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Hey Guys

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Hey I have a request. For those who barely know me can you stop tracking me. The reason is because I have to wait about 15 minutes just to load up my profile. For one time friends this message is not aimed towards you. Thanks. P.S. This is not to offend people I know you would do the same I just hate waiting 15 minutes.

21 days

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21 days until gears 2 /thread

The Account Hacking Saga has ended

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So I got a call from text support on the 15th saying

"we have a solution with your account problem, please call us at 1800-4MY-XBOX, and give this ID number **********"

So I did, and after waiting on hold a couple times totalling one hour the costomer support person gave me 2 free months of XBL. The reason was that my Brucelee RIP account had 2 months of gold left on it so they wanted to make up for that. I thought to myself that tis meant that I will not get my account back. So I got a call back a few days later, and a rude woman got around to comfirm my biggest fears, that I will not be getting my account back. It turns out the people that posted in my last two blogs and said "DON'T CALL MICROSOFT" where right. Because they cancelled my account, I don't understand why but I am over it now.

My new account RIP Brucelee will be my new and final account, this is my gold account, I dropped the Bruelee RIP account cause the name doesn't make sense. So please add me on RIP Brucelee. I am strating to get my gamerscore up.

On to my gaming news: I bought guitar hero: on tour(DS) today, and I love it. But in a week when I can play most of the game I will make a video review about it, so check back here. Also I will be getting Battle Feild: Bad COmpany on Tuesday, and my friend and myself have already set up a clan on gamebattles.com. We are the B.O.W.L. clan(Big Orange Whales League). So if your interesting in joining add me on XBL and send me a message, you don't have to be great, you just have to have a good personality.

XBL Account Hack Update

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So I posted a blog about a month ago, and since then microsoft didn't call me or anything(like they were supposed to do). But just today I got an email:

"Dear Brucelee RIP,

This mail is confirmation that your subscription to Xbox Live Prepaid 12 + 1 Month Gold Membership Card. has been cancelled on Thursday, June 12, 2008.

If you have questions about this cancellation, or if you want to reactivate your subscription, please go to www.xbox.com/support or call
Customer Support at Xbox 1 (800) 4MY-XBOX.

Thank you for using Microsoft Online Services.

The Xbox Live team."

I am shocked, they are just starting to do something. First they shut down the account and then they investigate, or whatever. But I am shocked that about 3 and a half weeks after this happened they started to do something. So my free 1 month of XBL on my new account is up soon, should I extend my gold membership? or what? This just royally sucks,


My Xbox Live account was hacked!

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So I was playing some halo 3 and all of the sudden "you are signed out of xbox live".

So I was like whatever, and I tried to sign back in, it said, "account connected to another xbox, please recover your account"

So I did all the steps and my email/password combination didn't work, and then I saw some of the people from my friends list missing. Then I came to the conclusion that my account was hacked, and it was. So after about 2 hours of talking to the xbox people on the phone they said they are going to do whatever they can to get my account back, they are talking to microsoft. They said it can take anywhere from 5 days to a month.

So I made a new profile, my new GT is: Bruelee RIP, it was Brucelee RIP. I didn't want to see a difference when I play, so thats why they are so similar.

So now that my gamescore is 0 I need to get to work. I played COD 4, its funny, I was a 10th Prestige level 55, now I am level 1. All I can play is team deathmatch.

I sound kind of inconsiderate, I should be lucky to possibly get my account back and I am complaining about my level, how could I, if you want to be on my new friends list please send me a request, if you were on my old list, please send me a request anyway, and as always please comment.

New Halo 3 Blog Header

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If the dam thing ever loads you guys will be able to see my halo 3 themed blog header. Yes, I got the new maps, I might have wasted 10 bucks, but whatever. Blackout it cool and the new FX balls that you can use are really cool too.

So I have also gotten back into playing halo again, its still a good game, so I hope you enjoy my comedic blog header.

Ok if you can't see the header, its here


My Recent Gaming News

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So I have been playing a lot of games recently but, I am going to post the important stuff here.

New Mario Bros. for the DS: I beat the game, it took me awhile but I did it, eventually. Now that I beat every level I am going to go for the beat every level thing, even world 4 and 7. I am enjoying the save anywhere though. This was the best handheld game that I have ever play, I am comparing this to when I had my PSP too.

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 for X360: I beat the single player on casual just to get the achievements, but now I am going back with a friend and playing it on realistic to get the achievement, online I am an elite, I like creating my custom cammo. I have 87% of the achievements, so I think I am finished with it.

Call of Duty 4 for X360: I just got the New Maps today, so I went in a room with some of my friends and played "Creek" and "China Town". I haven't played the other two yet but I can't wait to. So far I think creek it my favorite, because in this particular game I was sniping and it got me 18 kills(head quarters).

OK thats about all that I have done worth mentioning, So thanks for reading:)

Dear XBOX 360 owners,

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What games are you looking forward to this year? I am looking forward to Gears of War 2, Rainbow 2, and when they patch it, bully. What about you? What are your thoughts on these games?

BTW, I haven't been on for a long time, if you haven't noticed, its not that I had something better to do, its just that I am kinda bored with the site, and now I only use it for reviews. Also, what do you think of the lack of staff, and the lack of reviews.

A Surprisingly Good Game!

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On Thursday, I bought a game for my xbox 360. It was only $20, the game was Viva Pinata. Now, before you bash me for buying a childish game like that, try it out first. I found it to be very good, I have about half of the achievements, including playing 10 hours real time. I have played this game non-stop and it is a very fun RPG. For $20, why don't you give it a try, I did, and I love it.:)

Viva Pinata has a lot of strategies and RPG qualities. Its fun and hard at the same time, I recommend this game to everyone, young or old.

If you don't believe me, watch the Gamespot Video Review

Call Of Duty "Create a Class"

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For those COD4 players out there, what is your ultimate class, that you make in Create a Class. And what game mode do you use it on. Today I just made it to 6th prestige, and my ultimate create a class is as follows:

Primary Weapon: MP5(with silencer)

Secondary Weapon: Any Pistol(it doesn't matter)

Perk 1: Claymore x2

Perk 2: UAV Jammer

Perk 3: Steady Aim(this works really well with the MP5)

I use this the most in Hardcore Search and Destroy, hence the UAV jammer, now what do you use/recommend.