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Realtime worlds!

Right then, when I went to Dundee with my parents this summer, I was definatly not too happy about it. I wanted to stay home lol. Anyway the travel lodge we were staying at... just happened to share a building with the Realtime Worlds HQ! I don't know why I though that was so cool, but it kind of made my little trip worth while lol.

Tough Ratings

Why are people always giving harsh ratings on really cool games, just cas you got a grudge against them?  People like that make me sick, for example, i saw someone give mario 64 ds a 4.4, so I read the review, and i could'nt understand a word there because it looked like a 3 year old wrote it.  The guy was actually 18.  All he said in the reveiw was that he had just completed it and how he got 134 stars.  No one care how you got the stars, just tell everyone what you liked or didn't like about the game.  Personally, I think Mario DS is great and deserves around 94.8%(LOL, im guessing) of the people who voted good, or better.  And there is so much other games that are being judged harshly, if anyone thinks the same way, try and stop harsh judging. lol.