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What is Playstation Plus is about.

So I've been a Playstation Plus member for awhile now. It's pretty cool that you can get free games for the year you have your membership or more depends on wheither you already had one or not. I love that you can play free games. The only thing is some of the games are old. But if you can't buy the games and have wanted to play them then it's great. You can get game play them until your membership runs out. Also you can store save games online. Which is good I guess if you have game you are playing that you want to play again if you delete them. Well I blog at you later.

OMG I'm addicted to Skyrim

Yes very one hello. Had a chance with a compter for a bit and had to confess my addiction to Skyrim. I got for my Birthday so I was behind all of the ones who had it when it came out. I love it with it laggy and all. I did get the patch. I just can't stop playing it not funny. I did the book cheat and still I die. It is so sad. Love that you can get followers and marry. I married a follower so he comes with me when I want him to. I became a Breton it was the first time I tried the race. Like the race so much that I went back to Oblivion and made a Breton for it also. This race is so amazing. Made the game so much more easier to play. Well got to go. Blog at you later. Tell how the addiction is going if I can. If not Happy Skyriming.

The new Batman

OMG got Batman Arkahm City and Love the way it looks. It is so pretty. That was my christmas present. The only thing is that it is harder then the first one I've gotten so lost and nto able to figure out the remote control bataran. It takes me lots of trys to get it ot go where I want it to. As for the sa for the reat it just ss hard. the fighting is better.I'll update you on this one it I can don"t have my own computer right now just move.

God of War 3

Well I did it I got God of Wor 3 finnially. It was worth the wait since I only paid $5.00 for it. Beat easy mode already up for more modes and the extras the are on it. Well blog at you laters.

The game I downloaded

Well those that have the PS3 and the PSP where able to down load games for them. I got for the PS3 InFamous and Dead Nation. For the PSP I got Little Big Planet and Pursuit Force. I also got the Playstation Plus thing for a month. It took forever to get my games because the network was so busy. So I wondered what those who already own the games that they offered. I already had Little Big Planet for the PS3 and want InFamous so I got it and the zombie game. Since I love zombie games. I've been playing these game for awhile since downloading them. They are lots of fun. To my surprize Pursuit Force it not a bad game it's fun. I really liked the game. I had a hard time choosing for the PSP because I didn't have any of the game. I knew I wanted Little Big Planet and that was it. Well blog at you later. Take care.


Ok I hate the hackers that are hacking the Playstation Network. They might think its fun but those of use that use the Network to buy games or play online game it sucks. So boo to you hackers. Really come on now. Some of us only get one day to play online because there are other people in the house using the internet. So it makes me so mad that I can't play or down load if I want to. I know tell you that you are a buch of childern for doing the hacking is going into one ear and out the other. :( Poop poop. Blog at you later.

Sims 3 for the PS3

Been playing the Sims 3 for the PS3 and found that I need to figure out how to build a two story house. I can do a house. It not that difficult. I do love that you can make you own clothes, hair and shoes. Been having a lot of fun. Just have to watch what I do because you can only have so much made and downloaded stuff. It is not endless in the game. If anyone knows how to build in the PS3 game please let me know I would love to make my own house and upload.

Fallout 3

OMG!!! Fallout 3 is like good but is just so ahhh. I run out of ammo quickly and get killed quickly . I get so mad because you can find some of the places you need to go. I like it even with all the problems I'm having. Well so much for game not pissing you off. I have like 5 now. That I don't play because I get to mad to them to play them. I play the Sims 3. Which I like even if it is all new. It's pretty fun. Well got to go Blog at you later.

OMG!!! It's a good game.

I just got Fallout 3 it is so good but hard to play. I also got Guitar Hero 5. Man has Guitar Hero change. Well I let you now how hard Fallout is. I"ve gotten mad to it already because I can't find things and run out of bullets quickly. Which sucks. Well got to go blog at you later.