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Hey all is going well for me in my new flat. Still no internet, but I can still pop back to my parents and surf the net. Turned 20 XMAS EVE! Got to play Zelda for the 1st time at 10pm and played till about 1-2am! Got Red Steel too. How you all doing anyway? Hope your having a good XMAS. :D

I'm getting a flat! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey, I'm gonna be moving into my own flat this week :D I can't wait. But the only downer is that I won't be very active at all. Firstly because we don't have an internet connection, and secondly, because I'll be working hard to get enough money for the rent each month. But I'll pop in when ever I get the opertunity.

Was I Gone Long?

Hey hey. This is kinda just a message to anyone who has wondered where the hell I've been know. Well here goes. My mum recently had surgury to have a vein stripped from her leg, so I've had yto care for her as she has been unable to walk, and she can be demanding! And also I've been working stupid long hours at work, and they are gonna get worse in the build up to Christmas. And also, my PC is on the blink, it just took me 30 minutes to log on!!!!! So I'll try to catch up with you all soon, it should be sorted by the New Year.

Legend of Zelda: TP Pushed back!!!!!!!!!!

Yup it has happened, TP has been pushed back. The US I'm unsure on but in the UK we were originally getting it in the summer, but we won't get it now until CHRISTMAS DAY!!!!!!! It has been done to match with the release date of the game on the Wii, boost sales for the Wii over the GC cos if the Wii is gonna be SOOOOOO cheap then everyone will have it and therefore buy TP on the Wii over GC. GRRRRRRRR Marketing, I hate it!!!!!!





OMG, the fight scenes were just awsome. The CGI was brill. The story was great. Well worth the wait.

I hate it when I can't add a game to my collection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God I hate it when GS won't let me add a game to my collection. I want to add Tomb Raider Legends to my games collection so I can say that I'm a proud owner, but no, GS won't let me add it coz apparently it's not out until 11/4/2006. GRRRRR :evil: It is a great game too. The graphics are so good and the gameplay, oh god how smooth. When you press the jump button, she jumps instantly 8) . Unlike Angel of Darkness where it takes at least 5 paces after you press the button for her to jump :evil: .

YAY! The Infinate Fear Union is fully up and running now.

Finally the union is fully operational. I will state here that the Officers are: hush404, UNOwen802, Ilija_True_Game and deathseeeeker. And I would like to thank them all for their help in setting up the union. Seankulbeth I will prroudly state was the union.'s 1st recruit, and I invite more of you to join too :D

Almost up and running

The Infinate Fear Union is almost up and running. Just waiting for one more charter member to reply. This is kinda an invite but I invite you all to join, just give it a bit more time. The Officers so far are hush404, UNOwen802 and Ilija_True_Game. It is about ANY game that has scared the pants off of you (Seriously) and, as I said, it will be up and running soon.

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