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Back from a trip to Florida

Wonder why I havent been around for 2 weeks? No, you probably havent, nor did you care but w/e:P

I went to Florida to visit some close friends on the 26 of January. I was down with the flu that day. So, as you might imagine, my flight going to FL was horrible. I was miserable the enitre flight, and I had to change planes in a Atlanta. Now you might think "why didnt I delay going and cancel my flight?" 'Cause I'm a stubbon sob. So I toughed it out for the most part. I was trying harder not to get passer-bys sick. When I got there, my cold was still pretty bad for a few days. So about half my visit I was sick. Both my friend and his brother got sick, but they only had for a couple days compared to my week and a half.

My immune system must suck.

They had gotten an air soft gun for me for Christmas too. So by the end we only got to shoot each other on two days. That sucked. We had a lot of epic Nazi Zombies slaughter going on though:D We also watched season 2 of 24. That was pretty great as well. I had already seen it, but it had been awhile so it was still very entertaining. We also did alot of other things, but they were still pretty loaded with the big chores their parents load on them, so we kept pretty busy. In some ways it was amusing helping with their chores on my vacation. They also were really close into having to do school as well but thankfully they weaseled out of it.

When I got back yesterday on the 9th, I was ready to return home. I'm going to miss hanging out with my friend, but its nice to return to my own rules and house.

Speaking of yesterday, that was one long day. Partly becasue I had to wait two freaking hours to change planes. I boarded and left on my first flight at 12: 50, and landed in Atlanta at 2:10. Not bad right? Well I had to wait until 4:40 to even board on my second fight. Bullcrap. Then it took until 6:10 to land. By the way, since we were flying to Texas remember, the clock gets set back and hour so it was about a 3, not 2 hour flight.

Overall it was a nice adventure by myself with no family.

Until next blog,


Legolas95's GOTY rewards! Come one! Come all!

Welcome to L95's GOTY awards for 2010! There will be all you can eat snacks, unlimited drinks and free 5 star hotel rooms!

Ok, not really, but you wish.

Lets start out with Action shall we?

Winner of best action game is....

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood!

Lets give a big cheer toward Ezio's strong sequel! ACB continues the strong storyline of AC and contains even more "WTF?!" It also has the strongest gameplay in an AC game to date. The assassin recruits, the borgia towers, buying up rome, and the crossbow are just a few of the great new additions. Now these are not reviews so I'm going to try and keep these short


Red Dead Redemption!

I havent actually played this one, but I'm not blind to a good game. I'm gunna get it sometime.

The winner of best shooter is............

Call of Duty: Black Ops!
Now who's surprised? No one? Good. Call of Duty Black Ops deserves to be here because of its, once again, out-frikking-standing multiplayer, a campaign with a great story that keep you on your toes, and the crazy-fun Nazi Zombies.


Halo Reach!

And the winner for best RPGis.....
What else?

Name says it all.

Mass Effect 2 is another brilliant RPG form BioWare that I've played though 4 times(on my forth) I only have 2 achievements left until its my second ever fully-completed Xbox 360 game. If thats not reason enough, well, most of you have played it. You know why ;)

Runner Up:

*Little girl scream*

I dont know what else to put here! BS2 is a little RPG-ish, kinda, SO BE HAPPEH!
That, and BS2 is awesome. AWESOME!
Yes I could have put Fable 3 but I dont want to give out rewards for downgrades.
Havent played Fallout: New Vegas.

Winner of best platformer is............


Meat everywhere! SMB is the best(and only one I played) platformer this year.

Runner Up
Bullcrap, i dont even have a filler for this one. :(

And my GOTY is........................................................................

Great voice acting and great graphics are just icing on the cake for Mass Effect 2. And we are talking about good cake, not that crappy stuff. I think ME2 deserves GotY this year and if you havent played it, I HIGHLY recommend it.

Runner Up

Oh Em Gee, WTF! TWO????!!!! Yeah I love both couldn't choose one over the other

And that concludes my GotY for 2010 people!!!

Got BioShock special edition for $30

On the 29th or November, had a special(online only btw) tor get the special edition of BioShock 2 for $30. Although I already have BS2, I cant resist a deal like that so I bought it. Great deal, and now I can give my old copy to my friend for Christmas. So when it came in the next day(free overnight shipping ftw), I eagerly opened the package up, and guess what? It was the PC version. I don't use my PC for gaming, and I ordered it for 360, not PC.
Annoyed, I called GameStop customer services, and asked for a replacement. They were sold out, which was why I got the PC version. They said they would send the 360 version to me as soon as they got some in, and the guy had no idea when that was.
Yesterday, it came in. I was like "WTF?!" because I was thinking it was going to be weeks. It was two days. Very fast, suprisingly.

So yeah, thats my latest good and bad luck hybrid.

Picked up my copy of COD: Black Ops

Yesterday actually, I'm posting this today because I was too busy playing it. To those of you who are still deciding: It is by far the best CoD(well, for now at least. We'll see how the glitches go) and the campaign was by far the best shooter campaign. That is not including BioShock, which is more RPG/FPS. You may not believe it, but the story was incredible. It was kinda like military 24 with a touch of BioShock, if I were to describe it.
Multiplayer(So far) seems to take all of the good from both MW2 and WaW and make the(again, so far) perfect CoD. Zombies is also back and better that ever. Its President Kennedy, Nixon, and Castro vs. Zombies! With a very humorous intro movie.

I find it hilarious that the critics are giving Black Ops lower ratings than MW2.
I also find it hilarious how much the users ar hating on it, some dont even own it. Idiots.

Been tagged, 10 more things you may have not know about me.

Or of course I might accidentily use some from my other one. Anyway, I guess this thing is going around again, and forzafootball77 desided to tag me so I guess I'll do another one:P

1. I like my PS3 a tad more than my 360(a tad).

2. My favorite games change ALOT. So much, that it almost annoys me lol.

3. I usually watch 2 TV show starting at 9:30 every night.

4. I am a Calvinist.

5. Saturday is my favorite day of the week.

6. My favorite shows are(in no order): Psych, The X-files, Fringe, White Collar, Burn Notice, 24, and Doctor Who

7. My favorite movie(s) will always be the Lord of the Rings trilogy

8. My favorite "superhero" is Batman

9. My favorite songs currently are: Welcome to the Masquerade by Thousand Foot Krutch, E for Extinction by Thousand Foot Krutch, and Smack Down by Thousand Foot Krutch
Yes, I love TFK

10. My favorite drink is Dr. Pepper. I freaking love Dr. Pepper. Anyone had the Dublin real cane suger stuff? Its crazy good:D

And there you have it. Hope you liked or whatever:)

Got Dragon Age Awakening, Demon's Souls and Dead Space

Haven't tried any of them yet, but I just got a great deal. I got Awakening for the usual $40, and Demon's Souls I got for $30, and I got Dead Space free. $70, 3 games. What a deal huh? Got 'em all for PS3 btw.I mightupdate this blog after playing all of them to give out my thoughts. One thing, My last game I got was DA: Origins, and dang I LOVE this game! Might be my favorite RPG ever, and, possibly my favorite game ever. $25 well spent. And there's tons of DLC and origin stories to last me until DA2 and after

HAPPY 4TH FELLOW AMERICANS! and I got Dragon Age: Origins!

HAPPY 4th! So are you guys doing anything today/did you do anything on the 4th? I'm just having brats, corn and Dublin Dr. Pepper with my family. Dublin Dr. Pepper(the real, real stuff) tastes great, have any of you had it as well?

Also, I got DA: O! Brand new, off of ebay for $26!So, for my 1st play though, which Lord of the Rings character do you think I should model my dude after?(I like making my RPG characters look like other characters and roleplay as them, I find that mor fun than being just good/evil)

Its my birthday, and got Mass Effect 1 and 2!

Happy birthday to me! Today(June 25th) is meh birthday! For it, I got Mass Effect 1 and 2, havent got to play either outside of the ME2 demo, but it was really good. Sorry I never got the chance to do a E3 blog, I have a friend from across the country visiting so I havent had much time to GameSpot.