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I make my RETURN to GS!! :-) (if your my friend please read thanks a million!)

Hey everyone! I haven't been active on the gamespot forums for some 9 months now( and no its not because im pregnant, sry had to say it lol because 9 months) Mainly because i've been spending most of my internet time on youtube! And myspace, aol, and runescape. But now i'm gonna start being active once again here on GS because don't worry i still have a love for video games, and i think i owe it to the community to start being active again after all, i've been level 20 for the past 9 months!

So anyway sorry to all my friends and fellow gs members that i may have "ditched" when i became inactive, it was not my intention but its just how it ended up. So expect to see me on the forums alot more, expect future blog posts, and maybe some reviews, videos, and some activeness on unions. Thanks everyone for your time, and HAPPY GAMING!!

Oh and i now own an XBOX 360 and have COD4 ON XBL my Gamertag is gmhuntr6mm, but don't add me unless u tell me on here first and you want to play cod4 because thats basically all i play, maybe gta 4 once in a while.

I got to ask this also, who's pumped for spore, rock band 2, fallout 3, fable 2, far cry 2, prince of persia, and all the other Hot titles coming out this year! and which one are you looking forward to most and why??

Peace out guys/gals!

glitchspot is here!

I dont know if its just me but mine and everyone elses lvls are all lvl 2! wtf? hope they fix it soon...

And whos getting pumped for christmas!? I am... its only 7 days away!

The main reason im pumped is to get out of school!

Leave a comment if you like.

Conkers bad fur day???

Am i the only one who has not heard of this game!?!

Because it suprises me that it slipped my eye considering how greatly ranked it is on the n64... type it in on the search bar.

The way i found out about this game is today in study hall i asked my friend if there were any games he wanted to borrow from me since im borrowing 2 from him(see previous blog post) and he started tellin me about this game... and as soon as i heard it was aboutdrunken squirell i was like wtf? And he went through like all the dialogue and was telling me how funnny it i watched the review today and it looks to me its pretty funny...your thoughts?

Oh and they remade it for xbox that one is called conker live and reloaded... i believe

Oh and im way past 800 posts and im lvl 20 now!

25 days till' christmas...whats on your wish list?

Well i already know what im getting for christmas this year

$200 cash you may be wondering "why arent you getting presents instead" Well i actually had a choice this year as to whether or not i wanted cash or presents i chose cash so then i can get the most out of it because im a really good bargain shopper for electronics and my parents arent...(they let me know ahead of time that im only getting $200 worth of stuff or $200 dollars worth of cash)

I dont know about you guys but i typically get more than $200 dollars worth of stuff for christmas(last year i got a new laptop for example)but now both of my parents are retired so they cant afford to give me much more...

Anyways...with that 200 dollars i plan to get quite a few things

1.) super smash bros brawl

2.) ratchet and clank up your arsenal

3.) jak 2

4.) jak 3

5.) okami

6.) final fantasy 12

7.) not sure yet but it will be a ps2 game more than likely(feel free to suggest games)

8.) nunchuck controller

9.) and maybe another cheap wii game here(feel free to suggest games)

O and my friend is letting me borrow final fantasy 7 for ps and the original metal gear solid for ps ill let you know wat i think of them eventually

*Sigh ...super mario galaxy...*Sigh

I finally got this game today and it is so amazing i love it! its the best looking game ive ever played(hard to believe with the ps3 and 360 being out but its true) and I cant wait till' tomorrow after school to play it some more!

I also got wii play but i didnt try it... i was too busy with galaxy for the time i allotted for playing!

thx for your time!

well this stinks!(virtual console)

I downloaded super mario bros 3 yesterday and ive tried about 10 or more times but the game just doesnt work! I wish i could take back the download and get my wii points back!

Is there any vc game you recommend downloading that are from the NES!?!

YES its my birthday and now i can finally play the wii!

I have it hooked up in my room right now.. the only reason im not playing is because im letting the console update itself because i just connected it to the internet!

O and now im 15 finally!

Im the youngest kid in my grade(im a sophomore in high school) and now im finally of the normal age for a sophomore!

Well wish me luck with my wii and... recommend some games to get please(see previous blog post)!

Thx guys/girls!

What wii game should I get??? Please help!

Ok super mario galaxy im getting tonight and im preordering ssbb so...

what else should i get... want it to be one of the top quality wii games and one of the $50 ones!

Ill give you a little information about what im looking for...

Ok i like fps but metroid prime was cool for about 2hrs and then i just got too bored with it... is there anything in mp3 that you think will give me a reason to buy it because im not a metroid fan!?!

I like platforming and mario but i also love voice acting as well so... would spm still be worth the buy for me or not?

Overall genres i like are:

RPG, action/adventure... games with great stories(this isn't a genre but is important to me)!, platforming,shooters overall, and(this isn't a genre but...) the game needs to be over 20hrs or replayable enough to go over 20hrs!!!

Ale-lu-iah Ale-lu-iah Ale-lu-iah Ale-lu-iah Ale-lu-iah! Wii would like to play!

Finally after 366 days and 18 1/2 hrs i own the wii!... except one problem!

I have to wait till' my birthday... which is thanksgiving... to play it!

It might not seem like a big deal but its seriously hard to think about how close i am(less than 48hrs)... but yet so far!!!

O well the more wait... the more hype which will make it even better when i do get to put it in my room... ill try to take a picture of my setup whenever i get it hooked up to my tv!

Oh andi got to lvl 19 today(geez lvl 18 took me 3 days to get through, that was hecka fast)