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I got it!

Ill just be simplistic with a one pic blog, any questions about the picture and Ill answer them. Genious!!! :lol:

Well here's the first picture for today:
My Stick
Flamingo ****:D

Be sure you'll hear (or see)more about me, I hope thats a good thing. :D

Until next picture...

Double 2's


Oh man! a year has a already pass and only 2 blogs!!! I'm 22 and this blog just proves that I haven't done much. :P

Any blog ideas?

Iphone 32gb Purchase

The temptation was unbearable so I went for it and got myself one of these.
Expensive? Hell yeah (deposit was required :( ) but is it worth it?
Zen Bound and Space Invaders Infinity Gene make me believe so...

Until then...

I'm a addict...

to Tekken 6, ever since launch day I havent stop. I cant even seem to be interested in playing The God Of War Collection just because I enjoy learning something new with my character everyday, which hopefully you figured out by now.:o
Heres an example of some of my "skills":
(I recommend starting around 2:57 just to make things more simple)

But even with College and a full-time job I still try to make time for this game whether is on my PS3 or when I'm someplace
far on my PSP, I have to get my full dosis of Tekken 6. :P

So how have you guys been?:D


as of yesterday I am 21 years old now :)
Got $200,
1TB Internal Hard drive,
Tekken 5 (ps3),
God of War:Chains Of Olympus,
oh and Dead Space (ps3) which
I got like a month ago but still counts :D

Good times...

(UPDATE) - And I got a 16gb micro sdhc card for my psp :D

Fear? first platinum.
Guess not :D
Well I been awake for too long
time for me to say hello to my pillow......