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  • lil_cstyle wrote a review of Bayonetta.
    User Rating 7
    Good but not great - button mashing ahoy

    So, id have to say that Bayonetta is not bad, slightly crazy, but overall not my thing. Whilst some of the bosses are settings are quite frankly insane, it really didnt appeal to me that much for the...

  • lil_cstyle rated OpLiuM's review for So What's changed from the first rugby challenge?<br /> <br /> Nothing., as helpful.
  • lil_cstyle wrote a review of Dishonored.
    User Rating 7
    A good game - but no way its worth a 9

    This game just didn't live up to the hype for me, i enjoyed Dues Ex (and i suspect i will enjoy hitman) far more. The game felt like it suffered an identity crisis - sort of a hybrid of many games inc...

  • lil_cstyle rated lil_cstyle's review for Repetitive. No other way to put it really. Nice style and plenty of potential... but repetitive. Best played with others, as helpful.
  • lil_cstyle wrote a review of Rugby Challenge 2: The Lions Tour Edition.
    User Rating 5
    One step forward, two steps backward. So disappointing

    I really thought that this would see the improvement of a number of things in the first game like:Not being able to dive to score a try from a few metres outRidiculous passing Running out and not bei...