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Since my last post...

I have gotten Trauma Center, Phoenix Wright, Metroid Prime Pinball...
And finally, today...
All I need now is a wi-fi router...
And a DS with a working R button.

PS2=No way, man.

Yeah, I decided, "Screw you Sony!" And I'm sticking with Nintendo.
-Advance Wars: Duel Strike
-Possibly Nintendogs
-Castlevania: Dawn of Souls
-Mario Kart DS
-Animal Crossing DS
-The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
-Nintendo Revolution
-Super Smash Bros. Revolution
-The Legend of Zelda Revolution
-Super Mario 128
-Metroid Prime 3
Yeah, I've got a lot to save up for.

Resident Evil 4... officially completed. I had a rocket launcher, so the final battle was kind of a letdown. Whatever. Oh! And joining Halo, RE4 is an amazing game that ends with a driving level! Weird!