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Games '09

So now E3 is over :D... whats everyones top games your looking forward to this year!?! I've got quite a few on my mind.. Tekken 6.. Assasins Creed 2.. Splinter Cell conviction.. Modern Warfare 2 heck even Ghost Busters! :lol:


So wassup guys!?! wow I havn't been on gamespot for a while now :( Anyway i'll make sure to post in the unions here and there :wink:

Well i've just recently updated my games collection with the arrivals of Fable 2 and Pro 2009 :D Next week i'll add Spider-Man: web of shadows too (wohoo!)

What about you lot? Any1 got Far cry 2 or Dead space or anything else like... Monopoly :P

GS New Design

So what do you guys think about their new page design? Some users think its a bit tacky or too much but others say it makes gamespot pages look more organised and so on...


Yep thats right... I got my GTA IV last night at Game midnight sales :wink:

So who else has joined the club? :D

A Random Blog

Well i'm sure u guys have noticed that I don't make blogs too often, so heres one just to make a convo...

So... how r u lot, where are u from and wot do u guys do in ur spare time (apart from games)? :P

Oh and wots the best game u've ever played? I'm still tryin to think of mine

Anelka and I

Well I did say I'll post a pic of me and Nicolas Anelka in one of my previous blogs (the 1 b4 the 4th 360) and i'm sure u lot wander wot I look like, so here I am...

Obviously thats me on the left

Hello again :D

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