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My experience at Electronic Arts - Part 2

Hey Gang,

Now onto part 2, talking about my time with Mass Effect 3.

I'm not going to give any spoilers away, just describing my impressions with the kinect feature, and a little of the game itself. If you wish to know nothing at all about even small non-spolier game details, then it's safe to read till the second mass effect picture below. Okay so I was working the kinect feature of the game, if those who don't know it'll have Kinect implemented in the game, not mandatory of course.

My primary duty was to test out how well the voice input was while playing the game, using my Australian dialect, as were other people with their own different ascents such as British and French. After that I would do recordings of my own voice, that would be implemented into the Kinect so it would help recognise commands better.

Once that was over I was play testing the game, checking for bugs and specifically kinect commands that wouldn't work. Such commands that have been placed in the game are exploration, combat, ordering your crew and dialog choices during conversations. What was the point of adding kinect to the game? To make it more fast paced, especially the combat and the power wheel. Instead of pausing the game to select your power you can call upon it (long as you know what they are lol) mid-battle which I think is a nice addition, though the only worthwhile one in my opinion.

For example, some of the exploration commands are things like picking up items or opening doors. The commands for both are 'open' and 'pick up', which are suitably fine although you could simply press the button on your controller as well. The same goes with dialog choices where you can either speak out the line, or press a button. I suppose it's really up to yourself how you like to go about experiecing it.

If you have Kinect already it'd be a worthwhile test, although if you don't - I don't think spending money on getting kinect for the game when you already have a controller is a good investment, but that's just my opinion since I've grown up with a controller all my life. I do admit it was a good experience playing with Kinect, but when Mass Effect 3 comes out, I'll be sticking to my nice controller :)

Right, so what did think of the game? Is it as amazing as what this concept art picture above looks? Yes, it's pretty damn awesome. It's a pretty accurate description of what it'll look like in game, they've defiantly brought the big guns in terms of how massive the scope is supposed to be.

In terms of graphics they remain pretty much the same par as Mass Effect 2, if for a little better or worse I'd say a little better. What's more noticable is the surroundings with so much happening in the background as your playing. Of course, it's war time in the galaxy so naturally things aren't so quiet for Shepherd, there's plenty of little things that get your attention visually whether it's in the foreground or background.

The gameplay largely remains the same as before. It's a third person shooter at heart, but with role playing elements implemented. I'm sure the biggest thing people want to know is how much "RPG" is in Mass Effect 3, after Bioware stated that they would bring more of the aspects from the first game into this one, which people criticized the second for having barely any RPG involved to even be considered being called a RPG game.

Remember in Mass Effect 2, the only real time where you got 'exp' is when you completed a mission for the Illusive man? This time around you get experience for killing enemies again, although it's not individually - it's more grouped when you have a specific events happen during play. Such as killing a enemy squadron or boss, solving a puzzle, finding items, conversations and completing side missions.

The menu system is largely the same, the difference is in the squad level screen. It's been changed a bit to have a little more customisation then what Mass Effect 2 had previously, with choices of certain powers or abilities to have either more damage, radius, recharge, shield, health and so forth depending on your ****

A better addition this time around is customising your weaponary. Throughout the game, and buying at stores are weapon upgrades which you can use a weapon bench to modify your fire rate, accuracy, damage and ammo capacity as well as weight capacity which affects how quickly your powers recharge in the power wheel. It was a small part in Mass Effect 2 but it's a lot more escalated this time around, with a lot more variety and upgrades to use/find. It's a nice added feature. Oh yeah and Shepherd has a cool melee attack that does a ton of damage if you can get near an enemy.

I did finish the game, although I started it from scratch and not an import save - I noticed plenty of times where things in the game would've been treated different if you started with an import from Mass Effect 2. I would throw a tip out there that if you only played Mass Effect 2, I would play the first one, then the second because most affected choices seem to come from Mass Effect 1 and not so much #2.

In my opinion those who enjoyed Mass Effect 2 will love Mass Effect 3, it's pretty much the same game but with added features which I thought all who are nice additions. Those who thought it would regain a lot of Mass Effect 1 features will be a bit disappointed, although they have placed a few things that were in it and taken out of Mass Effect 2. If I had to put a number between Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 2 to say how much of both it is as a hybrid, I would say about a Mass Effect 1.75.

I tried the Multiplayer as well, only for a brief time however. I'll admit I was pretty skeptic about it when I heard Mass Effect 3 was getting multiplayer - but I was a little surprised when I played it and to a point enjoyed it. It's nothing remarkable, and to those concerned it looks like it's just an added feature and but being solely focused upon as much as the singleplayer story.

There will be a demo out pretty soon, around about early-mid January I believe. The version I played was almost complete so Bioware should have finished by early January. Mass Effect 3 will be out March 6th! If you have any questions I'll answer them, unless they're spoiler related. Hope you enjoyed reading!


My experience at Electronic Arts - Part 1

Hi Gamespotters!

Hope you all well coming into the Christmas season!

I thought today I'd do a blog about the two week experience I just had at Electronic Arts in Burnaby, Canada. I was doing a game tester position for an upcoming game (which I shall reveal at the end) working in the QA (quality assurance) section of the building. I figured for those who might be interested in having such an experience can read on how my short time was working in the gaming indistry.

So here's a picture at the front, where everyone enters. There's a multi-level car park just around the corner here and there's multiple entrances getting into the vicinity including following up to the top of this road where the main entrance is, which I took.

There's a bus stop right outside here which I took everyday so getting here is pretty convenient. The place itself is absolutely massive, which I placed a photo of it further down this blog. It's got mutiple buildings with many floors and levels in each one, it's a long walk!
(The Front of EA Burnaby, in Canada)

From the main entrance inside which visitors can actually enter, is the reception area filled with some game setups for people to play, many tv screens showcasing EA games as well a small store selling EA merchandise including games, t-shirts, hats and all sorts of swag.

After that is where only employed people can go. You need a keycard with access to enter the glass doors to get into the main area. I had one the whole time and had to enter through those doors as well as another set of doors for entering the QA section.

Once in the main area you have the huge cateteria with many chefs cooking and serving food over the counters ith the appropriately named EA-T (EAT) as the name. Also they have their own Starbucks store inside which is pretty nice! There's also a room nearby filled with free to play Arcade machines, which I helped myself with a few games of Pinball and the original Donkey Kong.

Way further on the other side of the main building is a basketball court, a gynasium, and outside a soccer field - all for leisure at employee's request. Upstairs is where most of the main developers work including the big sport franchise games such as Fifa.

Safe to stay the place itself is pretty awesome. It also has a small library where you can freely rent games, movies and tv shows which they had a decent collection. There's a lot of discounts that employees can get, including buying new EA titles from the store for 20 bucks, from the usual 60 in retail - which I gladly took advantage with getting Battlefield 3 and NHL12. I also snagged half price movie tickets so there's plenty of reason why it's nice working there.

(The scope of how big EA Burnaby really is!)

Sounds all nice right? Well finding something bad about it, I would say is the pay you get for doing the contractor work. I'm not sure exactly what everyone gets, but I know within my group those who were here for even a year still got paid what I got paid. It's a pretty lousy 10.50 an hour, so it won't get you anywhere too soon, but if you can handle that then there's plenty of benefits to be had.

The first day I was given a tour of the place, which is how I know all this info! There's about 800 Employers and 300 Contractors that work at EA Burnaby. Contrators are put on people for specific jobs that can go for anywhere from a single day, to several months. The group I worked with mostly were all contractors, some having the same time as me and others had a few months.

The QA Area is basically a giant office with tons of desks and office walls, filled with many tv's and game systems. It's a pretty quiet area but has a nice conveniantly placed kitchen and snack bar. I usually had lunch down at the cafeteria with the group I worked with and overall the whole environment is very nice, which is probably not surprising considering EA is a multi-billion dollar company. Gamer's would be happy to work here, despite your love or hate for them lol.

How did I get this small job? I applied through Craig's List on the web, it asked for passionate gamers who had Aussie ascents - that was it. I have no idea originally it was for EA games since it went through an agency who deals with Contractors. When I got the call I had a phone interview with the agency and an employer from EA, telling me it was for Kinect on Xbox and that it was for an upcoming game.

It was Mass Effect 3, which brought a grin on my face. So yes, that's what I worked on for two weeks. My main role was to add my voice input and test the kinect aspect for Mass Effect 3, as well as testing the game out fully checking for bugs and writting them in. I'll talk about Mass Effect 3 next time in Part 2, I just wanted to talk about the company itself more in this part. Stay tuned!


The FPS Wars


I think the whole fiasco with the First Person Shooter Wars is just stupid. I'm not saying having this thing in our gaming culture is bad, infact I like it with some tolerence because it brings some spark to the community, even though I personally don't get involved.

What i do have a issue is where it's directed. For example, right now we have the heavyweight championship this year between Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3. All the talk is which game is gonna score better? what game is gonna sell more? What I see is two games that look extremely alike, which to me I find intolerable.

What's happened in this generation is a game will come up from the ashes, be a revolution of stunning graphics, gameplay mechanics of some kind which, afterwards a trend of similarish games with follow trend where we have hailed the term: "It's a dah dah dah clone"

From my knowledge there's 3 that come to mind. You have the Gears of War clone, the God of War clone, or the Call of Duty clone. Am i being harsh? Perhaps i am but from what I've seen being a long term gamer is less innovation in todays gaming world and more copies of a game that more than likely I've just recently played.

It's boring, plain boring. I understand it's safer for developers to do because it follows suit of a game that has succecced well, but it's not fun - what are we turning into? It's a business that makes money first and foremost which is a reason why we see endless sequels, old remakes, and now HD redos.

What am i complaining aboout exactly? variety, originality, innovation. No doubt it's still there but when it comes to first person shoooters nowadays, it's all about who has the better and shinier car. The feel and play are usually the same, which I don't have a big problem with (because it wouldn't be fun getting used to new controls every game you play) but there's not a not added to their own.

Wat do I wanna see, I want see new innovation where developers put more effort into creating a unique game experience that blows our mind rather than, starting the game - moving along quickly admiring the scenary, killing waves of idiotic AI enemies in a pure linear fashion and ending in a less than climatic ending.

Time should be spent on unadaptive AI, where each time a new tactic is required. Don't just pump up the difficulty and call it 'Extreme Dead' mode where you die in 1 hit. Make it puzzling, get some creativity instead of just sending waves of dumb npcs.

Give the player a reason why they should be doing what they're doing, instead of saying: those guys, bad - you good. You kill all bad Joe. A story telling experience is pivital to display a game experience. We need a purpose to do what we're doing to feel any emotion involved. Tap into the characters mind, portray what they must be thinking if the situation was real.

I know most FPS games focus on multiplayer than singleplayer these days which is a shame. It's taking away meaning to have an deep experience and just have a fun shootout for kicks or competition. That's fine, however you should be able to have both aspects in a game - in my opinion.

I'm sure many gamers don't have a problem with any of this at all, and I say godspeed to you - this is just my opinion on what I think on the leading genre ofthe gaming market, and where it's coming and going from now. I play less and less first person shooter games because they all look and play the same. Where I check out now is the indie games which always come up with new and simple stuff that gets my attention rather than a multi-million dollar AAA title.

Some new stuff

Hi Gamespotters!

I haven't blogged here in a while. Let's see... Wow April! - a good half a year there *dang!*

Well the last six months have been pretty busy for me you could say. Those here who follow me here more privately elsewheres might know a thing or two about that heeeh. I do apoligize though if I haven't been in touch very much, but I plan to make an effort to get reconnected with yaz all :)

If your just a occassional visitor here and somewhat curious, I'll share in short - that I've moved across the world and living my life with the girl of my dreams :) I "did" reside in Melbourne, Australia but now I currently sit on my butt in Vancouver, Canada! Sorry my fellow Aussie brethren! But I'm still Aussie in heart and my gamespot page still is in AU ;)

I've managed to get some game time recently, a good time too considering it's a gamer's peak season right now!

Games I've been playing ::

DEAD ISLAND (Xbox 360)

> Yeeeah... even I got sucked into a zombie craze game. However I did like the concept of an open world game filled with nasties with little means of survival. I've played about 20 hours so far and my impression is enjoyable. The single player is fine although your constantly tracking to the same areas all the time which is a bit of a damper. The game is open world, but I thought it would one huge world, but it's split into multiple large areas. Some are the concepts are lame too, like since I'm the only one that can save everyone - why do I have to pay for weapons and useful tools?

This is definatly a game you want to co-op with your friends. I played a few co-op games including a 4 player one and the experience is a lot more fun. The story is lacking majorly with this game too so all the more reason to co-op if you can. Right now I feel this is a paced game for me. I can play it in doses but I get bored of it after a while. Worthwhile if your into a different kind of rpg game, and a good co-op game.


I haven't played this too long, I only bought it off steam last weekend. It looked like an interesting story concept and the hand drawn and painted visuals were attractive for me so i picked it up. Gemini Rue is a old school point click adventure game that takes place in the future where your an ex-assassin trying to find your brother who has been taken by this organisation who experiments people creating them into deadly weapons. It switches story inbetween the two characters and there's even gun battles where you take on this rough group which remind me of a ShinRa type muscle.


You should know already about Crysis, it's a visual beast! Besides the amazing graphics the gameplay is fun and you feel very much like a killing machine heh. I wanted to play this when it first came out but had nothing that could play it :P Luckily my 2 year old laptop makes it playable and in short it's awesome! I love the varied gameplay with the go how you want to approach, and it's truly feels like you have plenty of ways to tackle missions with the massive open world. In short, I love it :)

There's plenty more I would discuss but I'll save it for another time, but I will leave with the announcment of Grand Theft Auto V! It was coming probably soon anyway but whenever we hear about the new GTA game, gamers go in a frenzy of antipaction! So anyway possibilities of what it will be about? I have a feeling it'll be very modern times, I have no idea about the protagonist though.

Happy November!

New details on Mass Effect 3!

Hey gang, no time no see :)

I thought I'd share some interesting info i found on Mass Effect 3 - which I'm sure plenty of you are keen to hear anything about lol. In the latest issue of Game Informer magazine, they have some new details which sound very good to myself and I'm sure it will to you too. I'll share with you now:


New kind of enemy, possibly a repear?

There's a returning face, whether you chose to keep him alive that is.

The Reapers invading Earth. Who could stop them i wonder? Superman! No I mean Shepherd!

Looks like Husks with some new type of enemy, mean type of one! Reaper?

The new look of Ashley Williams! I bet you boys you cheated on her wish you didn't now eh? XD


The latest issue of Game Informer contains a ton of details about Mass Effect 3. The first round of information is beginning to trickle in, which you can read about below. We've also included a blurry scan/magazine image (via GameFAQs) from the issue.

- Game begins with Shepard on Earth
- Shepard is on trial in regard to the events of Arrival
- Reapers invade while the trial is happening
- Prologue: Shepard's escape to the Normandy, off to start finding allies, fighting Reaper troops
- Squadmates include Liara, Ashley/Kaiden, Garrus, James Sanders
- Screenshot shown of Ashley with her hair down
- Confirmed appearances (may not be squadmates): Wrex, Mordin, Legion, and Anderson
- Game will show a "previously on Mass Effect" comic to make decisions if you're starting from scartch
- The Illusive Man plays a big role
- Cerberus is out to kill Shepard
- Enhanced RPG elements
- More freedom with character skills
- Larger skill trees
- Powers will evolve several times, not just once
- Weapons are like the ones in Mass Effect 2, have a set list
- Mods returning, swap out different parts such as barrels, scopes (effect both the weapon's combat performance and its appearance)
- All cl-asses can wield all weapons unhindered now,
- There will be limited slots to carry these weapons
- Soldier can carry all weapons at once
- Adept, Engineer, and Sentinal will likely be limited to two weapons, three for Vanguard and Infiltrator
- Numerous endings
- Who you have in your squad and which allies you recruit greatly impact the endings that are available
- No multiplayer

So what do you think guys and girls? Is Mass Effect 3 going in the right step?

Super Skyrim?

(first picture posted of the game ^)

Hahaha that was the best title i could think of at the time :P

But yes, I'm talking about the next installment of the Elder Scrolls series, Skyrim. Not much details have come forth about it yet, but don't worry I have a feeling plenty will be shown in the next few months. They'll want to show their accomplishments with their new engine and it's capabilities, as they did with Oblivion.

Although just today some 'descriptive'' details of the game have surfaced which is an interested read, which is sorta why i named the blog Super Skyrim with a question mark. Basically what they outline seems pretty super, if all they claim ends up true.

Here's the LINK for the read if your keen on details on Skyrim.

Also you can find some details of the land of Skyrim at the Elder Scrolls Files HERE - also a good read showing it's history and what kind of place Skyrim tends to be.


Anyway I'm pretty excited for this! I was a crazy fan of Oblivion (as I'm sure many of you were). When i think it was Oblivion that really brought the western rpg genre back to the real noticable level plains - sure i'm mean they were still there and dooing well but Oblivion really opened up to everyone, all gamers and I think.. set the definition of an epic game.

Of course though, if you were following the Elder Scrolls series before Oblivion, you probably knew Oblivion wasn't a big surprise in it's well received criticism. Morrowind before it was amazing - at that time it was probably the best made open world WRPG game. Even previously Daggerfall before it was amazing at the time, so I'm pretty confident Bestheda will deliver something just as amazing as when Oblivion took the world over by storm.

Of course though, this time it has some competition namely Mass Effect 3, Uncharted 3 and most likely the next Call of Duty. Do you think it can compete? :)

Goldeneye gets a Blackeye

From ME! :evil:

God what a terrible game, the Wii remake that is - not the great classic on Nintendo 64! = LOVE.

I just came back from a mates place playing it, we rented it from a video store and took it back about 3 hours after lol. We played some multiplayer and my god it looks ugly, i personally think worse than the 64 version no kidding! I mean I thought that when i first saw the game through trailers and such but i thought it was like a Beta or something, but nope it's bad ass mother lol!

Also the controls, like I'm not too familar with the Wii classic controller but why is the default controls locked shooting with the small button on top and throwing a grenade is the big button, shouldn't it be the other way around? Like all typical shooters... also it just feels so slow, you move like a slug.. and then when you run it's like you got boosters on your shoes LOL! The levels design sucks and the music, there was only one theme playing the entire hour we played Multi! and it was of those dumb themes that kept repeating itself every 10 seconds!

Now we did try the singleplayer and while it plays okay on it's own, why did it have to adopt the Goldeneye element? There's no Pierce Brosnan, no Sean Bean couldn't have this been a seperate bond game? Like Rogue Agent did. I really think this was a whole tool just to market themselves using the Goldeneye name.

If they wanted to remake Goldeneye properly couldn't they just did like a HD version of the same game, and perhaps add some levels, modes and characters in multiplayer? I don't care what critics rated this game, it sucks.

What needs to be in Mass Effect 3

Greetings gamespot gamers! Happy New Year and welcome to 2011.

Even though i don't blog here much i still play games so I'll try make an effect to share some more opinions on here!

Okay so Mass Effect 2 was indeed awesomeness when it came out about a year ago, I was deeply immersed and overall an excellent game. Although I did have problems with it, mainly being the role playing elements being striped out making a bare minimal rpg with mostly shooter elements in place.

The original Mass Effect had a decent though flawed RPG system in place which in the end got taken out in Mass Effect 2, like the inventory system. Pretty much anything that had some issues got taken out, also i think ME2 was designed for a more general audience aka Shooter mobs.

I didn't like the fact it was entirely mainstream with little free roam available, although side missions were put together better than the first. There was actually little treasure to find and little variety to speak, the whole customisation part from ME1 wasn't preset in ME2 - and the leveling guide was just simplified to very basic choices.

I thought overall both games have their own good / bad qualities and I would personally love to see the mix of both for Mass Effect 3. Infact I'll list below what I think should be present to have the third and last installment a bang:


> Bring back the inventory system - it should be present. It was fine but just needed a better interface. Along with that there should be more treasure and variety of rewards. Perhaps when you complete a mission or side quest you could have what World of Warcraft has and choose from several different armour or equipment each having their own unique stats - replay value a high. Have plenty of shops to buy from and also mini games wouldn't hurt!

> Do the rpg properly - like how ME1 did it - you kill enemies you get x exp, x money. Not by just doing missions, or only. I thought the system was fine in ME1 you just needed more ways to spend money, and they could rework the leveling tree but i thought they had the right idea initiating points to individual skills.

> Have locations more open worlded - doesn't have to be a elder scrolls open, but remember the Citadel from ME1? Compare that with it in ME2. If they have environments opened more and not so confined you have better atmosphere, and more belivable worlds. Remember those large open parts when you were in the vehicles? Also plenty of room for optional quests and world events - which I found ME1 a lot better in that department.

> Characters could be more involved - like you could ask them for advice when choosing dialogue choices and even affect them turning them into a paragon or renegade. Like how Knights of the Old Republic 2 tried to do - and perhaps you could have certain factions or groups that you could only do missions for depending on how much paragon or renegade you have. Characters themselves should be moving freely to give them more realism especially when on the normandy ship, not just standing in one place. On planets have more world event stuff like Majora's Mask had you know?

> Remember the game Vanquish from last year? Tht had some killer fast paced gameplay perks. Perhaps some abilities they could add are more faster dashing (which Shepherd does but not enough IMO) and maybe the slider technique. Change it a bit from making it too much common with every other shooter, granted they have abilities which these could be used in, what i'm saying is perhaps more manuvers that are more jumping/flying than flat footed on the ground all the time - especially since it's in space. Also bring back the vehicle segments! Perhaps add some manual controlled flying?


I'm sure there's plenty more I'm forgetting but it's late now and should get some zzzz. Overall from my list I want Bioware to bring back more of their traditional rpg stuff in but keep the core gameplay the same. I did read up that Bioware are planning to add a lot of rpg elements back in for Mass Effect 3 which is a good sign!

Countdown 2d new year!

Hello fellow Gamespotters!

Long time no see, I still visit here to check old friends still lurkin and checking out thew news section to see what company sued who today :lol:

Now I haven't expressed much on games I've played here, even though I do that mostly on the podcast I try and do every now and again, but I'm a pretty opinionated person so I'll discuss a bunch of games I played in 2010 and give a small opinion of them.

Games from 2010:

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood: Now I have to admit, I'm totally into this series now. There's only a handful of game series these days that I can say I'm really hooked into and this is one of them. Assassin's Creed's story reminds me a bit of the TV show of Lost, they give you some interesting leadway but keep the main plotholes a mystery, dragging the carrot in front the rabbit so to speak. I was surprised about Brotherood because they didn't reveal a whole lot until near it's release, I didn't read up much about it so I assume with many other people we thought this was going to be a small expansion like game from ACII, or more multiplayer based game. Good thing it turned out to be a full fledged game that while it stills drags on with mystery, it's an interesting one that I'll be happy to follow.

Fable 3: I still enjoyed it even though it seemed like a redone version of Fable 2. What i enjoy and spend the most time on is all the side events you can do. (I must've spent 20 hrs messing with multiple marriages and so forth :p) But I feel this series still lacks depth. I'm disappointed the most in the main plots from both F2 and F3, they build it up well but it just never delivers on the epic scale it tries i think. My opinion is they focus too much time on the mini stuff, they need the good in both.

Call of Duty: Black Ops: That cow must have a lot of milk huh? I think everyone knows what to expect from this series now. Really this year I haven't played many FPS games (properly anyway) because I grow tired of the repitition of it all. I play this every release even though I'm not Uber into the series (no COD avatar clothes Uber!) It's enjoyable but I don't believe into the hype of it all. Oh but the ZoMiBeS you say! They're the real deal, brilliant work Treyarch! I applause you. (I'm being saracastic btw)

Red Dead Redemption: Probably my favorite 2010 game. It's about time someone made a good open world western world game. Sure it followed the similar GTA path style but I found this more enjoyable because of the setting. It also had a simple yet interesting plot and I just loved the fact this was the closiest to playing in a Clint Eastwood western movie. Awesauce!

Uncharted 1 and 2: Most enjoyed games, even though their not 2010 games. I didn't play much of my PS3 library till this year, and these 2 especially the 2nd were my favorite. This is kinda the series that draws you in because it's handled so well, immersion i'm talking. That's why I enjoyed Red Dead and why I enjoyed Uncharted, it's about bringing you in it's world and making you feel apart of it. It has a lasting impression after you've played it. The uncharted series definatly has that and I eagarly await the 3rd game next year. Btw - Why is Marky Mark playing Nathan Drake! Nathan Fillion would've been perfect!

Final Fantasy XIII: Disappointed. Although I had a lot of mix emotions of like and hate during the whole time. I didn't enjoy the story and I feel the world was too condensed for a Final Fantasy game. It was hard to enjoy until 3/4's of the game until you could do a lot of side quests. That was fun, only if that was more open throughout the game. The gameplay started slow but was really fun when you unlocked a lot of abilities. I just couldn't enjoy it fully though, it seemed like a lazy job with many parts with the game. Please don't say it was because of Final Fantasy XIV Square Enix, most of your games lately have been average.

Mass Effect 2: Immersed, but I did have some faults. I hated the fact they stripped many RPG's elements and turned it into blately a TPS, no inventory - seriously? The game was solid but just found things they seem to miss or perhaps just disregard on in terms of story. ME3 should be more open and no so linear as this one. Like look at the difference from the Citadel from ME1 to ME2, they confined areas more and there was no planet exploration, i enjoyed that in ME1, although more variety would've been nice. Just seemed they shifted their focus where what I'm hoping is more RPG-ness in Mass Effect 3.

Other titles in my enjoyed list were:

Starcraft 2, Super Meat Boy, Trails HD, Lara Croft GOL, Brothers in Arms, F1 2010, Shadow Complex, Lost Oddyssey, Resistance 1 and 2, Fallout New Vegas, Alan Wake, Heavy Rain.

Other titles in my blehhh list were:

Lost Planet 2, , Blaz Blue, Splinter Cell Conviction, Terminator Salvation, Kingdom Under Fire, Halo 3:ODST, Resident Evil 5, Halo 3, Rogue Warrior, TMNT, Rockstars Table Tennis, Velvet Assassin, Dante's Inferno, Heavenly Sword.

Before I go, Merry Christmas to you all! Have a good and safe new year, see yaz in 2011!