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If you liked Fallout 2, try Arcanum: Of Steamworks and magic obscura. It´s very similar to the old Fallout games.

And give Neverwinter Nights 1 and 2 a try. There are very, very good modules out there for free.

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If you don´t care about Graphics and know how to use Dosbox or have some old PCs

try Wizardry 6-8. Great Story, Combat is sometimes very, very difficult

try Ultima 4-7. Some of the best Stories ever told in RPG, whole party control, same Characters in all Games

try Torment. Best Story ever (with Baldurs Gate)

try Realms of Arkania (Das schwarze Auge). All you want with poor graphics

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Metal Gear Solid (PS)

Ocarina of Time (N64)

Tetris (GB)

Wizardry 7 (Dos)

Diablo 2: LOD (Win)

Civilization 2 (Win)

Morrowind (Win)

Skyrim (Win)

Baldurs Gate 2 (Win)

Day of the tentacle (Dos)

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How about:

Might & Magic 4+5

Wizardry 7, 8

Ultima Underworld

ALL Elder Scrolls

ALL Fallout

Baldurs Gate 1, 2 and Expansions

Divine Divinity

The Witcher

Gothic 2

The Dark Spire


and I really liked Menzoberranzan ;)