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I m back and its my 1st anniversary? sort of :P

Well its been months that ive logged in gamespot im still pretty busy :evil:

And if its right it says on my member since thing ive been a member since august 24 2010

so i guess i have my 1st Anniversary party!!!!!1! WOOOT!:shock:(not really im still pretty busyi dont have time to party lol)

i havent been doing this bloging thing again so my memory is whiped i have no idea what to write about

but i guess i just i ll talk about howi got my name. So it started by........ Whoops look at the time looks like i got to go :? wow im typing jibberish i havent gotten any new games so far but i will on nov 3 my birth day :D

hopefully and i guess thats a wrap well ill talk to you guys later!



Well i been pretty inactive in gamespot for a while so i decided to make a blog.

Well i ve beaten (psp) modnation racers and little big planet so im gonna write some reviews later and im currently working

on killzone liberation. They're all great games i would reconmend all of them! I m kinda getting bored of summer not much to do anymore and its so Freakin Hot here:cry:! I also tried to fix my xbox's RROD problem with the (penny trick) but it didnt work!:cry: My new plan is to sell my dsi and games and stuff for around ($150) and sell the broken xbox for $40-50

so ill have a total around $200 and the ps3 i want cost $250 so ill have find some way to get $60:? and in this economy

its gonna be harder then it seems :cry:

Well thats it for now i guess

-Leoncloud11 :P

Leoncloud11 hits YOUTUBE :D!!!

Yes i have i made this epic (lame) video on YOUTUBE!!! :D

Get your popcorn ready!

Ready? ok






Umm we are having some tech issues so....

Go on youtube type in leoncloud98 and click the first video!

Enjoy!!! :D

tell what you think about it in the comments in youtube or here!


Leoncloud11 :P

Earth HOUR!!!!

Happy Earth hour day :D

If you didnt know it was today you know it NAO It starts at 8:30 and ends at 9:30 so turn off all electric stuff

to conserve the Earths energy! :D

Thats about it.Im might be doing blogs everyday know since i got use to it.

OH i got the CUTEST KITTEH IN THE WORLDZ.hes about 3 weeks old.My ***** cat got pregnant AGAIN!!!!So ill try to give you guys a pic cause thats how bored i am :/

Umm i beaten goldeneye a week ago and im hooked on their multiplayer mode!! :D

I wished you guys with a wii had goldeneye or a interWEBS connection so i could play with ya:/

I wanting to get FF7 crisis core or/and super mario galaxy but i need money!!!

I still cant believe super mario galaxy is still around $30:00 :shock:

yesterday i saw the new Gamespot layout and i didnt like it im glad they changed it back though

so thats it.....this was a huge blog:D

- leoncloud11:P


I dont what to write its been so long :/

OH YEAH I made a review for you guys as a little make up for my absence :P

I have interWEBS connection in mah house nao so you guys who has Wii's can add me or whatever( im new to the consloe internet thing :P ) I have the wii in mah room so i can watch netflix anytime! :D

Am i that bored talking about netflix.... :P

Does anyone have Goldeneye? or a Wii cause I got no friends on the Wii :cry:

Cause all mah friends just play the ps3 or xbox :roll: I want a ps3. :/

This blog has too many awkward moments so i must stop here!Laterz


Hey Guys IM BACK :D

Sorry for not being here FOR A LONG TIME :P

Just family and friends things happen out of nowhere :P

I'll write another Bigger blog later:)

-leoncloud11 :D