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Mass Effect

I was excited, back in 2007, about Mass Effect 1. After a quick search I decided to skip it, because I really don`t like FPS and the idea of playing a FPS/RPG hybrid isn`t my thing. After finishing Dragon Age i felt a change is required in my game habits. I spotted some raving comments on net, checked the reviews on Game Spot and decided to give it a shot. I still don`t like the FPS/RPG combination, but the story is equal to Freelancer or Elder Scrolls, two top favorite games for me (third is Neverwinter and four Drakensang, if you wonder !). Rich background, awesome characters, fun, albeit limited, classes, everything is there. Plus the story. Fighting Reapers, Collectors, geths, gangs (Eclipse, Blood Pack, Blue Sun) and asari commandos is a dream come true, because Mass Effect universe is ALIVE. There are many things I dislike in a FPS, but with little patience I overcame the frustrating gameplay and designers choices. I`m not ashamed to recognize I uninstalled the first game twice, but a game with only one bug and great story deserve every praise for the team who thought about Mass Effect universe. I hope the third instalment will stop making changes for things that do work and get back the looting and direct customization.


For three weeks now I played Drakensang The Dark Eye. I never cared about Pen and Paper games before, but I get bored by Neverwinter and Elder Scrolls. I the end it was a good choice. Drakensang is great story driven game and a lot of fun while learning the game mechanics so different from my usual RPG. I still have a hope that developers will concentrate more on story than graphics and stupid gameplay and Drakensang is living proof you can do wonders, even with a low budget.

The perfect build

After 8 years of playing I decided to stick with space sim and RPG, more akin to my way of doing things. I always hunt for the perfect build, keeping an open eye to better shield, wepons or ships. So, i choose, especially in RPG, power melee builds, capable to destroy everything in their path. 4 years have been dedicated, with some interuptions, to the Neverwinter Nights and Elder Scrolls series. Neverwinter is more frustrating, because a player like me need to have all his bases covered before going in to the `world`. Unfortunately, you have to choose and most of the races are weak to begin with. I`ve tried fighters, bards, clerics and some sorcerer/wizard builds who are to weak for my taste. Red Dragon Disciple in combination with Frenzied Bersekr or Dwarven Defender make a good melee build, but not enough. Then, out of boredom, I pick a Druid/Fighter/Shifter combination and I understand why they left the Shifter out of Neverwinter Nights 2. Nobody stand a chance against Lizardfolk Whipmaster in Neverwinter 1 and Shadows of Undretide and Risen Lord on Hordes of Underdark. Only one characters made my Risen Lord attack, fly, heal, attack, fly, etc. The demilich duergar wizard ( The Maker ) from Hordes ... is the most resilient NPC and you get a pitiful 1000 points for wasting him. The point is - no matter how many times you play a game, something new await to be carefully consider and put to work.

First RPG

Since I like so much RPG I decided to try a couple of games that made history in this genre. Baldur`s Gate and Icewind Dale are on my list right now and I hope they raise to the expectations and reviews on Game Spot forums. On the other hand I finnaly give up on Titan Quest, since the Telkine in Athen`s catacombs was impossible to beat. Why making such a tough boss when only magic based characters with overpowered pets can take him out ? I like fighters and I don`t care to much about magic, except maybe some buffing spells. Right now I want to make a trip along RPG development along the way from 90` s to 2007 to better understand the evolution of this type of game and - main reason - get involved in a good game.

Vampires !

After a while Titan Quest bugs and crashes become really annoying. Let`s try Spaceforce Rogue Universe, a Freelancer wannabe, a big disappointment. The engine and interface are so poorly designed that i break a record yesterday. No moving past first steps in mission 1. At least I try a couple of missions/hours of gameplay before letting go, but it`s not possible with Spaceforce. Big letdown for a space sim fan who consider Freelancer the game who make me enjoy gaming. I choose Night Watch for a while, hope he`s going to be interesting.


I decided to let X3 Reunion go because creating an economy based empire was the only thing I didn`t try and I have no talent to conquer the universe this way. Right now I got a couple of hours in Titan Quest and it`s a strange game. I slash so many satyrs I doubt I could go without a genocid charge, but this game is more flashy than substance. Hacking enemies is a good part of every RPG, but not without a point and Titan quest kind of miss the point.


Today I found the right avatar for me, thanks to TESFU and Elder Scrolls Union. It`s a werewolf kind of creature, close enough to the legends circulating in my country, even somehow to ~ human ~. Well .... I plan to work in the same time at two faqs related to Jade Empire and X3 Reunion, but I feel the holiday in the air and man - o - man I dream to ` run on the meadows ` so to speak.

X3 Main plot

I finished yesterday night the X3 main story and was a real disapointment. Why someone should bother to get the best softare, weapons and ship if the game doesn`t let you to use it ? I towed the M7 for almost 3 hours to finally get him an a decent M3+, ending with some puny Barracuda and Perseus for the final battles in the plot. After the story was over and i comeback to Heretics End to find 2 hornet missiles from the final huge battle involving Argon, Boron, Paranid , Earth and Khaak fleets !? At least the dogfight was decent ! In the future I expect Egosoft to forget all that crawling inside dark asteroids and go back to space dogfighting .

Big ship are easy !

To have some fun I decided to dust an Khaak Carrier/M1 in the same sector - Spaceweed Drift. M1/M2 are easy to destroy using the same tactic and a couple of drones to distract the incoming fire. Actually a M3 swarm is more dangerous because they use 10-14 fighters with powerful Kyon lasers, while big ship are dangerous only from distance grace to their long range guns. So far X3 Reunion is proving to be a more dogfighting game that X2 and less plastic. Good job, Egosoft !

X3 Reunion and Khaak

I killed today my first Khaak M2 /destroyer ship ! Difficult job - I sneak up from behind, get inside his docking area, maintain low velocity to remain there and shoot using 2 A HEPT, 2 A PAC and 4 Mass Driver in a Argon Nova M3 ship. I spent 5.800 bullets from Mass Driver to achieve this, because his shields were way to powerfull. Fun ! On the other hand I got a little bit disapointed while checking the rewards. Only 10.000 credits ( my hull repair cost was nearly 557.000 credits !!? ), 21 points increase in master chief combat rank and 16 points in Teladi Majority Shareholder ! I killed a M2 and they give me 9 points less than my next job - 1 Elephant TL and 4 Nova ! X3 is a strange game, but enjoyable so far.
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