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Oh joy.... school... :(

Well sophmore year will start on Tuesday...

I am really not looking forward to it... I checked out my classes and all I have to say is that this will be a tough year... :(

These are my classes:

0 period: Jazz Band(I play the electric/classical guitar for the band. btw the only reason I joined is because I wanna pick up chicks :P and the band seems to wear the coolest/ randomest clothes while they perform :P )

1st period: Honors English: Luckily I got a great teacher so I should breeze through this.

2nd period: Honors Pre Calculus/Math Analysis(I know I am two years ahead, but that is what happens when you are going to be future dictator of the world. :P )

3rd period: AP Chemistry(I took regular Chemistry over the summer and it was GRUESOME!!! I barely passed with a 90.6!!! I was overwhelmed with how hard it was. I am going to die this year...)

4th period: Spanish 3-4(I live in Los Angeles... if I move into the downtown area Spanish will be a must. It might sound very racist, but California was once owned by Mexico and Spain... so yeah...

5th period: World History(It is history of the World... 'nuff said

6th/after school: Track and Cross Country(Yeah it lasts for 2 hours sometimes even 3 hours but it is totally worth it... Actually no it isn't but at least I can be very healthy for the rest of my life!

Yeah so that is my schedule for this year. I am pretty scared. I will actually have to... study...

So what are your schedules like?

See you later!!!

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion review is here!!!

I have finally gotten around to posting my review for Oblivion! Please check it out and rate it!!! I will also put this on the Giant Bomb!

Oblivion review

For those of you who didn't read it or haven't looked at my other reviews, this is the 3rd game I have ever given a perfect 10/10 to.

The other games were:

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Resident Evil 4

Later I might post my 20 favorite games of all time! So stay tuned!!!

My Gold Membership Cancelled!?!?!

Today I had a rude awakening... While checking my emails I got an email from Microsft that my 12 months of Gold membership for Xbox Live. I was like wtf. Then I turn on my Xbox to see that I have silver!!! The worst part is that I still had 7 or so months left!!!

I emailed Microsofts customer support.. If I don't get my account reactivated or at least some more months for Xbox Live I am going to be pissed! :evil:

Anyways I got 100% achievements in Oblivion yet I still play tons of it! And I finally got Guitar Hero 3. It is pretty fun.

I have also ordered something very special. I am playing the guitar in my spare time and I have always used the same guitar my whole life. Finally I have bought another one. For a little less than $2000 I bought:

I bought the Fender VG Stratocaster. It is an awesome guitar with a bunch of features!!!

Also for those of you who have been watching the Olympics like I have, The opening ceremony was amazing!!! If you haven't seen it you should check it out. I have never missed an Olympics game. Out of all of the opening ceremnoies that I have seen this one is definitely the best!!!

See you later!!!

The Bomb has been set.... BOOM!!!!

The Giant BOmb site is here and it is awesome!!!

I have signed up and my name is RollingStones93!!!

Send me a friend invite here!!!

I will probably become less active here... but don't worry I'll still come here for news and stuff.

Anyways in gaming news I almost have every achievement in Oblivion so I am kinda' sad about that because I don't want the game to end...

And to prepare for Gears of War 2 I picked up:

Yeah I rented the game and it was fun... but now I actually own it. The best part was that it was only $15.72

I feel happy!!!

See you later!!! :D

Sorry I have not been on in a while!

I have not been on XBL, gamespot, or even my computer in a while and it is gonna stay this way for about two months.

My house is getting renovated and everything so I can't do much until they are gone because I have had to pack all my stuff away.

Since I am typing at an internet cafe I will need to keep this brief. :D

I am taking Chemistry over the summer to keep me from dying of boredom and so I can take AP Chem during the 10th grade!!!

I have been soooo addicted to Oblivion I don't think I can play anything else!!! I try to survive through my 2 months of hiatus!!! :P

Also the p0g0 clan website is going great!!! Check it out and tell me if you want to join! I have added forums and an arcade and there is still more to come!

So please check it now!

Sorry I have to cut this short. I lady is making me leave!!! :D

Can you guys do me a favor?

Ok so here is the run down. So me and my friend were talking about Team Fortress 2 one day when he told me that he joined a clan. The clan was pretty big and it had a website and everything. Obviously this was pretty cool but I told my friend that starting a clan is the easy part it is just getting the clan to start picking up momentum with people.

So we made a bet that I can start a clan with a site and it needs to have at least 15 members in 2 weeks!! So I took the bet. I have started on the crappy website and I am almost done. I have only published a small part of it to the internet for no reason but don't worry.

The website will look 10x better after a publish all the edited stuff.

Here is the site:

yup the clan is called p0g0...

simple, stupid, and funny to say. I named it p0g0 the same reason that Nintendo named the Revolution Wii... I was drunk :P

Well anyways here is the point. I need some members for the clan. So I am hoping that you guys can join my clan, you don't have to do anything if you don't want to I just need some members!!!

If you want to join pleas just give me you XBL gamertag and it'll be put into the members page of the website once the website is done. It is ok if you don't want to join but it'll help me earn a couple bucks!!!

So please just give me your XBL gamertag and you will be part of the clan!!!


And my update will be tommorrow or something.

See you later!!!

Oblivion is absolutely amazing!

I always heard about people rant about how good Oblivion is but I always thought that they were just crazy rabbid fanboys. Now that I am playing Oblivion all I can say is that they were right. In the beginning I had no idea what I was doing. I was just experimenting with all the classes. After I got the hang of the controls and how the game works and plays I started to get into it.

Man I just can't explain how much fun the game is. Definitely deserves a spot on my top ten favorite games of all time. But it is still too early to judge but so far the game is amazing!

Anyone who doesn't own this game has to buy it. This game is going to last me all summer long. I just have a feeling. :D

Also my friend lent me Dead Rising. This game is pretty fun so far but it is way too hard imo to get the "true ending." I hate that I am not allowed to just goof around and massacre zombies in between missions. I guess Capcom wants us to get through the hilarious story line first before they allow us to just goof around.

That is pretty much all that is happening in my life so far. I still have 2 weeks of school left and finals are on the horizon which means that it is time for me to go study! :P

See you later!!!

Guitar Lessons!?!?!?!?

So today I learned that it is a major help to be able to play an instrument when it comes to getting into college. Along with good grades of course. And since I want to go to USC one of the hardest schools to get into on the West Coast I really need to step it up.

I get a 4.0+; check. I do extremely well in a sport; check. But there is one thing that I was missing. It was to perform well in an art. I suck at drawing and sculpture and stuff so that was out of the question. So I had to take an instrument...

The reason this is a problem is that I would much rather listen to music or play GH3 rather than actually play it. My friends kept pushing me to play an instrument so I thought about my possibilities. For me piano and drums were instantly out of the question. Then I wanted to play an instrument that can play songs that I am into. Since a really like rock music and I happen to own an Epiphone Gibson(I think... sorry if I am wrong) guitar.

So I decided to hire a tutor to teach me to play the guitar at the local instrument shop. I got some guy who was really into rock music just by looking at the way he was dressed. So we practiced the basics for a while and he is a pretty cool guy. One cool thing that he had me do is to pick any song that I want to master by the time that I "done" with lessons. He is giving me some time to think about it though.

It is pretty cool so far. I thinking of making my goal "Freebird" by Lynyrd Skynyrd or "Paint it Black" by Rolling Stones.

Speaking of the Rolling Stones my cousin changed my gamertag!!! Normally I would have been pissed but she picked a pretty decent gamertag "RollingStones93"

I can't really complain because I like the Rolling Stones so I am not angry. Both ways she used her own Microsoft points so I just got a free 8oo points. :P

Well I hope that you can tell me any good song that would be a good goal.

See you later!!!