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My poor, poor Assassin!

So, yesterday I was playing Diablo 2 when out of the blue the game crashed. Normally this doesnt really bug me. I have a crappy computer which I am running High speed internet on. Why does that matter? Simple. My computer wasnt built for high speed internet so it tends to crap out on me on occasion. Well, more like every 10-20 minutes. NOW! Back to Diablo 2. Normally when it crashes the game lags alot. And the reason for it crashing is because my internet randomly craps out on me. No, Im not playing online, so thats not the problem. However I got smart. I decided to disconnect my internet connection for the duration of time which I was going to play Diablo 2. AND IT WAS WORKING GREAT! The game was running smoothly for once no lag. then... CRASH! The game completly crashed and closed. It was terrible. At first I thought I just hit the Windows key(I really hate that button) again. But I soon realized that I didnt. So I gave up for the day and started playing Final Fantasy X. Then today I turned on Diablo 2 again. Went to my characters screen(I have one of each type in case I get bored of one) and was saddened to see that my level 23 Assassin was gone. POOF! The character I had been playing as yesterday vanished into thin air not likley to ever be seen again. *sigh* I guess I gotta start over with her =[ And to think... she was starting to become fun ='[ R.I.P. ShadowBreeze The Assassin! You will be missed!