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geuss what?

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Just wanted every one to know...


thank you for your and goodnight.

and while your here rate my latest PS work


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Ok these are some photoshop things ive done recently and I just thought i post them up.

tell me how you like them:D

Stupid Moment

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i just had a real stupid moment.

i was getting out my car and i had my keys and a drink inthe same hand i hop out the car lock all my doors and closed my door. then i realised my keys werent in any of my pockets so i put my drink down and start diging through my pockets to make sur they werent in there not knowing that they were still in my hand. i start looking through my car windows and didnt see them and my pants started to fall down so i put my keys down on the roof next to my drink and pull them up and grab my keys and drink thinking i would just call my mom or grandma since they both have keys to it. at that same moment i relised that my my keys were in my hand the whole time. boy i felt realy stupid at the moment and for the rest of the day.:lol::lol:

Post and Friends

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This past week i have reached 200+ post and made 30+ friends. im so proud of myself *snif* it feels good to reach 200 post and to have so many friends. NEways to all who read this have a good day and be safe :)

My first entry/ My birthday

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Yesterday was my birthday and we did nothing but go to the movies. We saw the longest yard and it was really funny. There was a bunch of big hits( wich is the reason i watch football movies and games). OK thats all ive got to say for now. Later