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Banjo Kazooie or Minecraft

I'm trying to decide on what to get, Banjo Kazooie for the xbox 360 (arcade, the old N64 version)


Or Mincraft


I'm sure I'll get the other another day, but what do you think I should get right now? Thanks for your opinion :)

My scooter fire and my Xbox 360

The past month or so has been pretty depressing for me but I try to stay really positive. First off I'll talk about my scooter, not a razor, like a vespa but a different brand and cooler looking.

A couple of weeks ago I was riding my scooter to and from sites that I work at. Everything was going until my scooter stalled while I was riding. I pulled over to the side and I put the kick side up and was confused to why it stopped. I looked at the back of the scooter and smoke was coming out from under neath the seat. I grabbed all my stuff that was in the storage bin and threw it into a planter near by, as I turned around the scooter started to catch on fire. So basically that day really sucked, but the positive thing to think about is, one it stalled on a street that was away from home, trees and was a pretty wide street. Second, the scooter could of caught fire when I parked it in the garage and third no one was hurt! It was a cheap bike and I had it for three years so I got my money worth and it's probably a sign to not ride a motorcycle!! (ill probably get buy one some day lol). I will post a picture of the fire later on when I upload it and can post it on here.

As some of you have read, my Xbox 360 got the Red ring of death a few weeks ago as well... I had just bought the kinect and I was really excited to hook it up when I got the red ring of death. I fixed the issue and everything was working great, but after a few days I was smelling something really weird when I was playing my xbox and it smelled like burnt plastic or something, so I turned off my xbox and took it apart. Nothing is burnt and nothing is damage so I didn't know what to do. I read online that the thermal grease that is applied to the CPU and GPU could be making that smell. I really applied the thermal grease (I use arctic silver, I use this at work when I replace a CPU in a computer). So far its running very well and no strange plastic burning smell. I am still nervous because I don't if this is a permanent fix or if its going to over heat again and cause some damage. Since my scooter caught on fire the week before, that made me really nervous. I was going to watch it and wait and see how it was going, but I wanted to return my Kinect so I can get a refund and buy the bundle in case my xbox did die. I went over to best buy and returned my Kinect and bought the Kinect/Xbox slim bundle as a back up to have while I tested my other xbox out. When I was purchasing it, the lady gave me a gift card and I was like oh cool $25 bucks because thats what I got when I bought my Kinect. As I was getting ready to walk away she said "Oh thats a $100 gift card" when she said that I decided, thats way to good of a deal! So instead of testing my other xbox for more heating issues I'm just going to keep the xbox slim! Can't wait for my 250 GB hard drive I ordered off amazon to get here so I can start playing some games!!!

That's all for now. I don't really have any ideas for blogs so let me know what you guys would be interested in hearing about!


Lately all I've been doing is trying to earn as much achievement points as possible in every game I can. I noticed that all my achievement icons on my Gamespot account, under Xbox and Steam, are all random icons having nothing to do with the game. I thought awhile back they all matched up and looked fine, but for awhile now they don't.

Does anyone know why its like that?

Xbox 360 Fixed

My last blog was about how I got the red ring of death on my xbox 360. Well I'm happy to say that my xbox 360 is now working great :)

The issue was with the x clamps that hold the heatsinks down. So what I did was removed the x clamps and replaced them with screws and washers. I also replaced the thermal paste with arctic silver on the CPU and GPU. This fix seems to holding it very well and my xbox 360 is working great!!!

To add to this, my warranty was completely gone so it was either send it in for $150 to get it fixed, by a new xbox 360, or spend $8 for screws, washers and fix it yourself :)

Xbox 360 and the kinect

Yesterday, I decided to buy the Kinect. I got home, started hooking everything up and when I turned on my xbox 360..... i got the red ring of death!!

Yup, I was pretty pissed about this! Because it's no longer under warranty, I either have to fix it myself or buy a new xbox. I really don't want to buy a new xbox because I have the Halo 3 edition and I like it a lot so I'd rather keep it.

I'll let you guys know how the fix goes. I've been researching on how to fix it so hopefully it's a fixable problem rather than the motherboard being dead!

Finally decided to play Mass Effect

So I am a little behind on playing the Mass effect games. I've only played a few hours of the first one on the Xbox 360 and I rented it from Gamefly. I really didn't get into it that much, but now that the 3rd one is already going to be coming out soon (a friend said the date was pushed? not sure if that's true or not.) I decided I should play the games. I hope I like it and this time I got it for the PC instead of the console.

Which do you prefer multi platform games on, PC or console? Im curious to see if Mass Effect has any difference between console and PC. (I know there will be of course, Controller vs Keyboard.)

What is everyones opinion on the Mass Effect series?

Quick rant about Pokemon Black and Pokemon White

I just started playing Pokemon Black and I wanted to see the new pokemon that are introduced into the game. There a lot of cool new ones, but I feel like the majority of them are copies of the old games and they were just too lazy to be creative to think of new ideas. I really believe that the Pokemon series just needs a good reboot of the old games. I know each game has had a remake, but I feel they should start off with a brand new Red and Blue verison that has ALL the games in it and you just continue all the way till the current verison which is black. Kinda how Ash has gone through all the towns and different areas in the cartoon. I believe that will be really cool.

Two Worlds II

I was going to review this game, but I feel like I wouldn't be able to stop myself from complaining about the game. So I started Two Worlds II yesterday and wanted to see the difference between Two Worlds and Two Worlds II.

Let me start with Two Worlds... I absolutely disliked this game. To keep it simple here is what I liked and disliked:

Graphics were decent.
Open world.
Potential story line.
hack and slash combat plus magic.

Game play felt stiff.
Dialogue was horrible.
Story line needs improvement.

I felt the game had a lot of potential, but I felt the story was boring, the character felt really stiff with no limb movements, graphics were good for the time, game play would be amazing if it wasn't so stiff and the camera angle wasn't the best for this game either. I played Two Worlds for maybe a few hours and it made me miss how fun The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion was, so I went back to Oblivion. Two worlds tried too hard to be like TES: O, but failed.

Now for Two Worlds II. I've only played this game for about a little less than 2 hours. I am already bored and it's really difficult to keep playing. The twitchy graphics and the stiff character movements are not that big of a step from the first game. The graphics have improved, but the characters seem to have a twitch going on. Small details are what get me into games. What I noticed in TWII was the lack of realistic characters. I'm watching one of the dialogue parts and the main character has all his fingers close together and pointing straight down. What bothers me about this is, his hands should be doing something! I know little about animation, but I've animated a few characters and it looks like they just animated the character with no real movements and threw him in. I know that really isn't that big of a deal, but I'm very interested in animation and that bugged me a lot. When I mean small details in video games make me like it more, I mean it. In Uncharted when you go into water and come out, your pants will be wet and as time goes on, the pants will dry! Details like that mean a lot to me.

Enough on the lack of unrealistic movements in the game (and there is a lot more I can complain about). The dialogue is one of the worst things about this game. If your going to have the main character talk, he shouldn't say "Fair enough" every other word, fair enough? Some of the dialogue is a little interesting, but it tends to bore me and I catch myself clicking out of the conversion to hurry the game up so I can get into combat. Combat was actually pretty decent. I do have a soft spot for hack and slash games so that is one of the reasons why I decided to play this game. Although the combat could be greatly improve, I did enjoy killing some Grom. What I notice a lot during dialogue, the characters eyes and head move way too much, like the designers wanted to make them look realistic but over compensated on it.

I have a lot more game play before this blog becomes my final thoughts of the game or if there will be more about the game to complain about. My advice for a third installment would be three things; dialogue, realistic movements(hands, head, hair, body language) and storyline(this could be a good storyline, but I feel the dialogue ruins it for me). Overall, I do say give this game a try! I may have my thoughts about the game, but that doesn't mean you will have a different thought on it.

iPad 2

The iPad 2 has been unveiled and is going to be ready to ship March 11th. With its new features. face and back camera, facetime, faster processor, and etc, I believe the iPad 2 is not that great of a step forward from the orginal iPad. Sure its thinner and lighter, but it doesn't even have a retina display. If you're not an owner of the iPad, the iPad 2 would be a great purchase for you. I am pretty jealous of the "9 times" faster graphics on the iPad 2. I just bought "Back to the Future: The game" on the iPad and sluggish graphics makes it hard to play, the iPad 2 will most likely play these games flawlessly and will allow more games to up their graphics.

The cameras on the iPad are pretty nice, but the iPad is to big to take pictures and videos with. It's pretty nice that you will be able to have facetime, but if you already have a laptop with a webcam or a mac book, your pretty much all set. If you dont have a laptop, but want a moblie computer with a webcam, the iPad 2 would be perfect for you.

I don't know how well the iPad 2 will do, but I will be waiting for the iPad 3 which, hopefully, will have retina display and a lot more features.

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