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    @pimphand_gamer: Like all MMO's, it will evolve and get bigger and bigger as time goes on. I think they are hoping for a WOW user base but I don't see that happeningIf that's their metric for success ...

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    @SNIPER4321 said: @finalstar2007 said: Looks amazing!This game's only mistake is that its online only and retailing for $60.. aint paying more than $30 for an online only game. i agree. i always get ...

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    @lbjkurono23 said:Hawks, a collection of the dumbest individuals in basketball. So many dumb mistakes.Tell me about it.

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    what was all the hype for

    I sat here played the tutorial 30 minutes goes by--yippee I go to game begin playing it and I ma not seeing the big deal over the hype of this game--it does look pretty good a lot of action and all ...