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Heerrresss Liam!

Hello peeps in the wise words of Corperal hart is timespliters 3 "Im back and ready to roll!"

My new account is Liam-Legend but i cant seem to add any of you peeps, so if you can guys know how could you please add me cus i miss you guys very very much :D lol

Anyways see ya there

liamb303 or now known as Liam-Legend

Im Leaving bye bye!

Hey guys i have decided to quit gamespot, if you still wanna see what im up to add me on deviantart Legacy-Of-Liam, Youtube LowGravProductions or MSN

A Special thanks to Clas$$icPlayer and AweWiiGamer1 for getting me on gamespot and PrincessTwilight and Hellboy for keeping me on it XD

So this is my last blog hopefully see you all again some other place bye bye!


My Life

Unfortunatly im stuck with the same problem Cla$$icPlayer has i think intill i get my coursework back on track im going to have to cut down on Game Spot ill be on from time to time but i think ill do a review once a fortnight and a new blog entry every 3 days well thats my basic plan anyway were see how it goes

My Gaming

My gaming life is going good, im finally learning to branch to other games and leave halo 3 alone for a bit (if you didnt know i live on halo 3 and today marks my 4000 halo 3 custom game) yer sad i know but i love that game lol ive been playing Stuntman Ignition (Which is great fun espically making ure own map and putting millions of loop de loops lol) and Crackdown which i will do a review on soon, and if you ever reckon your good at Halo 3 add my GT Liam Legend, so thats all for the minute enjoy wat little left there is of the weekend!

A Special Thanks

My Life

Id just like to give a special thanks to hellboyx yesterday after seeing his amazing banners i requested a halo 3 banner even thou i knew he was a ps3 fanboy and i dident know wat 2 expect and i thought even if he was going 2 make me one he would not make it for 2 weeks or so but i checked later on and he sent me a friendly message saying he wud have it done by tomoz! so that was an awesome surprose, but an even better surprise is the actually banner itself! (the one thats their now) lol but unfortunatly he's havin a bit of a hard time atm so i hope he fully recovers and is back making awesome banners soon

P.s feel free to comment on the new banner if u wish lol

The Force Unleashed Significance to the star wars universe

My Gaming

Star Wars The Force Unleashed Takes Place between Star Wars Episode 3 (Revenge Of The Sith) And Episode 4 (A New Hope) and according to the people who make the force unleashed it is "going to complete change the way you see the stars wars universe"

Well i have seen the star wars movie's but a long tine ago in a galaxy far far away (no pun intended) so i thought id recap wat happened so i could fully enjoy the new force unleashed game, so basically i made this blog to also remind you guys wat happens in 3 and 4 so you can also fully enjoy the new Force Unleashed

WARNING: Basic Knowledge of the star wars film is needed to understand this blog

Star Wars Episode 3 (Revenge Of The Sith)

Star Wars Revenge Of The Sith is just basically the downfall of the republic, at the beginning it seems that all is going well, anakin and obi wan take out the sith "count dooku" who was really being a pain in the backside to the jedi and they rescue palpatine (who is actually darth sidious) After they rescue him obi wan and anakin are split up and go on different missions Obi Wan is sent to take out Genereal Grivous ( a big robot wu has 4 lightsabers) and anakin is twisted by palpatine (darth sidious) saying that he can make his wife padme invincible When he guarranteas this anakin turns evil to protect his wife padme, darth sidious names anakin, Darth Vader. While this is happening Obi wan has just killed general grivous with the help of his clones (The clone's are basically the jedi's army and are sent everywhere with the jedi) Darth sidious orders the clones to kill the jedi who they are with so one by one the jedi are killed lucky thou obi wan survives and meets up with the last other jedi Yoda, Obi wan is sent to take out "Darth vader" and chops him in half but fortunatly darth sidious is near and gives him a big black suit to help him breath "thus the traditional darth vader being born" meanwhile darth vader's wife gives birth to luke and leia and then dies.

Star Wars Episode 4 (A New Hope)


I Wrote this pretty quick and i know it is really crap lol but i just wanted to give you guys a REALLY basic info on when the force unleashed is set


Hey Guys And Gals

Just finished my Project Gotham Racing 4 Review, so for all you 360 owners go check that out! lol

I also plan to write another review today, this time on soul caliber 4 for the 360 so yer sounds kool right?

And after i do that im also going 2 head over to MovieTome 2day (I Think thats how its spelt) To Write some awesome reviews So make sure you check them out, ill leave a blog when its all finished with the link so you guys and gals can c wat u think!

So thats my genius plan for today hope you guys have a great day and talk 2 you soon BTW if you want 2 add my on msn my address is and if ure gonna send me a friend request then send me a message first saying who you are thanks :)

Me,Myself and My Xbox

Hello Guys and Gals

Welcome to my Profile!

Well where to start, My name is Liam Bristow im 15 and i live in milton keynes, I love gaming and going to the cinema and listening 2 music, the basic stuff, My favorite band is Breaking Benjamin and My Favorite song is The Bird And The Worm

I have amazing friends, two of which are on my friends list here, Clas-sicPlayer and Awewiigamer1 i think that wat it is soz if it isnt max!

I Currently Own a Xbox 360 and a Wii not such a big fan of the wii but the 360 i love, if im not out or busy im constantly on, My favorite game is Halo 3 bcus i love the different types of game types there im also a big fan of Project Gotham Racing 4 and Racedriver GRID Umm atm im not very good at blogs but Clas-sicPlayer is giving me good tips and hopefully ill soon b able 2 write amazing blogs and great reviews! anyway send me a friend request leave me a comment and watch this space!