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system war

ok ive been wantin to get a new system but i dnt no witch one too pick i can go for the wii or the x360. i wont go for the ps3 bcuz 1. i hate sony and 2. i live in england and its delayed till 2007.
so if any of u visit my blog tell me wot u think i shud get.
o ye im saving up so i can either get a new bass guitar for christmas wich i reely need or get a wii or 360 b4 or vice versa.
tell me your thoughts.

my fav bands

my fav bands r:
red hot chilli peppers
blink 182
fall out boy
lost prophets
good charlotte
panic! at the disco
and KISS.

if anyone looks at my blog tell me wot ur favourite bands r.

The Matrix

 ive just bought the matrix box set and enter the matrix. the matrix is great with all the slow-mo. i shud of watched the matrix a long time ago.


i just came on a sec ago and noticed i jumped from level 5 to 7 is that meant to happen???????

2 weeks

ive got 2 weeks off skool. at first i thought it would be cool but after 2 days its as borin as watchin paint dry.
what has happened to me??? how have i turned out like this 2 whole weeks and nothin 2 do.
ahem "cough"

about me

hi evry1 my names jake and im 11.
i think splinter cell is cool.8)
and i love starwars its da best.:D