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My new Home for gaming

Recently It was announced that 1up.com was closing it site and after being a member since 2006 its a sad day, but now i will have more time here and see how it goes,of course im not new to this site,I have been a member since 2009 ,so we shall see.

Dragons Dogma a solid rpg

23-dragons-dogma-dark-arisen-6.jpgSo I finally picked up a copy of Dragons Dogma , and I got it new but the funny thing is when I play the game reads DD dark arisen so the funny thing is its says nothing about it on the game box but any way this is a uniqe and differet typ of rpg, first and foremost it has a pawn system which essentially you pay to use other players character in game meaning I could shut off my game leaving my character at level 5 and come back to play later only to find my charater was boorowed and gets a percentage of loot and my character is on level 6 so basicly you can be leveling up whith out being online.

Deragons dogmas graphics are done very well, I personally like the graphics and the textures and shdowing looks nice, the sound is a mixed bag for me the title screen music and some in game music has a rock and roll sound which for a game thats set in the time line its set in is a little odd but the voice acting more then makes up for this although the voice acting for pawns can be repetitive but hardly takes away from the game.

so basicly it boils down to is a solid rpg with huge and a greek mythology feel to it rpg thats most definetlyworth the price of admission.

Historys legends of war Patton not your normal History game


So yes I know what your thinking another History channel game big deal,and although there past games are not to great, I honestly beleive thats changed with Legends of war Patton, I am on chapter 3 and must admit im having a blast with it, it controls alot like xcom enemy unknown and you can upgrade and keep your surviving troops from mision to mision which adds alot to the game.

They really did a suberb job on this one,the only pic I have is the graphics, and really that does not matter since after all it is a turned based strategy game, you take the role of the legendary General Patton in charge of the US 3rd army and you take your troops from operation Cobra to Berlin, and you dont only control troops you control Tanks,Artillery and call in air strikes and supply drops, sounds pretty cool now doesnt it but not only that when you complete missions you can upgrade general patton and each of your troops tanks etc.


And the great thing is the game does it well, its actually got easy to use controls,and everything moves along smoothly, of course you can not save during missions only before and after missions which can be agrivating when your 45 minutes into a game and loose one of you good upgraded troop and have to restart the game, but if you have played xcom then you know its really not that big of a deal.

This time I think The history series of games finally make a mark in the gaming world and if your questioning the purchase of this game, Dont take it from me if you like strategy games and turned based strategy then this game will not disappoint and for around $30 its worth it and a good buy.


Port Royale 3 a trading sim with an awsome economics model


Port Royale 3 is one of those games you either hate or love, but it has one of the best economics model I ever seen in a sim, it has an in game economics model that is not random its actually a fully functioning in game trade system that trades and produces goods in real time,so say you attack a frigate with your fleet and sink it, so whatever goods are on that frigate means that a city will not be getting its much needed goods and a city just lost money on goods that never made it to its destinnation.


So this effects the economy and eventually it could lead to economic ruin, the game world is the Caribbean in the16th and 17th century here the naval powers of Spain, England, France and Holland fight for supremacy in the new world, so hundreds of trade convoys transport commodities between the town, alwayssearching for places with surplus commodities and those with high demand.

pirate convoys roam the seas hoping to intercept trade convoysand plunder them, there are 60 towns in Port Royale 3, as was customary at the time the relationship of the four nations was constantly changing, so diplomacy will play a big part in the survival of your fleet.


At any rate this is a cool game, maybe not for everyone, but for thoughs of you who like Tropico 4 Kalypso s game will be right up your alley, yes theres a very steep learning curve and as many tutorials as this game hasits still not enough to help you learn, you will have to read the manual and you will have to watch short ingame vids,but once you figure out how to play, you will respect the accurate economics model and the depth this game provides, but I like it and would recommend it to anyone,well maybe not you hardcore black ops and Modern warfare buffs lol.


My two top games of 2012

Well2012 is just about gone and 2013 is upon us,so what was your top two games of 2012, and keep in mind im a strategy slash sim slash RPG gamer and so my top two choices will not be MW2 or black ops2 my first pick is Xcom enemy unknown, this game had alot to prove and some big shoes to fill and managed to pull it off very well.


Then my number 2 game for 2012 is F1 2012 yes I know you may think of it like fifa or madden but this years racing sim was much more then an update, it was a complete over haul and a job done wonderful and is my second pick.

So hope all of you have annawsome safe new year and I will see you all next year,till then be safe.

Sim city fans will love Tropico 4


Tropico 4 is actually a very addicting game, well once you get past the learning curve, it does have a extensive complete tutorial to help you with getting started, although I found hands on experiance to help you more, I went into this game being very skepticle really not thinking it would be all that much fun or a snooze fest, but after playing the first campaign I was like wow this is fun, one thing about Kalypso is they have an awsome economics model in place for there sims, just check out Port Royale 3,although I find Tropico 4 way more fun, dont get me wrong I enjoyed port royale ,just not to the extent I did tropico.

banner.pngNow im a strategy game player primarily but although tropico is technechly a strategy game I find it more of a sim but, its most definetly a game worth playing, the economics model is done possitively excellent,and for thoughs of you qho like to micro manage this one should be right up your alley,and the cool thing is you can zoom down to an individule person and its gives you a summary of what that person thinks of tropico and how your ruling it.

moderntimesbanner.pngThey have an election in some of the games you play, where if a challenger runs against you,you can use bribery or run a clean election, or just flat out have your opponent asassinated, it really interesting to the amount of depth this game has, and if you are curious about it or just plain unsure, take my word for it, you will be surprised at how good an in depth this game is.

Xcom enemy unknowns first dlc Slingshot is it worth it??


So Xcom Enemy Unknown is a fantastic game,so now that the first dlc is out what do you think. Well im a huge xcom fan so I may be a little biased but I am fair and most of you that play it is wondering is it worth it, and although its only $7 on steam or psn or 560 msp,so my opinion is that im dissapointed being a fan of the civilzation games I know Firaxis can make some meaty dlc,and I feel like Firaxis kinda skimped out on the content,I mean for $7 you get 3 missions, a new Character and some helmet and hair style content,so is it worth it,well if your like me yes but of course as big a fan of the game as I am, I would just about buy anything xcom, but for most of us no its not worth it.

Im trying to be honest and for the money theres just not enough here to justify the cost, and there is some really cool missions and the chance to get very powerful weapons early in the game and to me yea Its worth it but like I said im a big fan, so bottom line if your a big fan like me then by all means get it, but if your a casual player of the game maybe not.

F1 2012 more then a racer its a racing sim.


I have been playing the F1 games since Codemasters released F1 2010, and have been a huge fan of the series and have invested hundred upon hundreds of time on 2010,2011,and now 2012, and the question thats on most peoples minds are is this an update or is the additions justify getting this years game,and my answer would be yes, not only are the expected new sponsers,Rosters etc all here,theres also a new track which im extremely happy about since the new track just happens to be 10 minutes from where I reside here in Austin Texas the new Circuit of the Americas,but thats not what justifies the purchase its been overhauled with new menues and better handling of the cars they feel very realistic, not to mention the graphics are just flat out beautiful.

010272.jpgJust about everything they did in this game is much better then previous versions, now first and formost let me say this game is not for everyone if your just a casual Nascar or Forza fan you may not like learning curve this game throws at you, this is one tough game to learn,but the rewards are worth it,but fortunatly Codemasters did an excellent job of teaching you all the game has to offer, with a tutorial implemented into the career mode called the young drivers challenge its a tutorial that teaches you the controls and how to use Kers And DRS and anything else you may need to know and the cool thing about this is its an actual venue in real life where young drivers try to prove they have what it takes to drive these incredabley fast cars.

010270.jpgThe graphics and sound really do make you feel like your in the race and not only does it have a fantastic career mode they have a season mode which is like career but without all of the micromanaging and long weekends,then theres the pro challenge wher you are put in a situation to beat some of the top drivers in F1 and finally theres the online mode which is much better then previous years for one those annoying drivers who try and use your car as a guard rail in a turn will be black flaged in a minute so they encourage you to race clean and dont worry some how or another the game can tell if it was an accident or on purpose and usually theres a warning before your booted.

010275.jpgAnyway I would reccomend this game for people who like the strict and complex world of F1 and again its well worth the price of admission.

Catherine is more then you think

k.jpegCatherine is a game with a wonderful story and a very challenging puzzles,I would call it a story slash puzzle hybrid. Therea very few games that Atlus makes that I dont own,and theres a reason for that,and thats because Atlus has a way of bringing games to us that thinks outside the box, an example look at operation darkness now it got slammed by reveiwers but in realality its actually a very interesting game,and Catherine is no different.

bar.jpegYou play as Vincent a semi acholic,who gets himself into a jam, hes in a relationship with Katherine with a K and he goes to the local pub and meets Catherine with a C and ends up in bed with her and from here on out the story gets bizzare,the pub is a place where you gather info and sees where the story plays out.

nightmare1.pngThen theres the gameplay wich when Vincwnt goes to sleep or in his case passes out,he finds himself in a bad place,and you have to manipulate blocks to climb to the top,sounds easy right,well trust me theres nothing farther from the truth,this game is tough and can be very frusterating and alot of gamers out there who will play it will quit,and thats ashame cause the story is fantastic and the best part of the game is finding out what happens next,and thats what gives you the incentive to continue.

GP.jpegThis is really an awsome game,and although I have yet to complete but I have invested some serious time in this game and still play it to this day, if you have not played this game,you can check out the dwmo on xbox live but to be honest,when I played the demo I really didnt like it, but after buying it, well lets just say this is one game I will keep and having an awsome time playing it.

Xcom enemy unknown might just be the best strategy game on consoles


Xcom may very well be the best strategy game on all consoles, only two games are better in my opinion and that would be,Tactics Ogre (psp or playstation) or Final Fantasy Tactics, (psp or playstation ) maybe not on the graphic scale as xcom but surely as strategic, very few games I have played keep me interested for very long but xcom does,actually I have been playing it for at least an hour a day,and the only other two games to do that are the ones I mentioned.


For those of you who have not played Xcom enemy unknown, your missing out on an awsome strategy game and if you dont beleive me check out the reveiw either here on gamespot,or IGN,1up etc,In a short rundown your actually a xcom commander of a secret base wich you can establish on a country of your choosing,each of which offer you perks,and then you build a base,from power plants to satelite uplinks,etc then you do different type of missions like terror missions wich are saving civilians,or enemy abductions in which case you have to choose from three locations and can only pick one, and the one you pick usually results in the other two countrys panicking,and you dont want that to happen cause if they drop out of the xcom project,then they stop funding your efforts.

you can upgrade your troops to,if you can keep them alive long enough.

The strategy fighting on the map is the heart of xcom,and is where you will spend most of your time and yes, its a turn based game but done in away you really cant tell, and a word of warning this game is very addicting,and two tips I will give you for this game are,

1. deploy as many satelites as early as possible so invest in satelites and satelite uplinks,and work on armor before weapons,and always play missions for enginees, they are way more useful then scientist.

2.Always move slow on the game map and always allow your troops at the end of there turn to go into overwatch and as far as your snipers are concerned you cant put them in overwatch after they move,so I like to do what I call leap frogging,leave them in overwatch until your other troops are far enough away so when you move your snipers in one long move then on the next turn put them in overwatch and repeat,trust me over watch is your best freind in this game as it allows anyone or anything that moves will be opened up on as long as there in range.


At any rate this is a big and addicting strategy game,and one im sure you will enjoy for years to come.

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