came and completely devastated the place I used to know. They might as well have changed the name to GiantSpot or something else as well while they were at it. Gamespot does not seem to exist anymore but rather another site has taken its place.

I bother to post hoping that people at GS see and respond to this feedback. Clearly I am not alone in my dissatisfaction and bewilderment when trying to navigate what used to be Gamespot. It's a real loss but for me at least I will probably now rely on metacritic for general review info and my own personal database I am creating to catalog my collection of games, my ratings of them, etc. I don't see myself attempting to use this site as it exists now anymore. It was a wonderful 10 years. I will miss the place.

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I'm blown away by how bad this change is. Wow. They just took my favorite feature of the site and destroyed it completely. What is left? A list of icons with zero information next to them, nothing at all. My ratings are gone, the GS ratings are gone, the release date is gone, the platform is gone, sorting the list is gone.

How did that ever pass muster as an "improvement?" I really cannot believe what I just saw. I have over 900 games in my collection and it is just an unsorted mess of icons now, 100 per page I think it was. This display is useless.

I really am shocked that anyone at Gamespot could possibly have thought that was an improvement when what it really is, is gutting the feature entirely.

I won't be using my collection page at all for anything anymore. It isn't worth doing. There's no point to it now. I'm really disappointed by this and hope they fix it by reverting back to what we had or something close to it. I wouldn't have minded the idea of stacks per se if they still included all the same info in a useful arrangement like before but as it stands now I don't know who would use this feature. Maybe somebody with a dozen or so games?

I've been one of the faithful here for many years and even paid for it at one point when there was a subscription. I am just floored by this. I really am.

I forgot to mention that I noticed also that my list of "followed" games is just gone now too. That list was useful for reminding me of games I wanted to keep tabs on that are in development. Now it is just gone altogether.

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Glad you started a thread on this and sure enough, others are having the issue too. Count me in although I was able to switch it back just now thankfully. Hopefully it lasts but I am getting the impression from other posts here it won't until some bug gets fixed. I'm using Safari on an iMac running OS X 10.8.3.

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Thanks very much! I just added it to my collection. :D