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back again.

damn. been a long time since ive been here. ill be hanging out here more now that i have my amazing laptop. wont be here all the time, but ill stop in more often. mostly on facebook now. if you want to know my facebook, send me a message and ill let you know what it is. later.

long overdue update

so i know i havent been posting too many blogs, but im here now, and ready to update a bit.

so im in school now for my final year, and so far i have pretty much onl A's. it feels good to do all my homework for once, and to not hve to worry about the next report card. although, it is a LOT of work since im currently taking 3 english classes at once. but i also at least got to pic 3 other clsses, and i picked, cartoon animation, stage crew, and guitar class.

so since im in animation right now, i will include in this post a test of what i have been doing. it wont be anything to complicated, but i would like for you guys to test it out to see if it works or not. if you notice any issues with it, let me know in a comment. again, it is very basic, and if this goes well, i will expand on it later.

as for stage crew, im earning how to set up basic equipment for performances and assemblies at school. so far i know how to set up microphones using XLR cables and 1/4" cables. i know how to work the lights in our lecture hall, i know how to run the projector and work the screen, i know how to set up the house mikes and the PA system, and i also know how to set up strobe lights and spot lights. i also need to set up for our "cafe" on wednesdays during lunch, and our "arcade" during lunch on fridays. so far our crew is the fastesgt at setting everything up.

in guitar class, im currently teaching someone to play a bass. she was the only person that took an interest in it. im teaching her the basics first. how to read notes and hold and strum the bass. now our teacher came up to me and asked me if i wanted to play a simple song for our cafe, or if i wanted to give it to my student. so i decidedto give it to my student to see if she's been paying atention. the teacher also wants her to sing. so at first she was kind of "ify" on the subject, but once she found out the song that she would be singing and playing, she let out a shriek of joy. once my teacher saw that she was learning it and i was too (to help her perfect the bass line), he said that he would give me something more challenging later on. afterwards, he sent us 4 guitar players from the guitar class. now i have my own little group of students that i have to prepare for their performance at our cafe.

also, the countdown for me begins now. i cant wait for the last 2 weeks of this month. i have it all planned out on what im going to do. im going to vegas, disneyland, fright fest, holloween haunt, and holloween horror nights. it is going to be awsome. i cant wait for vegas and six flags especially. i loved vegas when i went earlier this year for spring break, and i cant wait to get on the rides and roller coasters at six flags. my unlces and my dad are coming over too.

so for now, thats all i'll you guys with. maybe next time ill finally get around to posting the E3 and X games pics.

here is the animation test:


reason for THIS absense

i know sometimes i forget this place and dont log on for a while, but this time i have a reason :P.

since im in oregon right now, i am visiting relatives. so im spending lots of time with them, and loving it :).

also, whenever i come here, i ussually go places, and hunt for bargains and sales on games and other systems.

so far, ive already gotten a 3DS for lower than the price of a PSP. ill get into that more later.

so i wont be on much for the duration of time that im in oregon. ill be back to my regular place in 2 weeks. then thats when ill be on more often again, and ill see if i remember to post about it here :P.

thats all for now.

small update for now.

well i havent written these in a while, but i will write one soon. for now all i can hint at is my aquisition of 30 new games, my music class, and school of course.

school is coming

well one of the more important years for me in school is coming VERY close. it is going to be fun though since i only have 2 mandatory classes, and the other 4 i can choose as electives. one elective that im proud of is that i will be taking guitar classes. FINALLY! ive been trying to get into that class since it started. also holloween time is nearing, and it is evident at knott's berry farm, and universal studios hollywood. ill post a blog going into more detail in october. what i will say, is that we finally have a new character at universal studios. i will also say that i will be going to holloween horror nights at universal studios, i am most likely going to holloween haunt at knott's berry farm, and i might go to fright fest at six flags magic mountain. if anyone is going to any of these events, let me know what day(s) youll be going so that maybe we can meet there. in other news, this is the longest time ive gone without cutting my hair. i have also been looking into music again. my latest artists are white zombie, and extreme. the next artist im going to be looking into is anvil. also im going to be starting a new union soon. it is going to be about glitches and related strange "goings on" in video games. if anyone is interested, either drop me a comment here, or send me a pm.

E3 2010 finally

well e3 is finally here! ive been waiting for a while now. this is also my last week of school before summer vacation. its gonna be crazy at school. i went to e3 today. it was nice. noz came back with a booth of their own this year. cant wait to see what happens on day 2! let me know if anyone is comming! maybe we can meet up there. ill also post a more detailed blog when this is all over.

digital imaging

im learning a lot in gigital imaging class. ive so far learned how to make animations, and how to work with photoshop, illustrator, and flash. when we are done with the project we are doing now, we are going to make a flash movie. so once i do that, ill post a link to it on youtube or something. but for now, im still working. holloween is almost here people. ive already been going to universal studios for the holloween horror nights, and im going again tommorow and this sunday. its awsome so far. so what is everyone else doing for this month and on holloween?

going back to school

well, im going back too school again. im starting tommorow which is 9/9/09. that is going to be my day on xbox live since my gamertag translated means 9. so i wont be on as often as before since im going to be busy with homework and such. i will still try to be on as much as possible. and as a bonous, im taking digital imaging, so if i learn anything new, ill share it with you guys here. well ill post another blogg on the weekend saying about what classes im taking and how its gone so far. so until then, hope you had a great summer.