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Being A Gamer Is Starting To Be No Fun Anymore......

Once again, Asagea_888 has me writing another blog over the immaturity and downright ignorance of the gaming community. Thought I would throw my two cents in as well. And thanks for the heads-up too.

Has the gaming community gone from repsectable debates regarding their favorite franchise to a breeding ground of fanboys who can't seem to think anymore? God, I thought anime and wrestling fans were bad enough as it is, but the gaming community is getting oh-so-close to reaching that status. HELL, I think it's there already. My God, I thought The Last of Us was stupid enough as it is, now Grand Theft Auto 5 has outdone that tragedy.

Allow me to explain before I continue: The Last Of Us is a Sony exclusive that was revealed a while back at E3. It's a unique experience that yours truly have yet to try but I'm kinda working on it. Anyways, weeks before release, gaming websites got their hands on the game and gave it perfect 10s like there was no tomorrow. GameSpot on the other hand, gave it an 8.0 (which is a great score in itself) and the comment section of the review was bombared with hate messages directed towards the reviewer, Tom McShea, demanding that he be fired and the review redone again. Logic? Heh, to hell with logic.

Which brings us to Grand Theft Auto 5, a game that has been jammed down our throats since the trailer was revealed on Day ONE. Rockstar hyped the ever living crap out of this game and, admittedly, justifiedly so cause they pulled out all the stops for this one. That game got a 9.0 courtesy of Carolyn Petit and ONCE AGAIN, the community is bitchin' over the fact that the game did not get a 10.0. Let that marinate for a second, logical gamers that can think for themselves. Grand Theft Auto 5 got a 9.0, which to my logic means that the game is worth playing, was not enough to please the people here that demanded that the game be a 10.0 instead.

Oh man, it's idiocy like this is what makes being a gamer no fun anymore for me. Back in the day when Nintendo and Sega were at it, people would engage in snarky yet friendly competitve debates as to why they like the Super Nintendo and why they like the Sega Genesis. Why they like Mario and why they like Sonic. Why they like Donkey Kong Country and why they like Alex Kidd. All in all, it was fun to debate. NOWADAYS? If you don't agree with whatever crap someone is spewing from their mouths (especially when they're wrong on so many levels), you get cussed out in the most immature way imaginable. Matter of fact, not owning/liking a specific console or a game/franchise, you're automatically deemed a fanboy and this is NOT how a gaming community works. What happend to having the right to like what you like or be respectful to others that don't drink whatever Kool-Aid the media served to you? Apparently, that ended when the Internet started going full circle in the mid-2000s and from the looks of things, it ain't gonna come back anytime soon.

You also wanna know something else? I was actually thinking of BUYING Grand Theft Auto 5. NOT ANYMORE. Hell, I may not even buy The Last Of Us either now that I think about it. Congratulations, fanboys, you've just alienated someone from giving these games a shot because of your immaturity, ignorance and downright childish attitude towards others when you spew out like crap as if it's facts when it's just your OPINION. I can't even stand the Grand Theft Auto franchise and would much rather playing Saints Row 3 or Sleeping Dogs (which is an awesome game BTW) over any of them, ESPECIALLY Grand Theft Auto 4 (the most overrated of them all) and for the fifth game to do that takes an amazing feat that Rockstar has accomplished. But if this is how gamers are gonna act towards games that don't get the praise (as if Grand Theft Auto 5 hasn't gotten enough) that they want, I want no part of that fanbase. I just don't. Half of these people bitchin' are probably the same 8-year olds that sneak into their big brother's bedroom and plays his games without his permission anyways.

And on a final note: there's one more game left that's gotten a lot of hype. I forgot about it completely and now that I do remember, it's gonna be a Christmas gift for me.

The comments section, if it doesn't go through that upgrade before this comes out next month, are gonna be on fire if this does not get the score that the people want and that's obviously a perfect 10. And I don't want to be alienated from this because of stupid idiots behind a keyboard and screen.

Take care.

Lending Can Be A Bitch......

I'm sure we've all done this as a kid and still do to this day.  Every once in a while, someone would ask you if they could borrow some games or any of your gaming consoles or handhelds.  Right now, I've only restricted my lending to people in my family like my brother and sister along with one or two cousins cause I can trust them.  Me on the other hand, hate to lend my stuff to other people.  Why do I say that?  Here me out.


2012: a work colleague got word of the amount of games I had for the Wii.  At that time I had 18 games for it and at least half of them were good enough for her son to play seeing as how she was only 4 or 5 years old.  Now admittedly I never really played my Wii that much since I was busy working on videos that were made from the PlayStation 3 the most, but I still went back to it every now and again when the time came about.  PLUS, he was borrowing my 3DS as well since the SUMMER when I only had four games and I literally almost forgot about it.  Remember that, I almost forgot that I had a 3DS that I paid good money to get it imported from the States for Christmas.  So pretty much he was borrowing over a dozen games from me since the summer of 2012.

During the times I carried my PS3 with me to my father's house, my brother and sister kept asking me constantly to borrow my 3DS.  It's only then when I remembered my 3DS and never paid it any mind until they said "that I would lend my belongings to someone else other than my own flesh and blood."  Okay?  Add the fact that it was December with Christmas around the corner, I wanted to make sure that I got my stuff back before (a) they keep them as their own and (b) no one in their right mind is going to let someone else keep their stuff at their house that they bought.  So I went out of my way to get everything back which did not go well in the long run.  First it was the 3DS and then I took back all of my Wii games one game at a time.....which really did not bode well because that left the kid without a single game left to play for Christmas.

2013: Well, I got all of my stuff back......and my work colleague rarely speaks to me anymore.  And why?  Because I asked back for my belongings.  Unbelievable.  My own games and she no longer speaks with me over it.  Whatever.  I have my 3DS back and can gladly gloat about owning more games for it along with some other ones that I want to add to it and I finally got two games for my Wii that I wanted to get for a long time.  So, screw her.


Now you know why I hate lending my games to a lot of people.

Are Game Reviews Actually Legit or Peer Pressure?

People usually go to gaming websites for various reasons.  One of the few reasons are walkthroughs for those pesky areas in a game that might give you a HINT of trouble, gameplay trailers for upcoming new IPs and most of all, reviews from professionals giving out their OPINIONS (remember that word in bold) on a game that millions of people are investing their money into.  Usually one does not agree with what the reviewer is saying, but back then you respected his professionalism and integrity in his presentation on whether this game is worth buying, trying out or just plain avoiding.  That was years ago......nowadays, the same thing can not be said.  Where am I going with this?  Keep scrolling below.





There we go.  Does this game look familiar to you guys?  No?

Well, I didn't start really using my GameSpot account (that synced with my account when that website was GREAT) until March 2008.  So I pretty missed out on what was the biggest controversy to hit any gaming website in a LONG time.  You see Kane and Lynch: Dead Men, from what I've heard, was a ridiculously bad game developed by the same company that gave us the Hitman series.  So in 2007, Eidos probably paid GameSpot to advertise their game all over their website (and by advertise I mean jam down our throats ala Call of Duty).  They figured that with all of this publicity, they would be a shooin for a good review after other websites pretty much trashed it for good reasons.  Then along came an HONEST reviewer named Jeff Gerstman who did what any HONEST reviewer would do: he told the truth.  I watched the review and Jeff Gerstman didn't have to say ANYTHING.  I've been playing games since the NES days with some Pac-Man on the side and even I, as a fan of third-person shooters, could see that Kane and Lynch: Dead Men......sucked ass.  It was a horrible game that was given the honest score that it deserved and it could've easily have gone lower.  Eidos apparently weren't too happy about this and under peer pressure, GameSpot fired Jeff Gerstman.  Yes, Jeff Gerstman was fired (and went on to make Giant Bomb) for being honest in this review and doing his job as a professional gaming reviewer.


All that did was put a black eye on a gaming website that I considered to be the least biased out of all of them which is a shame.  All of those in the office that had a hand in the fiasco are gone, but this incident is still a part of their history.  Which brings me to today.  We all know of the fanboy wars in the past when it was the SNES vs Genesis and the PS1 vs the N64, etc.  In my opinion, they are a lot worse than back then.  We either had no Internet or it was still a privilege that only a few of us had the pleasure in experiencing, but nowadays when any random schmuck can get an Internet connection the problem only gets way worse.  It's the Wii vs the PS3 vs the 360 (soon to be the Wii-U vs the PS4 vs the Xbox One) and when it comes to fanboys, I find that Sony fanboys are the WORST of the three.  Now I own a PS2, PS3, Wii and 3DS with my N64 in retirement on a shelf with the rest of my current gaming collection.  Xbox fanboys can be arrogant as all hell (until the Kinect fished out the 'real' fans in a GOOD way) and Nintendo fanboys can usually come off as trolls, but Sony?  Oh my God.  Which brings me to this.





I give you The Last Of Us, a PS3 exclusive that has yet to be released in the United States and that no one has played yet ANYWHERE in the world right now.  REMEMBER THAT.  Now, on other websites, everyone including IGN is giving this game perfect scores up the ying-yang.  You'd figure that if all of these perfect scores, GameSpot would be next in line to complete the trifecta.  NOPE.  GameSpot reviewer Tom McShea, who also reviewed The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, gave The Last Of Us an 8.0.  Now if I do my math right (and I usually do my math right), an 8.0 in the gaming world means "Great" and that's a game worth checking out in the long run.  Perhaps someone should try to explain it to the sea of hate directed towards Tom McShea over his review that it is.  There's over 15 000 comments (and continuing to pour in) wanting Tom McShea to be fired, among other things, because he gave an HONEST review on a game that NO ONE HAS PLAYED YET OR HASN'T EVEN BEEN RELEASED YET.  Hell, there's a petition on the forums to get this game reviewed again.  Give me a BREAK.  All of this crap because a professional reviewer gave his OPINIONS on a game and because he didn't give in to peer pressure and gave it a perfect score like a certain website does with their games.

To quote Asagea_888 on his blog: "It's just .... amazing how most react to a little score.  Even funnier when it's an 8.0, which is considered pretty damn good. Anything less than a 9.0 or a 10.0 is considered crap by fiercely dedicated fans.  It's a shame people who review games have been intimidated to the point where they have to rate games in a certain way to please people.  To me, that goes against their integrity.  Just flat out wrong."

And I agree.  It's like ever since the Kane and Lynch controversy, game reviewers are scared to give an honest review on any type of game anymore.  Unless a game gets a perfect score from a bunch of fanboys (who I'll bet aren't even OLD enough to play The Last Of Us and are just playing on their big brother/sister's PS3 without their permission), it's deemed to be crap.  People take these reviews as if they were facts when in reality, they are nothing more than professional OPINIONS.  At least Tom McShea didn't get death threats for this, unlike Skyward Sword.

It's immaturity like this is what makes me wonder how many game reviews out there actually deserve those high ratings.  If they were really given out due to how honest the reviewer was or were they given out just to please the fanboys?  I don't know. but it's really bad when you can't even have an opinion on a game anymore.  I'd rather have The Last Of Us get an 8 than a sea of 10s all over the place.  I don't even care about the score.  I've been eyeing this thing since E3 last year and I'm all but ready to give it a try, suck at it and give my own personal opinion on it myself. 

Maybe Tom McShea might be right in his review or not when I play it, who knows?  All I know is, that a bunch of butthurt fans who haven't even played the game yet deter me or any professional gaming reviewer from doing what they love and being completely honest about it.

First Blog of 2013: Happy New Year

Out with the old and in with the new.

We say goodbye to 2012 and look forward (well some of us) to see what 2013 throws our way.

Nevertheless, things have been up and down for me when it comes to the gaming side of things. The money I was saving for a Wii-U had to be used for other purposes so I am back to square one. I haven't purchased many games for the Wii because of that too and I had a headache putting a brand new hard drive into my PS3. Not to mention the share amount of games I wanted for my PS2, PS3, Wii and 3DS that I'm unable to get. For example, I want to get the first 2 Max Payne games before I get Max Payne 3. They're dirt cheap but hard to come by.

Despite all of that, this year was okay. I beat Uncharted 3 and enjoyed its multiplayer (even though I suck at the competitive side of things....but hey I still had fun). Enjoyed Kirby's Dreamland. Played my 3DS and had a bit of a 'lending' problem with it (I'll explain that later) and above all else, these are what I got for Christmas this year for my PS3.


It all started off for me when I platinum Batman: Arkham City in the wee hours of January 1st, 2012. It's going to be interesting to see what adventures I'll be having in 2013. So for now, happy new year and may God bless you this time around.

PS3 Upgrade? Possible Hard Drive Crash! NOT happy.


Just when you think things are working in your favor, some bulls**t happens that kicks you in the nuts and laughs at your misery.

I've had an 80GB PS3 now for three and a half years, and overtime there's no secret that with the amount of games I own for it as well as those that I traded for something new that it would need some additional space. Plus with the Christmas holiday on the horizon I could go for some new games on my PS3, Wii and 3DS. Truth be told, I like all of my systems equally (even though I haven't played some of my games in a long time) and never liked another console over the other.

Nevertheless, since 2008, I have been doing CAW Montages on YouTube. For those who don't know what CAW means, it's Create-A-Wrestler for all wrestling games on any console. 2009 was when I bought a PS3 to continue onward to a new generation of CAW making as well as play some of the games that the PS3 had to offer. 2010 is when I went for story-based CAW Montages which work well, yet it takes away some of my gaming time with the amount of effort I put into them. It's a bit sucky especially when I have new games in my arsenal or older games that I have to finish but the effort is worth it when I know people watch and enjoy my stuff.

Now, WWE '13 is over the horizon and with this being the final weekend before it is released, I bought a 320GB hard drive on Wednesday. Now I backed up everything on my PS3 from game saves to music to a USB flash drive whereas the copy-prohibited saves are safely protected and placed in my PS+ cloud folder and from reading a lot of information online, replacing these things would've been easy as pie. I had prepared for everything except for one minor detail: the latest system update, which was given to me on an SD-card reader.

BOY was I wrong. I did everything according to the official Sony website and I was getting all the messages to tell me that I was doing everything right.......until I tried to format the hard drive is when things went downhill. Before it was formatting, it asked me to place the storage device that had the system update in it and out of the blue, the console told me after formatting once that it could not read the device. I found it weird so I tried to format it again which got me to the system update window...........and NEVER moved from there even after I had it running for 12+ hours. So I shut the PS3 down and tried again. Got the same problem AGAIN. I got fed up and placed my PS3 in a bag bound for a gaming store that I knew could fix my problem.

It only got worse for me when I went down there. For starters, my new hard drive apparently CRASHED in the middle of either the formatting or updating hence the reason I could never get past a blank system update screen. So they placed another one that was twice as small (160GB) and that didn't help matters either. My PS3 made some strange noises and told me that it could read the even SMALLER hard drive, nor would putting my old drive back in make it work either.

As of right now, I am not in a good mood. My PS3 is down, I can't continue what I like to do on YouTube and the possibility of having to buy a new PS3 may be the worst thing to happen for me cause with this economy and me struggling with money (well everyone of us are) I may not be able to afford one at a moment's notice. I still have my Wii and 3DS, yes, but someone is borrowing the 3DS AND has nearly all of my Wii games (mostly my favorite ones) which leaves a big damper on my gaming sessions. This would, of course, make me even more upset cause something that was SUPPOSE to be so easy to do by yourself went wrong and I had nothing to do with it.

There is some hope. They're going to try and repair the hard drive sectors before they try to reinstall the system update on Monday. Right now I am hoping things work out for me. Cause if it doesn't, I can't do what I wanted to do on YouTube since WWE '12 came out. I had to cancel one montage because my old laptop went down and I could not record anything for over six months and I do not want to have to cancel the 2013 one because my PS3 refuses to be upgraded.

Top 10 Games (PS3 and Wii Editions) Coming Soon.....

For those who don't remember, I made two videos on YouTube showing 20 games that I enjoyed playing on my PS3 and Will respectively. They were my Top 10 Games videos and now a year later, I plan on redoing another one whilst keeping the old ones for historic references.

So these were the games that made it last year:

PS3 - Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection (10), 3D Dot Game Heroes (9), ModNation Racers (8), Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (7), Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack In Time (6), Little Big Planet (5), Vanquish (4), Dead Space (3), Batman: Arkham Asylum (2), inFamous (1)

Wii - Super Smash Bros. Brawl (10), The House of the Dead: Overkill (9), Metroid: Other M (8), Sin and Punishment: Star Successor (7), Muramasa: The Demon Blade (6), Punch-Out!! (5), No More Heroes (4), Resident Evil 4 (3), Super Mario Galaxy 2 (2), Donkey Kong Country Returns (1)

Needless to say, I'll be doing both video versions and written versions of these lists when I get to work on them which may be sometime this week. Stay tuned, cause I will be enjoying the idea of redoing these lists. Also, on a side note, the Wii list was easier and more fun when I made it last year as opposed to the PS3 list. I'm hoping that they won't be that hard to pull off. So for now, see ya.

My Top 10 Favorite Game of 2011

Goodbye, 2011 and hello, 2012. It's been a great year for gaming while at the same time it was a bad year for gaming. Sure we had some great games that came out like Batman Arkham City, Gears of War 3, etc. though some bad stuff occurred as well like the PSN hacking fiasco in the Spring. Either way they had their swings and misses for gaming. Which is why I would like to share with you all my Top 10 Favorite Games (That I Bought) In 2011. It doesn't matter what year the games came out as long as I bought it in 2011. So without further ado, let's get this blog started.


Straight from the minds of the director that was a part of developing Resident Evil 4, the sound composer of the Silent Hill franchise and Suda 51 who gave us cult followers like No More Heroes and Killer7, comes a brand new IP named Shadows of the Damned. As a Mexican demon hunter, Garcia Hotspur, you venture into the pits of hell with a small variety of guns (pistol, shotgun and submachine gun) to save your kidnapped girlfriend from the Lord of Demons himself.

Now anyone who has played No More Heroes will know just how crazy the mind of Suda 51 can be. Shadows of the Damned did not sell well sadly and the bad part about it is that the game was not only short but it felt like it was missing quite a bit of content. Plus I hate laser-sight aiming which is always a big no-no for me. Despite all of that, I had a fun time with this game and got 100% at it too. Also it has an awesome soundtrack, I recommend you listen to it and rent the game to get a good idea as to what to expect in hell.


Sequels are hard to come by, especially if the first one did well or was terrible. Uncharted 1 when it came out for the PlayStation 3 (you know when that console was hated by almost everyone…..and kinda still is) was hated by many for being a Tomb Raider/Gears of War ripoff while those who gave the game a chance such as myself enjoyed the experience. So when word got out that a sequel was in the works, of course expectations would be high. Lo and behold, Uncharted 2 comes out and immediately becomes a success.

Naughty Dog took what made the first game great, improvised where others who have played it needed work and went with it from there. The gunplay has improved, we got better usage of explosives, far better melee and a bigger challenge to get through the single campaign on Hard and above. There's a reason why Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is well liked amongst PS3 owners. Me personally, I like the game though I still prefer the first game over it. That's just me. I've yet to play Uncharted 3, but I will eventually.


I've never played these games when I had the PS2. Thank goodness that they were remade for the PS3 cause now I can proudly say that I've found another platformer to add to my list of well-liked games. Sly Cooper now sits aside Mario, Sonic, Ratchet and Clank, Kirby, Donkey Kong and Sackboy when it comes to my love for a great platformer.

To tell you the truth, the unveiling of Sly 4 at last year's E3 got me to buy The Sly Collection. Sadly I've only beaten the first game and from the looks of the second one, it feels better. Over-the-top comical appeal, hilarious dialogue and gameplay along with a nice combination of stealth and platforming. Where the hell can you go wrong with that? All I know is, I need to beat all 3 of these games (hell even go for 100% on all of them) before Sly 4 comes out this year.


Of all the games to buy for 2011, this was a dark horse. At first glance, I never gave this game a chance. Upon seeing it at the 2009 E3 (I think), I dismissed it as another one of Sega's failed attempts with Sonic along with a Mario Kart ripoff. Note to self: NEVER THINK THAT WAY AGAIN. When certain people wanted to play something new on my PS3, I went with this game and never looked back. My verdict: this game is WAY BETTER than its Wii rival, Mario Kart Wii.

With 20 racers ranging from the obvious Sonic to the not-so-obvious Opa-Opa, you race your way through various tracks from the Sonic, Jet Set Radio and Billy Hatchet franchises with a barrage of items to assist you towards your mad dash for the finish line. Oh and of course there is the flashy, somewhat useless All-Star moves so whatever. Honestly, I consider this game to be better than Mario Kart Wii since it gave you more to do like the single-player challenges and how much FASTER it felt. Not to mention the variety in the vehicles and how you had to find the shortcuts yourself without a map to help you. It doesn't matter. Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing, a good game.


Nintendo released both Kirby's Return To Dreamland and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword as the Wii's final, major big hits before putting more effort into the 3DS and Wii-U for 2012. I went with Kirby since Kirby's Epic Yarn kinda left a bad taste in my mouth. Thankfully, Nintendo learn from THAT mistake and brought HAL Labs to work on this title to ensure that Kirby's last hurrah on the Wii turns out to be a bang.

All of the ****c goodness from past Kirby games are here with the option of multiplayer (having 4 Kirbys ganging up on everybody for powers can be annoying) or Players 2, 3 and 4 can become King Dedede, a Waddle Dee or Meta-Knight venturing through Dreamland. A lot of the ****c power-ups are back along with Uber power-ups and a much harder mode to play through after beating it for the first time. I've already beaten the main game and already halfway through EX-mode which is loads of fun. Verdict: Kirby's final run on the Wii is a success. A great, big success.


Yours truly now owns a Nintendo 3DS with 3D remakes of Star Fox 64 and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. However the one game I bought with it that stood out more was Super Mario 3D Land, one of the best handheld Mario titles I've played in quite a while.

This game also holds the record of me beating a game as quickly as I feel like (two straight days). I've beaten the game as Mario and almost completed the Special Worlds as Luigi which is a bit harder to accomplish with some of the stipulations added to the revamped levels. 3D is not needed to play the game though it gets useful in certain levels, especially getting those elusive Star Coins. I've played Super Mario 3D Land so many times during the Christmas holiday and I won't deny the fact that it was a great run. Would highly recommend you play this if you own a 3DS.


I bought both Dead Space 1, 2 and Extraction in 2011, so only one must go here. For this, I picked Dead Space 2. The first Dead Space was phenomenal and I 100% it as well. From there we move to the sequel which improved so much that it's not even funny. From new weapons to better usages in melee, new enemies and an even greater challenge to finish it even on Normal, Dead Space 2 deserves its props.

What can be said about Dead Space 2 that hasn't been said already? It's not as scary as the first one, although some areas will catch you off-guard especially at the end. Plus the multiplayer was unnecessary and sucked if you were not playing as a Necromorph AND the single campaign is shorter. Despite that, Dead Space 2 is just as phenomenal as the first one and requires a playthrough if need be.


Another dark horse game I picked for 2011 and quite frankly my favorite one. You like Gears of War? You will certainly love this game. You could care less about big stories and more about getting into the game (like all games should be even though a great story normally keeps your attention) then Vanquish is certainly for you. Vanquish is much faster than many of the third-person shooters out there and resembles a bullet hell arcade game with some innovations in the gameplay such as a booster to move from Point A to Point B and the ability to slow time down giving you the chance to pick off any enemies nearby without all the horde of bullets flying across the screen (and believe me there's gonna be a lot).

My minor gripes with the game are how short it is. Five acts which can be plowed through non-stop and it's all over. The good part? Vanquish is NOT a walk in the park. On Normal, this game will really push you with the amount of bosses and overwhelming gun battles await you, not to mention the amount of one-hit kills here and there. And once you're done with the main story, there's six challenges that await you and they are a LOT harder than the main story. If anyone who owns this game has beaten all six challenges, I will give you kudos cause those are ridiculously hard. Just like this game can be ridiculously hard on the first attempt. Either way, it's a fun game and challenging while not being unfair. Give it a try.


I hate hackers and I'm sure many PS3 owners wanted to hang the a-holes that hacked the PlayStation Network, leaving all of them without access to their games and other services for months. When it finally got back up, Sony delivered news that a selected amount of games would be available to download for free. Infamous was one of them. I bought this game in 2009 and sold it in 2010. Thankfully, my urge to finish what I started with this game came back when I noticed that it was free and downloaded it in a hurry (or when the bandwidth had less people on it). This is great that I downloaded Infamous cause that had to be one of the best PS3 exclusives I've played.

The ability to choose the path that you want to go: whether you fight for the greater good and help the remaining survivors. Or show that you are truly a one-man wrecking crew and be evil to the core. The alignment you choose will depend on the type of powers you will gain in the long run, ranging from sticky electric grenades as a hero to exploding cars upon usage of a shockwave as a villain. Not to mention how the game made you have sympathy for Cole as he learn to wield these brand new powers while dealing with the amount of crap going on around him. Truly a great PS3 exclusive for those who have missed out on it. Not to mention the sequel that I want to get my hands on in the near future


NO SURPRISE. After Arkham Asylum, my expectations were high. This game did not disappoint. Improved combat, slighter tougher stealth, new upgrades to old gadgets, new gadgets that REALLY come in handy at a pinch along with some new DLC and a massive sandbox environment makes Arkham City an awesome sequel to the already awesome Arkham Asylum.

Plus to top it all off, as stated, the environment is far bigger than the limitations of Arkham Asylum with more buildings to investigate, more henchmen to take down, more of Batman's rouge of villains that roam the city, a LOT more riddles and physical challenges to find as well as the usual challenge rooms, with 12 freeflow and 12 stealthy missions to complete along with campaigns to really test your skills. If that wasn't good enough, the game comes with Catwoman for free and two new DLC characters (Tim Drake's Robin and Dick Grayson's Nightwing) completely unique from each other for various reasons along with some new maps to brawl on or stealthily take down a room full of gun-wielding maniacs.

It's amazing how much effort Rocksteady put into making Batman games. I can say this right now, they got themselves a worthy customer if they are capable of pulling off amazing games like this as Batman: Arkham City is easily my no. 1 game of 2011.

What a year 2011 was, with 2012 just 75% of the way from being over. Let's see what games will catch my attention this year, shall we? Ciao.

A Three Dimensional Christmas

After contemplating on how and when to get this hardware when it was at its hottest, totally owning the PSP in every aspect. With one of the best gaming library that even rivaled the console competition, the thought of getting it went on for years. My little brother was the first to get one.......and he destroyed it :roll:

This year, its younger brother was released and already I've been keeping my eye on it. Already the lineup looks great, amid a few remakes of classics (well then again when a good amount of companies are doing the same it is bound to happen). They still beat rehases of Call of Duty and EA sports games anyday of the week :P

Alas, I guess it will never happen. This Christmas, it may be a few games on the Wii and PS3 (hopefully PS2 as well) that may keep my interest. NOT.

That's right. Yours truly is the proud owner (by December at least) of a Nintendo 3DS. Someone bought it for me in the States and I won't be able to play it until December when the Christmas season gets under way. Definitely can't wait to play it along with the two games that are coming with it: Star Fox 64 3D and Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D.

I've never played those when it first came out on the N64 (well I did play Star Fox 64 but it was multiplayer and I was stuck with the damn frog) so these were a bit of dark horses for me to choose from for the time being. The other reason was, well, every Nintendo hardware I've owned minus the GameCube always started with a Mario title (hey I'm a Mario fan since 1989 and damn proud of it) so with the 3DS I wanted to be different this time around. A Mario title will be apart of my 3DS/DS library, just not yet. Also I'm gonna exploit the hell out of the DS compatibility with this thing and add some games to my arsenal fairly quickly (which I will be asking you guys for help on what to get cause I want my handheld collection to be unique as possible).

Either way, I'm patiently waiting for Christmas to get here so I can do barrel rolls and play my first Legend of Zelda game ever. But don't think I'll be playing like a noob either. I have a Wii, Internet access and Wii Shop Channel. I'm buying the N64 counterparts to get a good idea as to what I'm supposed to do before I tackle them on the handheld.

Adios. See you next time.

Top 10 PS3 Games (as of July 17, 2011)

It's been over a year since I did a blog and so, I think we need to change that.

Yours truly has been a PS3 owner for the past 2 years with plenty of games coming and going over that entire timeframe. And quite honestly, this was a tough one to compilate since (don't hurt me) the PS3's gaming lineup is pretty limited in comparison to the 360 and Wii. I'm just sayin'


I will also warn you. I rarely use commentary in my videos, as you will clearly hear. In any event, enjoy the PS3 Games Countdown.