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Over the past several weeks my life has been what I like to call, REVISION LAND.

For any of you doing A-Levels at college, I'd hope that perhaps you can empathise with me on how tedious and endearing it is. As I entitled this blog "Gaming", I feel it should include how i miss spending hours (possibly far too many hours) on games, namely;

Mass Effect (Xbox-360);

Stalker (pc);

Battlefield 2 (pc);

DOOM 1-3 (pc).

*Insert gay little crying emoticon here*

With any luck however within approx 40 days I should have my new television. That being a good £700 from the kitty onto a 37" Samsung. Oh yes. That's right, I really am that bad with budgeting. Should be worthit? Until I crap myself playing Silent Hill games in the dark, I will not stop....Mwahaha.

I even miss staying up till 5 in the morning playing some good ol GoW. You see, after many months of playing on a 14 box T.V. one must finally stand up and get a new one, so as of until I get my new death, i mean T.V. I must play (with decent enough graphics) on a 19" Monitor. Yay for me?