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Arkham City and Mass Effect 3

Beat Arkham city story mode earlyyesterdaymorning. Bought Mass Effect 3 today. Still haven't started the story yet but I've gotten up to level 16 in multiplayer. I've enjoyed it so far. Can't wait to get into the main story though

Recent Purchases

Had to renew my Gamestop Pro membership a couple weeks ago. I used my buy 2 get 1 free coupon to buy The God of War Collection, La Noire, and Dragon Age II. Somehow i managed to have never played either of the first 2 GoW games until now. Pretty enjoyable. Was talking with a co-worker about those games and he said he' sell me the 3rd one for $10. So i have all 3 of them now and will buy the origins collection soon.

Uncharted and Uncharted 2

Since i got the PS3 a couple weeks ago I've beaten 3 games. Heavy Rain which i talked about in my last post and the first 2 Uncharted games. Just finished Uncharted 2 this morning. What an awesome game. I'll definitely be buying the 3rd one soon.

Finally Got a PS3

Finally got me a ps3. A co-worker sold me his ps3 with one controller, 6 games, a remote for blu-ray disks and the only movie on bluray that he had for $150. Went to pay him the $ and only had 20s on me. He ended up letting me have everything for $140. I sold 3 of the games and used that money to buy Heavy Rain. I loved it. Best game i've played in a while. Didn't know until after i played it that it was made by the same ppl that made Indigo Prophecy which was one of my favorite ps2 games.

Sacred 2

My sister's boyfriend bought Sacred 2 a couple weeks ago and could't really get into it. One thing he mentioned was the text was hard to read (its pretty small and I'm guessing its meant for an HDTV which they don't have). So, he ended up giving it to me. Just started playing last night. So far not much of a story and not really great gameplay. Just an average game so far.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part one + New games

Went to see the new Harry Potter movie last night. I loved it. I think they picked the perfect cliffhanger ending for it.

When I bought Arkham Asylum a couple weeks ago I got a new rewards card at GameStop. Got a coupon for buy 2 used games get one free. I picked up Bayonetta, GTA IV, and Dead Space. I've played Dead Space before but didn't have my own copy, but the other 2 I've never gotten around to playing at all. About to go play some Bayonetta. :)

new games

I haven't been on here in forever other than to look at something real quick. I've had a lot going on and just don't have time to get on here like i used. I don't really even have time to play games like i used to either. Although here recently I have added a few games to my collection. I recently picked up Tekken 6, Batman Arkham Asylum and Deadly Premonition for the the 360.

Spice and Wolf + Devil May Cry

I discovered an anime yesterday that I'd never heard of before called Spice and Wolf. Guess it was on tv in 2008. Watched the first episode yesterday. Have watched 4 episodes so far today. I was into the story but ready for a little change of pace so I started watching Devil May Cry. I'm just taking a break after the 1st episode and gonna fix something to eat, get me a soda and settle down for a few more episodes. Might watch at least 2 more episodes of both tonight.

Vatos Locos tour

Went to Atlanta Saturday night to the Tabernacle and saw the Vatos Locos tour. It's The Sleeping, whom I'd never heard of but did a great set, Escape the Fate, another one I'd never heard of and were only ok. Then Atreyu who rocked. I was right in the middle of the mosh pit for their set. And Hollywood Undead who F-ing killed. They put on A GREAT< GREAT SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its been a long long time

Everyone that I used to talk to on here a lot knows that I moved fron Alabama to Minnesota in August of last year. I'm back in the south now. I was working at a 4 star resrt in Iowa but the computer they had in the lobby SUCKED!!!!!!!!! I never could post blogs to this site from it. That's why noone has heard from me in a year. I'm back now and will be online regularly.