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Thank you Gamespot members :)

My post was locked away and burned (sorry mods I was desperate, but won't happen again). What was the post about? Well it was about my dog, Lego. You see I entered him into this contest where 8 pets were chosen out of the hundreds of contestants and luckily Lego was chosen as the final 8.

This site:

Has him in the Semi-finals against another dog, Cherry. Anyway before I posted the topic, Lego was losing, badly and by badly, he was losing by 85+ votes. That was until I went to various sites to beg others to help me out and encourage as many people as I can to vote. To my surprise, out of all the sites I posted this to, the Gamespot members were the loudest of them all and I found my pup only 20 votes behind its rival. Now in less than an hour Lego is winning by 30 votes :D

Now I am not just doing this to boast how cute Lego is (although IMO he is :P), but one of the prizes includes not only an year supply of dog food and toys, but a FREE MEDICAL INSURANCE for the vet the company has chosen, which my dog needs. I do not have that much money and I've been working overtime at work to gather as much money as I can for his treatment, but if Lego can win this, then he can be cured even sooner and that is all I really want, for my best bud to get better.

You, the members answered that call with a response bigger than anything I could have not ever imagined and I thank you Gamespot members from the bottom of my heart :')

Please if you haven't, please vote for Lego, it'll only take 5 seconds of your life and no logins and such are necessary, I know I may seem annoying, by asking you guys so much, but I need all the help I can get for my pal.

Thank you all,

Lightgamet and Lego :)

Thank you Guys!!

P.S. I couldn't get him in a better position as I try not to move him so much while he's in this state :(