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Pretty random

So I finally bought a game that has the ability to track my achievments which made me happy. Then I come onto here to see the badges and they(for the most part) make absolutly no sense whatsoever. Haha. It does make me laugh though. Next on my to get list? Left 4 Dead 1&2.

The Journal Of An Elven Barbarian: Sleeping Giant

For a few days since the attack on the villiage and the Sahuagin attempt to take Sigmunds life, Ive been helping rebuild the damaged areas and locating more hidden tunnels like the one I found under the tavern. I had gotten back from a patrol around the villiage perimiter with Ursa when the Mayor of the villiage, Viggie Storr, ran up to us out of breath and pale. He quickly explained that his daughter, Arissa,was missing and that no one in town knew where she was. He was afraid that the Sahuagin had kidnapped her and were either planning on brainwashing her or killing her. He asked me if Id be willing to go search for her, I agreed and asked where I should begin my search. The Sahuagin they think are keeping people they kidnap in the old Cannith Aqueduct. Ursa pointed it out for me on a map and I headed out.

A few minutes into my trip I saw a man looking down off the cliffside down at a steam vent that seemed to be gaurded by the Sahuagin. I approached him and introduced myself to him and asked what he was doing. He told me his name was Gunnar Baurson, the tavern keepers other son, and he had good reason that the Sahuagin had found a great beast, sleeping under the island, from the age of giants. Even worse, they were planning to wake the creature up. He told me about ancient devices used to keep them in their slumber and what Id have to do o make sure that it is fixed so that they can never wake it up. So I jumped down off the cliff and swam to the steam vent. When I reached the ice shelf that was around it I crawled up onto it, snuk up behind the gaurd and slew him. The noise drew the attention of the others and I was forced into a fight with them. They were no match for me though and were dispatched easily. I checked myself for injury then headed down into the Underground Complex.

After entering I was noticed by a lone sentry who immeadietly ran to a gong. Before I knew what it did there were other sahuagin around me. I killed them and moved on, more aware now about possible alarms and ambushes. At some point I encountered a tunnel that split in two. I checked down the right path only to find it trapped with poison jets. The left was all clear, so I headed down that way. After entering the left room the door ahead of me and behind me shut and two Sahuagin gaurds appeared from hidden rooms from both sides and attacked. Neither was a match for me or my axe. With them lying in pools of blood I continued forward. I opened the door that had closed shut ahead of me and entered a large room with an object in the far center part making quite a racket. I moved forward a few steps and realized I was walking on ice, and somewhere nearby there were sleeping gaurds. I found the gaurds and killed them silently so I wouldnt have to deal withfighting large group of Sahuagin and opened the door leading to the source of the loud noise. The noises seemed to be coming from a pipe that led downward into the complex. I shut the doors to the pipe and took a moment to rest and stop my head from ringing. After finding no direct way down to the area below and no way to go further forward I hit the gong in frustration. The sound from it was made louder by the fact the area was so large. when the noise from it subsided I heard the sound of ice cracking. I smiled knowing that hitting it was my way down to the area below the ice. I hit it a few more times and indeed the ice did break. Also to reach my ears was the scream of a Sahuagin. As I looked down over the edge I saw below me a few Sahuagin lying dead under large chunks of ice. The few that survived looked up twords me with a hatred I havent seen in many years. I took the ladder down but jumped down at the halfway point landing on one of them simultainusly burying my axk in it. I pulled it out and swung it in a sidewaysarc in front of me catching the few remaining unawares and cutting them in half. After examining the room I was I saw under the water that there was a door. I took a breath and swam down to find that it was barred shut. When I made my way back to the surface I saw to each side of me two rooms. In each room was a lever that I pulled. Upon pulling the second lever I heard a noise from behind me. The door had opened.

I swam down again and came up through a tunnel entering an area that was freezing cold. Everwhere I looked there seemed to be Ice. I moved forward with caution knowing that it was somewhere around here that the beast slept, and that near him would be plenty of gaurds. Before long, I encountered a Sahuagin sentry again. I managed to kill him, but not before he could hit the alarm gong. From out of thin air an Ice Mephit appeared along with two sahuagin gaurds coming up back from the way I had come from. I destroyed the Ice Mephit with the fire enchanted axe that Cellimus had given to me some days ago and then buried it into the bodies of the two Sahuagin. I made my up the tunnel further and before my was the beast and the device. I started forward twords it when it suddenly blew jets of ice my way. I jumped back and watched it for a while. After getting the timing memorized I ran forward when it wasnt blowing and made it to the device without getting injured. Or worse, becoming one of the ones frozen around it. I looked at the device for what Gunnar told me to look for. I fixed the device so that the ice jets were blowing twords the beast, insuring that it would sleep for a long time.

After emerging to the surface and seeing that it was night I made my back up the cliff and spoke with Gunnar. He was more than pleased with what I had done and promised that I would not be forgotten for it. He told me that he would have people dispatched to gaurd it as soon as he got back to the villiage. We headed our seperate ways then. Him back to the villiage and me on my way to the Cannith Aquaduct to rescue the mayors daughter. Ive decided to make camp here tonight, just under the cliff that leads up twords the Aquaduct. After my endeavour into the Underground Complex, I honestly dont believe Id be of any good to Arissa tired. I cant help but wonder what that beast would have done if it had waken up. I know, judging by Gunnars urgency, that it would have been bad. Its a good thing that its slumber will continue. With how I feel now, I know that slumber will be a good thing for me as well. Tomorrow morning, I make my way up the cliff to rescue Arissa.

The Journal Of An Elven Barbarian: Wolf Among Sheep

I was approached this morning by the Sigmund, the Tavern Keeper. He told me that the help I'd been giving to the people of the villiage thus far had givin the viliagers something they hadnt had in a while, hope. It was also angering the cultists and their Sahuagin masters. Apparently they had decided to make a move on Sigmund and take his life to get rid of any hope the villiagers were feeling. He asked me to stay in the main room of the tavern and wait for the assassin who was to take his life. Thankfully, they knew who it was. His name was Jacoby Drexelhand, the gaurd I had met in the Heyton Family Crypt.

Many hours later, I was the only one left sitting in the Tavern. Everyone had gone home to go to bed. At some point I heard a slight noise come from the Door to the Tavern, then Jacoby appeared, his eyes set on me filling with anger and hatred. As I approached he started raving, saying the Sahuagin blamed him for everything I had done, that the only way to survive was to just give in. I knew then that there was to be no reasoning with this man. But before I could do anything more he ran to the back of the Tavern and a group of Sahuagin and cultists appeared and blocked my way from pursuing. I took care of them, but still more came. After a while there were no more blocking my path and I went down into the Tavern Basement to catch Jacoby.

I entered the basement and much to my surprise, Jacoby wasnt there. I searched around and found some footprints in the dust on the floor that seemed to go through a wall. And a pair of human ones that led to a wine cask. Upon inspecting the wine cask I found a lever that when pulled, opened a door to a secret passage. I headed in expecting the place to be crawling with gaurds, but all I encountered were a few cultists and a sleeping Sahuagin. I finally came to the final door and found Jacoby inside, cornered with nowhere to run. I swung my axe at him but missed. It seemed that while he wasnt really a combatant he could still avoid most things that would kill other things. I eventually did get a good hit on him though. He lay on the floor of the cave, ranting and raving just as he had before, that we were all doomed. That there was no way to save Korthos. I ended his life quickly and headed back to the Tavern.

I woke Sigmund from his slumber and told him the good news, that Jacoby had been taken care of. I also made sure to tell him about the tunnel system underneath the town. He seemed greatly pleased with what I had been able to accomplish. The Tavern would be down for a few days to do repairs and clean up the mess left from the battle, but it was worth it he said. He made sure to tell me that he sent word to one of his sons, Askel the villiage gate gaurd, that I was to be allowed to come and go from the villiage as I pleased. I thanked him and headed back to a world I knew best. Tonight, the first night in many days, I get to sleep outside. Away from the hustle and bustle of the villiage. While Im still stuck here on this island, I have to say, I no longer feel stranded.

The Journal Of An Elven Barbarian: The Seige

It didnt take long after I fell asleep last night for me to be woken by a large commotion outside. After listening for a few seconds I came to the conclusion that the villiage was under attack. I grabbed my axe and rushed outside and almost immeadiatly came into contact with one of the brain washed cultists, he was dead before he had a chance to gather his wits. One of the two gaurds who tasked themselves with gaurding the Tavern ran up to me and asked me to assist in any way possible. I approached the person who seemed to be in charge of the defense effort, a woman by the name of Ursa Jernsward. After asking how it was that I could assist she asked me to go over to the secondary warehouse and speak with a man named Baldar the Bold. I rushed over there as fast as I could killing enemies as they appeared, realizing that while they had enough supplies to last a few months seige, they didnt have the people to risist an attack.

I finally came to the secondary storehouse and asked the closets person to tell me where I could find Baldar. They showed me the way and I found him laying on the ground wrapping a injury he had sustained to his leg. After asking him if he was alright I asked him why the Sahaugin had chosen now to attack. It seems that they had been gaurding a set of magical crystals within the Cannith Manufactory that had been helping keep the ice and snow from overcoming the villiage. But in the middle of the night the Sahaugin and their cultist puppets launched an attack on the manufactory killing many and destroying all but one of the crystals. He pointed behind him at a man who lay seriously wounded with a Paladin tending to his wounds. The mans name was Vogel. This was a night he would not make it through. Baldar asked me to head into the warehouse and protect the crystal from anything that managed to get inside at all costs.

I entered the warehouse and found two cultists. I threw my axe at the first then rushed forward, pulled it from his body and cleaved the second in two. I then turned my attention to the crystal. Remarkably it had not taken any damage as of yet. I turned around and redied my defense knowing this was going to be a long night.

When the battle was over Baldar limped in along with Ursa and thanked me for the assistance that I had given. They told me I should see the local Cleric and have him tend to my wounds then go rest. I deserved it they said. Im not quite sure of that though. Didnt I do what anyone in my place would have done? It doesnt really matter. The day was won. The people are drinking and celebrating their victory. But tomorrow comes the hard part. The part where they lay their dead to rest. There has to be something that can be done to put a stop to this. Ive decided that whatever it takes, I will find a way to help these people. Doing so may help me find my wayoff Korthos, and put meon my way to Stormreach.

The Journal Of An Elven Barbarian: Scroll Of Dragons

First thing I wanted to do this morning when I woke up was to get out of this stuffy and over crowded Tavern. The noise was starting to get to me a little. After a while of walking around outside, I ended up regretting leavingthe Tavernat all. I was approached by a man who identified himself as 'Linus Weir'. He said he'd heard about How I had helped Kaja and wondered if I would be willing to help him. I figured with nothing better to do with my time I may as well. He said that inside the storehouse there was a Dragon Scroll, made by none other than Lars Heyton. Apparently that scroll had important information on it regarding dragons, Most notably the White Dragon Currently terrorizing the island and anyone who came near to it. The Dragon Scroll he said was hidden in a back room inside the storehouse. When I asked why he or someone else didn't just go off and get it themselves, he said it was because the Warehouse was infested by rats and spiders and no one wanted to face them. After aboutfive minutes walk I arrived at the Warehouse and headed on in.

Upon entering two things were clear to me. One: These people were prepared to hold the villiage against the seige for at least a few months longer. Two: They hadnt been inside this place in a very long time. As evidenced by all the cobwebs hanging off practicly everything. After killing a couple spiders and rats that chose to attack me I found the door that would lead me into the lower part of the Warehouse and headed on down. When I reached the bottom I saw what he meant by an 'infestation'. This place was practicly crawling with pests. It didnt take much for me to scare them into hiding. The ones closest to where I appeared lay lifeless in pools of blood behind me. I descended into the lowest part of the Warehouse and found the door leading to the scroll. Unfortunatly the door was locked. I took my axe and slammed it with all my strength into the door but all I got in return was a slight numb feeling going up my arms. So, not only was the door locked, it was protected by magic. I decided to look around the room hoping to find a key or some clue as to how to open the door. After what felt like ages to me, I found a symbol on the door that wasnt like the rest. One that was written in red. I headed back up a floor and started searching for anything with this symbol on it, knowing that it was what I needed to find in order to open the door. It wasnt long, thankfully, before I found a crate with the symbol. After rummaging around inside of it I found a silver key. As I turned around to head back down to the Door and retrieve the scroll, a portion of the wall behind me opened up and a Sahuagin charged out and attacked me hissing that it wanted the key currently in my possesion. It didnt take long for me to realize that this Sahuagin wasnt like the others I had faced. This one knew how to fight. After a few minutes of back and forth fighting I saw an opening and managed to cut his arm off. As he lay writhing in pain I buried my axe inside his chest and watched as the life faded from his eyes. I realized then that during the fight, he had managed to get an attack past me with his spear and that I was bleeding in a few spots of my body. It wasnt serious so I continued down to the locked door.

When I reached the door I used the key, and much to my delight it opened. As I stepped through though, I realized that my job was far from over. The scroll its self was sitting on a pedastal protected ba a magical barrior. I figured then that a key wasnt going to open this. After taking a few steps forwards a portion of the floor started to glow. I then realized that a portion of the floor was covered with symbols. After toying with them for a while I managed to figure out how they worked and how I was supposed to lower the barrior surrounding the scroll. When I finally got it to lower I took the scroll, safley inside its protective case and headed for the exit.

Upon exiting the Warehouse I took a minute to breathe in the fresh air. It appeared that I had been in there for longer than I had thought. When I finally looked around me, people were starting to light lamps on parchways and along the villiages roads. I headed back to the steps to where Linus said he'd be waiting for me and handed him the scroll. After looking at it for a while he suddenly seemed upset. When I asked him what was wrong, he told me that it had no pictures and he couldnt understand it. Its my assumption that he cant read. He said he would take the scroll to Sigmund the next day and they would figure out its meaning together. I mentioned to him my encounter with the Sahuagin, which brought excitement to this seemingly lazy man. It seems I was right about it. Its name was Huul Eyx. And it had been terrorizing the villiage for quite some time and no one knew where it could be found. I guess you could say I did the villiage a good deed by destroying it.

My days work finished I headed back to my room in the Wavecrest Tavern. On my way here a few of the patrons looked up at me, looking like they expected something of me. I dont know. Being away from people for as long as I had been, its hard to tell what people mean in their looks or actions sometimes. I checked my wounds, nothing to worry about. They most likely wont scar, which is good I guess. What I could really use right now is some sleep. Hopefully tomorrow will bring a solution to my problems. I cant help but think about home. Why did I feel like I needed to leave?

The Journal Of An Elven Barbarian: Into The Crypt

After a good nights sleep in the Wavecrest Tavern I awoke to the hustle bustle of the taverns patrons yammering on about the troubles that had beset their island. I looked out my window and confirmed to myself that it was indeed snowing outside. Its the wrong season for snow to fall. But I had this feeling there was more going on than meets the eye. So, I decided to get out of bed and go about the townto look for information, passage to Stormreach or just anything to do.

After a few minutes walk, I came across the villiages graveyard. Most of these graves had been made recently. When I asked someone why there were so many freshly dug graves they wouldnt answer me. Let alone look at me. I decided I didnt want to be in this area anymore than I absolutly had to be and started to walk away. That was when a woman approached me and said she needed help. She said her name was Kaja Bauerdatter and that a man named Lars Heyton had gone into his family crypt and hasnt come out and since his entering there has been a strange wailing sound emenating from within. When I asked why some other Heyton family member didnt just go in and take care of it, she explained that Lars was the last of his family. That all others had died fighting the Sahuagin and their cultists. So, in need of something to do to help take my mind off things, I agreed to go into the Heyton Family Crypt and locate Heyton.

It wasnt long after I entered the crypt that I heard the wailing sound Kaja had mentioned. After standing listening for a while, there was no doubt in my mind that something evil was lurking here. Stepping forward a man emerged from the shadows. He introduced himself as Jacoby Drexelhand and gaurd of the Crypt. Aside from that introduction he seemed ill manered. I guess working in a place like this you dont get many visitors. I told him I was there to investigate the whereabouts of Lars Heyton and to find the source of the wailing noises and that he needed to open the gate so I could continue. Muttering curses at me under his breath he opened the gate and I stepped through.

First thing I noticed was that it seemed that all the sarcophigi had been smashed open. The bodies of their residents gone, only the jewels seemed to remain. The crypt was devoid of almost all life. There was nothing here but a few overgrown spiders. Then ahead I saw something that proved my feelings right, that this place had been desicrated, the walking dead. I quickly dispatched them with the axe that Cellimas had given me and moved forward more cautious than before. After a while I encountered a magical barrior blocking my way into the central area. Further examination of the area revealedthree slots for what I guessed were keys. It was also my guess that the keys werent far. Further down I encountered a Sahaugin doing.. something over an alter to the Devourer. I quickly killed it and its undead minions then destroyed the alter. With the alter destroyed it seemed like some of the wailing noise had stopped. Looking down I noticed a crest with the picture of a hooded cobra engraved into it. Judging by its shape I geussed I had found one of the keys I needed to pass throught the magical barrior. After destroying two more alters and collecting two more keys, each engraved with some creature, I took them back to the magic barrior and placed them into their respective slots. With it fallen I charged in and destroyed the evil I found within.

With the crypt cleansed of evil and no Lars Heyton to be found I took my leave of the place. On my way out I noticed that even with the place being safe and the wailing noise stopped Jacoby seemed in no better a mood than he was in before. To be honest I have to say his mood seemed to be worsened. What a strange human.

After exiting the crypt I approached Kaja and told her what I found inside the Crypt, that the Sahuagin were raising deceased Heytons and bending them to their will. She worried for a moment that Lars had indeed fallen and that there was no hope, but I assured her that I didnt find him within. This seemed to give her a spark of hope, if nothing else. She thanked me and promised to tell everyone about what I did for her. Even telling her that it wasnt necessary didnt seem to change her mind, so I headed back to the tavern to get some rest.

You know, its strange. Last night I had a dream. I dont remember what it was, but I do remember feeling like I was home. I wonder if I'll have that dream again tonight.

The Journal Of An Elven Barbarian: Shipwrecked And Stranded

Today definetly wasnt my day. I woke first to the sounds of the ships crew yelling. I didnt think much of it as things like yelling on a ship to give orders is normal. However, soon the yelling turned to paniced screams. I quickly put on my gear and headed to the ships main deck and found parts of the ship frozen, bodies of crewmembers strewn about and to make matters worse a White Dragon circleing the ship. I did what I could to rally the remaining crew to bring down the beast, but before we could do anything it struck one final time and everything went black.

The next I awoke, I felt the unmistakeable feel of sand underneath me, the sound of gulls circleing above and the sound of waves hitting a beach. I opened my eyes and took a moment to collect myself then stood up. I quicly discovered that all of my gear was gone. all I had left were the rags on my back. While this would have disapointed some, for me, being alive after such an encounter is a blessing. Afterall, how many men, let alone women, can say they survived an encounter with a dragon out at sea? While I was surveying my surroundings a voice called out behind me. When I turned around there was a little halfling standing there that didnt seem to sure what to think of me as he asked me if I was 'undead'. I quickly realized he was combing the beach for anything he could slavage and sell. Dirty scavenger. After a quick conversation he led me up to his camp.

When I arrived at the camp he offered me a little food and introduced himself to me as 'Jeets'. I asked first where I was. It would seem I was on the island of Korthos. He rambled on about things for a time before asking me if I'd do him a favor, since he was 'nice' enough to let me have some of his food. As it didn't seem like I had much of a choice, I agreed. So he went over to a chest and opened it and asked me which weapon takes my fancy. I immedeatly took out the great axe and gave it a few swings. He then told me he'd like me to go to a cavern just up the trail and look for a friend of his, a cleric, named Celimas, and to tell her that he'd be up as soon as he was done. As I was about to leave someone appeared out of the tent to my right. I quickly realized that it was made out of living wood and machine. A monstrosity. when I asked Jeets what it was and why it was there he told me his name was Talbron along with some history about the 'Warforged'. I shook my head and left for the cavern to meet Celimas. As I reached the top of the trail I looked back at everything one last time. the broken ship, the bodies of its crew littered across the beach and in the distance, the White Dragon. I swore then that I would avenge them all by slaying that dragon. And I will.

I entered the cavern and soon found Celimas and introduced myself. After telling her what happened to me and about my encounter with Jeets she seemed both glad that I had managed to survive and annoyed at Jeets. She explained to me what they were to do in the cavern. They were hired to clear it of all 'Sahuagin'. A quick explanation was all I needed about them. A cult worshiping group of evil fish peoples. And they were to meet my axe soon. The job called for all Sahuagin in the cavern to be dealt with. But the main part would be dealing with the High Preistess which offered up humans as sacrifices to their evil god. We headed into the cavern and overcame the few entrance gaurds it had before Jeets and Talbron arrived. We dealt with an ambush that the fish had set up and moved on. Jeets afterwards tried showing off his skills with disabling traps but Id seen my younger sister, Mizanari, disable traps far more complicated. So I wasnt that impressed. After not to long we came to the chamber that had the Sahuagin High Preistess in it, along with two gaurds. Talbron dropped the gate and we charged in. I went straight for the High Preistess and burried my axe in her skull. It wasnt long after that the other two were lying on the ground in pools of their own blood. While Celimas worked on clensing the shrine the fish had set up to worship their god me and Jeets went to the back and started looking for a door that suposedly exsisted. I brushed my hand against a strange part of the wall and it suddenly opened into someones basement. We gathered there and Celimas thanked me and handed me a great axe she had found lying around in the High Priestess' chamber. Probably belonging to a poor soul who could defend himself properly with it. We parted ways then and I emerged into the villiage of Korthos.

After a short walk I came upon a man who looked like he had been spooked by something. After he recovered himself from apparently being startled by my being there being startled by my sudden appearence he introduced himself as Randall. I quickly realized that this man had nothing useful to say to me so I left him to whatever it was he was doing back there. A while later I arrived at the Korthos Docks. after talking with the ships captain, I learned that there was no leaving the island with the threat of the white Dragon ever preasent. I headed for the gate that seemed fortified beyond reason. Just as I reached it a gaurd aproached me and told me that no one was allowed to leave the villiage due to them not knowing who in the villiage was a friend and who was a traitor. I asked who he was and who I needed to talk to in order to be allowed to leave. His name was Askel Bauerson and his father was the local Tavern Keeper named Sigmund. Aggravated at being trapped within the villiage I headed for the tavern to speak with Sigmund about getting my freedom to leave the villiage. I entered to find it bursting with people, who judging by their chatter, were hiding out inside of the Tavern to hide from the Dragon and the 'Devourer cultists'. I quickly located the Barkeep and told him of my wanting to leave the town. He basicly told me the same thing his son told me. No one was allowed to leave. He then offered me a room. Without my gear and no way of buying new gear, I took it. Im stranded on this island. Its strange. I didnt think about it earlier but it seems to be snowing. I hope I can find a way off this place soon.

The Journal Of An Elven Barbarian: Introduction

Well, they say that before you write something as "big" as a journal you should write something about yourself. I know, I know. Stupid right? But just to shut those people up I'll do it anyway.

My name is Minel. I have 2 brothers and 6 sisters. Only one of us has actually managed to make a name for herself outside of our forest home so far. She wrote home ofton telling us in great deal about the villages and citys. Also going into detail about how many people and creatures there were for her to sneak up on and bop on the head. Mizanari was always obsessed with doing that. It was annoying growing up with her always doing that but I will admit… it was alot better than what my idiot brother always did. All day and night(yes, night. He did this in his sleep) all he'd do was sing and dance. For the most part we figured hed be thrown into a padded tree and forgotten. But nope. They had to make him a Bard. His condition has gotten worse since. Now he sings more loudly and dances more quickly. Alot of people back home were pretty shocked upon learning that me and Celeemadil arnt as close as they thought we'd be. Her being a "Fighter" and me being a "Barbarian", youd think we have alot in common. The thing that seperates us? How we live our lives. She likes living in the city, protecting the people as a gaurd, where I prefer living outdoors, taking care of myself. And its for that reason that the only family member I feel close to is Camindel. He prefers living away from the so called "Civilization" as well. Whenever I needed some much needed supplies, or just wanted news about our family I'd go visit him. I really don't know to much about my other siblings to be honest. They were usually interested in things that annoyed me so I avoided them as much as I could.

So, back to me I guess… Like I wrote somewhere above, my name is Minel. I am an Elf and a "Barbarian". I was named to that role by my home citys Grand Council. Probably due to my preference to outdoor living and over-sized axes. After the last letter from Mizanari I decided to pack my gear and head for this land where she had found fame and fortune.

So, tomorrow I head out on a boat for this place named Stormreach. I dont know why Im going. I have no interest in fame or fortune. Maybe I'm going for a change in scenery. I guess I'll find out tomorrow then.

This trip better be worth it.

My poor, poor Assassin!

So, yesterday I was playing Diablo 2 when out of the blue the game crashed. Normally this doesnt really bug me. I have a crappy computer which I am running High speed internet on. Why does that matter? Simple. My computer wasnt built for high speed internet so it tends to crap out on me on occasion. Well, more like every 10-20 minutes. NOW! Back to Diablo 2. Normally when it crashes the game lags alot. And the reason for it crashing is because my internet randomly craps out on me. No, Im not playing online, so thats not the problem. However I got smart. I decided to disconnect my internet connection for the duration of time which I was going to play Diablo 2. AND IT WAS WORKING GREAT! The game was running smoothly for once no lag. then... CRASH! The game completly crashed and closed. It was terrible. At first I thought I just hit the Windows key(I really hate that button) again. But I soon realized that I didnt. So I gave up for the day and started playing Final Fantasy X. Then today I turned on Diablo 2 again. Went to my characters screen(I have one of each type in case I get bored of one) and was saddened to see that my level 23 Assassin was gone. POOF! The character I had been playing as yesterday vanished into thin air not likley to ever be seen again. *sigh* I guess I gotta start over with her =[ And to think... she was starting to become fun ='[ R.I.P. ShadowBreeze The Assassin! You will be missed!

Gaming Systems

You know, I really wish I could afford a ps3, 360 and better computer. That might be a little whiney but itd be so awsome to be able to get and play these games that look and sound really fun to play. Like Fallout 3, Bioshock 1&2, Dead Space 1&2, Final Fantas, God of War... Things like that. By the time I DO get them they'll be old gen systems and the gamestore clerks will end up looking at me like, "Why the hell is buying this old system?!" HAHA! Oh well.

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