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Me on steam and upcoming blog post

add me on steam my username is sub309 and the 0 is a zero in case if your wondering upcoming blog post *Top 50 animes of all time( of course its going to be updated like next year) and I haven't blogged on gamespot in a long time but I will do a full length blog later anyway remember to add me on steam and look forward to my top 50 anime list oh and guess what my #1 anime is.

why puella magi madoka magica was disappointing

puella magi madoka magica came out in 2011 with rave reviews and with people calling it one of the best anime of all time and other sayings like that. But for me it was a disappointment. First let's say what I like about it. I love the visuals and art mainly, in the witch barrier. Now that's the only thing I loved or liked about everthing else was disappointing. The most disappointing thing was the plot. The plot was unorignal, linear, and lacked great characters. The plot felt like a mix of steins;gate, claymore, and higurashi no naku koro ni. SPOLIERS ALERT THROUGH THE REST OF THE BLOG NOT JUST THIS ANIME BUT ALSO HE OTHERS I JUST MENTIONED. OK let's start with claymore. There are these things called yoma and claymores which are yoma human hyprid beings. They hunt down yoma but they can use yoma power but when they use too much they become a yoma and a claymore is sent out to kill them. Eventually they find out they basically kill yomas and claymores that became yoma much like with the magical girls becoming witches. Next steins;gate the part when the one character goes back in time to save modika a ton of times. This also happens in steins;gate which also happens in higurashi no naku koro ni kai. And there's also the conspiracy part. There's more but I don't want to explain everything that would take too long. People say this has a complex plot but I fond it linear. People also said its dark, twisted, and depressin . Dark? Kinda twisted? No depressing? No. And the ending was predictable oh and the twists were too. Not sure if I should call them twists. In conclusion this anime is very overated.

My Top 20 anime shows

1.Blood + 2.Black lagoon 3.Ghost in the shell stand alone complex 4.Darker than black 5.Higurashi no Naku Koro ni 6.Steins;gate 7.Samurai champloo 8.Flcl 9.Hellsing Ultimate 10.Elfen Lied 11.Mirai nikki 12.Angel beats 13.Death note 14.Speed Grapher 15.Blood-c 16.Eden of the east 17.Welcome to the nhk 18.Blue exorcist 19.Another 20.Bleach

quick list top 10 anime

10. gantz 9. elfen lied 8. cowboy bebop 7. bleach 6. hellsing 5. black lagoon 4. ghost in the shell stand alon complex 3. death note 2. darker than black 1. blood + sadly i chouldn't copy and paste any pictures, something is wrong with my brower or its just this website. whats your favorite anime

my thoughts of MW3

I think Call of Duty has became the most overrated game in history. I say wait til friday to get elder scrolls V: Skyrim. whats your thoughts?

Back From Vaction

So I got back at 2 A.M. on Saturday

So the new games i got were


Lumines II

PaRappa the Rapper

Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters

Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow

Tomb Raider: Anniversary

and the new CDs

Beyond the Valley Of the Muderdolls by Muderdolls

Deflorate byThe Black Dahlia Murder

and the stuff i'm thinking about getting

Age of Zombies


Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection

Final Fantasy II Anniversary Edition

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 2 - Innocent Sin

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable

Black * Rock Shooter

and thats all for today


i'm going to minnesota to vist my grandparents so i won't be online for awhile

peace out;)

I just beat a game and other stuff

so I just beat SOCOM u.s. neavy seals fireteam bravo which was a good game but easy. PSN still isnt up, I wonder when its going to be up, and someone i knew died :(. im sad right now but itll be over soon at least he moved on and he really loved God and was a father at ST. Mary's Church, so hes in heaven. I wish the best for him.