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A Little Bit Of: The Swapper + Rezzed 2013

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Stationed with yourself.


The Swapper is a pretty cool puzzle game. I've since finished the game. It does get quite a bit harder as the game progresses, I managed to get myself pretty stuck on some of the later puzzles. That said I don't think any of the puzzles are absurdly difficult, there are a couple of tricks that apply to some of the puzzles that once you use it once I managed to complete a three or four of them almost immediately after skipping over them.

You do need to finish all the puzzles to complete the game but you can progress to later areas after only completing a subset of them. The story stuff is midly interesting, the story of what's happened to this abandoned station doesn't really payoff, it's all right, it's good enough to get me pushing on but it's a bit disappointing.

In other news I spent this weekend at a PC and indie games expo in Birmingham called Rezzed. It was a fun show, one of these days I won't be working at one of the booths so I can actually go play some of the games that are on the show floor. There were lots of interesting games like, Redshirts, Gone Home, Tengami, Sir You Are Being Hunted among others. And I got to play none of those. Hotline Miami 2 was opposite where we were and I would've played it if the booth wasn't always surrounded by people.

I did manage to play the incredibly weird Revenge of the Sunfish 2. I don't care for that game, it banks far too much on being weird and catching you off guard that far too little attention has been put into making any other component of that game compelling. Played Rome 2 because as it turns out when you bring like 16 machines it's pretty easy to get on one of them late on the last day. That game plays like a Total War game, the mixed naval combat I didn't much get into simply because the scenario they had just favoured me landing my troops immediately and sacrificing my remaining navy.

I really enjoy these shows, my job often involves sitting at home alone coding. So actually getting to talk to people face to face that have bought or played the game I work on or even just the people that are just learning about Prison Architect for the first time is pretty awesome.