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The Journal Of An Elven Barbarian: Shipwrecked And Stranded

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Today definetly wasnt my day. I woke first to the sounds of the ships crew yelling. I didnt think much of it as things like yelling on a ship to give orders is normal. However, soon the yelling turned to paniced screams. I quickly put on my gear and headed to the ships main deck and found parts of the ship frozen, bodies of crewmembers strewn about and to make matters worse a White Dragon circleing the ship. I did what I could to rally the remaining crew to bring down the beast, but before we could do anything it struck one final time and everything went black.

The next I awoke, I felt the unmistakeable feel of sand underneath me, the sound of gulls circleing above and the sound of waves hitting a beach. I opened my eyes and took a moment to collect myself then stood up. I quicly discovered that all of my gear was gone. all I had left were the rags on my back. While this would have disapointed some, for me, being alive after such an encounter is a blessing. Afterall, how many men, let alone women, can say they survived an encounter with a dragon out at sea? While I was surveying my surroundings a voice called out behind me. When I turned around there was a little halfling standing there that didnt seem to sure what to think of me as he asked me if I was 'undead'. I quickly realized he was combing the beach for anything he could slavage and sell. Dirty scavenger. After a quick conversation he led me up to his camp.

When I arrived at the camp he offered me a little food and introduced himself to me as 'Jeets'. I asked first where I was. It would seem I was on the island of Korthos. He rambled on about things for a time before asking me if I'd do him a favor, since he was 'nice' enough to let me have some of his food. As it didn't seem like I had much of a choice, I agreed. So he went over to a chest and opened it and asked me which weapon takes my fancy. I immedeatly took out the great axe and gave it a few swings. He then told me he'd like me to go to a cavern just up the trail and look for a friend of his, a cleric, named Celimas, and to tell her that he'd be up as soon as he was done. As I was about to leave someone appeared out of the tent to my right. I quickly realized that it was made out of living wood and machine. A monstrosity. when I asked Jeets what it was and why it was there he told me his name was Talbron along with some history about the 'Warforged'. I shook my head and left for the cavern to meet Celimas. As I reached the top of the trail I looked back at everything one last time. the broken ship, the bodies of its crew littered across the beach and in the distance, the White Dragon. I swore then that I would avenge them all by slaying that dragon. And I will.

I entered the cavern and soon found Celimas and introduced myself. After telling her what happened to me and about my encounter with Jeets she seemed both glad that I had managed to survive and annoyed at Jeets. She explained to me what they were to do in the cavern. They were hired to clear it of all 'Sahuagin'. A quick explanation was all I needed about them. A cult worshiping group of evil fish peoples. And they were to meet my axe soon. The job called for all Sahuagin in the cavern to be dealt with. But the main part would be dealing with the High Preistess which offered up humans as sacrifices to their evil god. We headed into the cavern and overcame the few entrance gaurds it had before Jeets and Talbron arrived. We dealt with an ambush that the fish had set up and moved on. Jeets afterwards tried showing off his skills with disabling traps but Id seen my younger sister, Mizanari, disable traps far more complicated. So I wasnt that impressed. After not to long we came to the chamber that had the Sahuagin High Preistess in it, along with two gaurds. Talbron dropped the gate and we charged in. I went straight for the High Preistess and burried my axe in her skull. It wasnt long after that the other two were lying on the ground in pools of their own blood. While Celimas worked on clensing the shrine the fish had set up to worship their god me and Jeets went to the back and started looking for a door that suposedly exsisted. I brushed my hand against a strange part of the wall and it suddenly opened into someones basement. We gathered there and Celimas thanked me and handed me a great axe she had found lying around in the High Priestess' chamber. Probably belonging to a poor soul who could defend himself properly with it. We parted ways then and I emerged into the villiage of Korthos.

After a short walk I came upon a man who looked like he had been spooked by something. After he recovered himself from apparently being startled by my being there being startled by my sudden appearence he introduced himself as Randall. I quickly realized that this man had nothing useful to say to me so I left him to whatever it was he was doing back there. A while later I arrived at the Korthos Docks. after talking with the ships captain, I learned that there was no leaving the island with the threat of the white Dragon ever preasent. I headed for the gate that seemed fortified beyond reason. Just as I reached it a gaurd aproached me and told me that no one was allowed to leave the villiage due to them not knowing who in the villiage was a friend and who was a traitor. I asked who he was and who I needed to talk to in order to be allowed to leave. His name was Askel Bauerson and his father was the local Tavern Keeper named Sigmund. Aggravated at being trapped within the villiage I headed for the tavern to speak with Sigmund about getting my freedom to leave the villiage. I entered to find it bursting with people, who judging by their chatter, were hiding out inside of the Tavern to hide from the Dragon and the 'Devourer cultists'. I quickly located the Barkeep and told him of my wanting to leave the town. He basicly told me the same thing his son told me. No one was allowed to leave. He then offered me a room. Without my gear and no way of buying new gear, I took it. Im stranded on this island. Its strange. I didnt think about it earlier but it seems to be snowing. I hope I can find a way off this place soon.