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The Journal Of An Elven Barbarian: The Seige

It didnt take long after I fell asleep last night for me to be woken by a large commotion outside. After listening for a few seconds I came to the conclusion that the villiage was under attack. I grabbed my axe and rushed outside and almost immeadiatly came into contact with one of the brain washed cultists, he was dead before he had a chance to gather his wits. One of the two gaurds who tasked themselves with gaurding the Tavern ran up to me and asked me to assist in any way possible. I approached the person who seemed to be in charge of the defense effort, a woman by the name of Ursa Jernsward. After asking how it was that I could assist she asked me to go over to the secondary warehouse and speak with a man named Baldar the Bold. I rushed over there as fast as I could killing enemies as they appeared, realizing that while they had enough supplies to last a few months seige, they didnt have the people to risist an attack.

I finally came to the secondary storehouse and asked the closets person to tell me where I could find Baldar. They showed me the way and I found him laying on the ground wrapping a injury he had sustained to his leg. After asking him if he was alright I asked him why the Sahaugin had chosen now to attack. It seems that they had been gaurding a set of magical crystals within the Cannith Manufactory that had been helping keep the ice and snow from overcoming the villiage. But in the middle of the night the Sahaugin and their cultist puppets launched an attack on the manufactory killing many and destroying all but one of the crystals. He pointed behind him at a man who lay seriously wounded with a Paladin tending to his wounds. The mans name was Vogel. This was a night he would not make it through. Baldar asked me to head into the warehouse and protect the crystal from anything that managed to get inside at all costs.

I entered the warehouse and found two cultists. I threw my axe at the first then rushed forward, pulled it from his body and cleaved the second in two. I then turned my attention to the crystal. Remarkably it had not taken any damage as of yet. I turned around and redied my defense knowing this was going to be a long night.

When the battle was over Baldar limped in along with Ursa and thanked me for the assistance that I had given. They told me I should see the local Cleric and have him tend to my wounds then go rest. I deserved it they said. Im not quite sure of that though. Didnt I do what anyone in my place would have done? It doesnt really matter. The day was won. The people are drinking and celebrating their victory. But tomorrow comes the hard part. The part where they lay their dead to rest. There has to be something that can be done to put a stop to this. Ive decided that whatever it takes, I will find a way to help these people. Doing so may help me find my wayoff Korthos, and put meon my way to Stormreach.