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Why not

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first post in years what cracking :S

Finshed Kingdom Hearts II

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I had Kingdom Hearts II boght for me for chirstmas and i just finshed it the game was amazing, it is alot better than the orginal
Trying to get all the extra stuff now and defeat the secret boss!

My xbox 360....

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i got a xbox 360 for x-mas with kameo perfect dark and need for speed but now it just sits in my room the gsmes are easily completed and there are no games i want so it looks like i might be selling my 360

MMORPG i have played alot in the past 8 months here is a run down of them...

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FF xi =  played for 6 mounths got to lv 60 red mage was a gd experince but after 50+ the game begins to lack in depth and u really get bored pvp is very bad.

lineage II = played for 1 mounth got to lv 22 dark wizard game is very slow and leveling can be boring and time consuming wouldnt recomend this and it is to relaint on the pvp.

WoW = played for 2 weeks got ot lv 13 :P not as gd as ppl say combat is a bit messy and the low lv's u are like a headless chiken pvp is very gd.

City of Heroes = only been playeing for 5 days now got to lv 16 this game is easy to get into the tutorial is very well explained the ppl that play coh are all helpful levling is alot of fun super powers are great fun to use PvP is gd and controlled well so u cant get pked at the wrong time this game i will probaly stick to it is my fav MMORPG atm.


Bidding on ebay!

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trying 2 buy something u really wnat on ebay can get real hard when your not there 2 watch it:(

Playing final fantasy vii AGAIN!!

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my faverate game of all time has 2 be final fantasy 7 and i decided 2 complete it 4 the 15 time and im doin it with 3 of my mates who also love ff7 im now on the part were u get vincent and im doin pretty well i have nearly got finshing toch 4 cloud and it is only the first disk :)

i need help with a sig can some 1 help

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i need a good sig coz i am dumm and i cant make 1 can some 1 make me a ff7 advent children sig 4 me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz:D thank u
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