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MVP baseball

new MVP baseball online record is 105-27. Yet another win streak. Also in SOCOM 2 online i am on a streak for being the most valuable player in sniper only matches every 8 games out of 10.

NCAA can lick me sideways

The NCAA tournament is the most retarded crap on the planet. Not only is basketball a stupid sport, but there is like 2 white guys on each team, if even that, so basically its like the battle of the super-athletes, and i dont know if i mentioned it but basketball sucks. Every time i turn on the damn TV i see stuff about "the big dance". Who the hell named it this? Tell me so i can shoot him right in the eye. Whew im glad i got that out lol.

MVP 2005 for PS2

i played this game online for 6 hours the other night and i played 25 games and didnt lose any. My record for MVP is 43-16, and i have a madden 2005 record close to that, at 51-23. I rule the EA sports universe. If you wanna play me in MVP or madden, my EA ID is FeartheD8869.

Another Darned nose-bleed!

This is the 4th nose-bleed today. I think im gonna die of blood loss lol. When i was driving home on the highway today it bleed for like 30 minutes and i was gettin dizzy. Darned spring weather.

Pumping out reviews.

Attention: Over the next week, I plan to write 20 or more reviews, so PLEASE take the time to read them if they interest you and click the thumbs up to recommend them.


i downloaded an emulator and the earthbound ROM and it is frickin amazing. I love Earthbound.

breath of fire

So i have begun playing Breath Of Fire for the GBA and its a great game... anyone else play it? If you do, leave me a comment about what you think of the game.