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Max Payne 3 has been announced!!!! XD


Oh yeeeah baby Max Payne 3 has just been announced

for those that havent read the article yet, here you go and enjoy ;).

no more promises of "Max Payne like games", never will i have to fill the void by publishers empty promises. The KING of TPS's is Back!!!

New Banner

so tell me what you guys think. im getting better at photo shop (finally looked at some :P) and combined what i learned form some tutorials and added what i already knew. maybe i should read some more :roll:.

As I ascend I am "Wicked Sick"

Ah i finally managed to make it to LV. 30 after being modded a few times lol 2x in a week that really hurt. I had to do Lv. 29 2x and a tiny bit of 28 over. But ha i finally made it back to lv 30 :P

What else is new? i got finals this week in some of my classes (well the ones i need to pass), and have just finished switching between programs (Web Programmer to Graphic Design; im more creative any way, and i think this profession will suit me way better than being a programmer. Matter in fact i think i got a test today :P.

RRoD again?!?! >:(

So i finally got my "new" xbox 360 from MS and after about a week the new/replacement xbox 360 freezes on my lil brother but i didnt find that out until after i tried to play Morrowind III GotY and got the RRoD AGAIN, AGAIN?! I turn the console off and waite a few minutes and turn it back on..there there again! then i turn it off; and turn it on again and it seems every thing is ok (FOR NOW). I give the "new" 360 i got from MS a week until it gets the RRoD permanently, like my last one.

At this point if it does get the RRoD again im going to send it in to MS and when i get a "new" 360 console im selling it; with all my 360 games and getting a PS3 and a regular xbox to continue playing my xbox games. Thanks tho MS for all your help and your wonderful customer service.

One of the WORST DAYZ of my life

Ah it started out like a normal day, i go to show my teacher this program i wrote up for class then my school issued laptop just shuts off...ok i think to my self its just a dead battery. then i charge it, nothing! i take it down to the IT lab and then it works lol but there was something wrong with my screens light. no prob. i thought, they'll switch the hard drive into a new laptop and it will be all good. two hrs pass and i go to pick it up...i leave school and go home, now for some home work/studying i thought. turn on my laptop and no LINUX! that could have only meant that they game me a hole new laptop and or wiped the hard-drive clean! The bad thing about that is i had music and all of my home work on that sucks i hope my teachers understand.

Just when i stopped thinking about it and figured i can get most of my homework and down load Linux again i start listening to some music on my xbox 360...all of a sudden it goes, "eeeeeh" im like WTF? and i though the CD just had scratches on it. i took the CD out and whipped it off and then put the CD back in and then the 3 RED RINGS OF DEATH hit. This making that day one of the wost days of my life. i called Microsoft and they will fix it for free, good i thought but it would probably take up to 4 weeks after they get the xbox. i guess it could be worse; i dont have to buy an all new console. i found 20$ under a box in my room and bought some new headphones, i guess that leaves me a tiny bit room for not completely losing my mind lol.

Just Got XBL for my 360

ahhh i just got an xbox live subscription for my XBOX 360. the funny thing is i almost scratched off some of the subscription code :P. But i Picked up Gears of War to play online and plus i hear its a kick ars game. My name on XBL is Divine Effect47 so feel free to add me anyone. and lets kisck some Locust ars!

What i want to do...

What i want to do, ok, i want to get the Xbox 360-I am going to get the Xbox 360 in about a week from now. Elder Scrolls IV was going to be the 1st game i got thenOblivion GOTYhas been announced, i have heard of no specific date but some time in SEPTEMBER. Thats all good but why waist my money on ESO IV if i can get it with the expansions? Now hears the conflict ill have nothing to play for a month :! so i was thinking about getting my 360 and XBL with it 50$ for a yer,maybe playing a cheap game for then. But seeing as Mass Effect is going to launch some time befor then (witch i am really interested in) along with some other games Assassins Creed, Time Shift and Halo 3. it all comes down to my lack of funds lol ahhh i dont know what to do. I guess i might go on and get the 360 with XBL and wait a while for ESO IV GOTY but what game to get for on-line play? GoW? Halo2? if any one has any suggestions i am open for discussion

And for the second half-I am the leader of an FPS/TPS union to say it has been inactive for a while would be correct i am willing to bring things back around seeing as i will have a lot more time to be on-line now. I want to bring the union back to it's former glory or at east active status. so if any one is willing to help im all ears.

Just got a PSP!

yeeah just got a psp! it won't let me set a background tho...i wonder if i could just down load the content...? but anyways i got it and am playing Untold Legends "brother hood of the blade" if anyone can tell me how to set the background i would appreciate it

When will it end!!!???

As a gamer i often wonder when will Video Games stop being persecuted against. It seems like every one blames Video Games, an example would be Rock Star. OK every one knows they have like one of the most notorious games GTA being one of them. A person gets arrested and they blame GTA because they robbed a store, in that i think to myself people were robbing stores before GTA came out and will probably keep doing it long after. I hear about games being banned and i think to myself WTF, why they don't band movies they just put an age restriction on them- but a video games gets a bad rap it gets banned? I think some of the parents should take responsibility for what their kids are doing and quit blaming the creators of the video because the parent is more than likely the one that bought it for em in the first-place. I mean the game has an M rating and if the parent would have took 2 seconds they probably would have been in this situation now. Ugghh i just had to get that off my chest and now i want to know what other gamers think...