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A few of my emblams have been missing for almost 2 days now. They are(I dont remember what their names are) One I got for doin lots of tags, One I got for having old games and one I got for having lots and tons of games in my collection. I might be missing 1 or 2 more but I cant remember. Anyways, Whered they go? Vacation?... I wanna go on vacation :(

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Oh. Thanks. Helpful as that may be, I still wanna know where the button went.

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Yeah, would be nice if they did that. After all, I did buy a ps2 so I could continue buying new games.. Being as though microsoft decided to stop making them for the xbox... And I have a crappy computer so I cant buy it for my pc. sad sad day for me if they dont put it on the ps2. Just cross your fingers and hope they do.

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Football all the way! NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars. NCAA: Army Black Knights, And MMA: Randy Coture.

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On the hints and cheats page for games there used to be a button that said click to print then took me to a printer friendly page for the cheats. And now its gone. What happened to it?

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This may not be very helpful to you, but all gameinformer has it marked for is the pc... wich would both be odd and suck. It sounds alot more fun than all the other sim titles.