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The Journal Of An Elven Barbarian: Into The Crypt

After a good nights sleep in the Wavecrest Tavern I awoke to the hustle bustle of the taverns patrons yammering on about the troubles that had beset their island. I looked out my window and confirmed to myself that it was indeed snowing outside. Its the wrong season for snow to fall. But I had this feeling there was more going on than meets the eye. So, I decided to get out of bed and go about the townto look for information, passage to Stormreach or just anything to do.

After a few minutes walk, I came across the villiages graveyard. Most of these graves had been made recently. When I asked someone why there were so many freshly dug graves they wouldnt answer me. Let alone look at me. I decided I didnt want to be in this area anymore than I absolutly had to be and started to walk away. That was when a woman approached me and said she needed help. She said her name was Kaja Bauerdatter and that a man named Lars Heyton had gone into his family crypt and hasnt come out and since his entering there has been a strange wailing sound emenating from within. When I asked why some other Heyton family member didnt just go in and take care of it, she explained that Lars was the last of his family. That all others had died fighting the Sahuagin and their cultists. So, in need of something to do to help take my mind off things, I agreed to go into the Heyton Family Crypt and locate Heyton.

It wasnt long after I entered the crypt that I heard the wailing sound Kaja had mentioned. After standing listening for a while, there was no doubt in my mind that something evil was lurking here. Stepping forward a man emerged from the shadows. He introduced himself as Jacoby Drexelhand and gaurd of the Crypt. Aside from that introduction he seemed ill manered. I guess working in a place like this you dont get many visitors. I told him I was there to investigate the whereabouts of Lars Heyton and to find the source of the wailing noises and that he needed to open the gate so I could continue. Muttering curses at me under his breath he opened the gate and I stepped through.

First thing I noticed was that it seemed that all the sarcophigi had been smashed open. The bodies of their residents gone, only the jewels seemed to remain. The crypt was devoid of almost all life. There was nothing here but a few overgrown spiders. Then ahead I saw something that proved my feelings right, that this place had been desicrated, the walking dead. I quickly dispatched them with the axe that Cellimas had given me and moved forward more cautious than before. After a while I encountered a magical barrior blocking my way into the central area. Further examination of the area revealedthree slots for what I guessed were keys. It was also my guess that the keys werent far. Further down I encountered a Sahaugin doing.. something over an alter to the Devourer. I quickly killed it and its undead minions then destroyed the alter. With the alter destroyed it seemed like some of the wailing noise had stopped. Looking down I noticed a crest with the picture of a hooded cobra engraved into it. Judging by its shape I geussed I had found one of the keys I needed to pass throught the magical barrior. After destroying two more alters and collecting two more keys, each engraved with some creature, I took them back to the magic barrior and placed them into their respective slots. With it fallen I charged in and destroyed the evil I found within.

With the crypt cleansed of evil and no Lars Heyton to be found I took my leave of the place. On my way out I noticed that even with the place being safe and the wailing noise stopped Jacoby seemed in no better a mood than he was in before. To be honest I have to say his mood seemed to be worsened. What a strange human.

After exiting the crypt I approached Kaja and told her what I found inside the Crypt, that the Sahuagin were raising deceased Heytons and bending them to their will. She worried for a moment that Lars had indeed fallen and that there was no hope, but I assured her that I didnt find him within. This seemed to give her a spark of hope, if nothing else. She thanked me and promised to tell everyone about what I did for her. Even telling her that it wasnt necessary didnt seem to change her mind, so I headed back to the tavern to get some rest.

You know, its strange. Last night I had a dream. I dont remember what it was, but I do remember feeling like I was home. I wonder if I'll have that dream again tonight.