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And so this is my end...

I guess I'm pretty much of a lone wolf. I don't say I don't like people at all, but, to tell you the truth, I only like it then if I have a chance to look deep into their hearts and their minds.

-Bela Lugosi

MGS: Snake Eater 3D looks better than the HD collection version

Over the past months we've heard only negative things about the 3DS version of Snake Eater. Some of it is justified while some is not. While the game might seam a rip-off when you think everybody else gets it in the HD collection, one must also acknowledge the fact that this game was announced long before the HD collection and that development on the 3DS version began possibly even before the HD collection.

With all that said we all have to agree that MGS3 is possibly one of the best games ever made and 3DS owners (myself included) should consider themselves lucky to have the chance to experience this one-of-a-kind game. And with the new features like the PhotoCamo and Tilt-Controls being added this could become the definitive version of MGS3.

Now let's talk about the game's graphics; the main argument of this blog entry.

This game has been heavily criticized for its graphics and for how it "looks worse than the original PS2 version". This WAS true before the TGS trailer was released which featured improved textures, effects and a much more stable framerate than what we saw in the E3 trailer. This is where the "graphical criticism" was in theory supposed to stop, but sadly it didn't, mostly because the trailer was never released outside Japan, so many people never had a chance to watch it.

It would seam the 3DS version is possibly getting a complete graphical overhaul as some effects seam to be much more improved when compared to the HD version. That's not to say the HD collection doesn't look good. Actually, it looks very good but in the end it's just MGS3 with HD textures and resolution with some (now unnecessary) blur effects removed.

But at the same time I must admit the 3DS version still looks graphically inferior compared to the original Naked Sample Demo. The Naked Sample still looks superior to both 3DS and HD versions which is disappointing when you think the that the final product could have looked like this:

Bellow I'll include links to both E3 and TGS trailer of Snake Eater 3D and comparison pictures between the HD, 3DS-E3 and 3DS-TGS versions to show how it's graphics have improved over time. The pictures have been scaled to match the 3DS' 400 width resolution for a better comparison.

E3 2011 Trailer

TGS 2011 Trailer

As you can see the game has significantly evolved graphically between the 2 trailers. Now let's see some pictures:

EVA HD Version:

EVA 3DS Version:

Snake HD Version, pic 1:

Snake 3DS E3 Version, pic 1:

Snake 3DS TGS Version, pic1:

Snake HD Version, pic2:

Snake 3DS E3 Version, pic2:

Snake 3DS TGS Version, pic2:

I don't know what you might think but in my opinion the 3DS version is looking better than the HD version. The game still has time to improve till its march 2012 release date and I personally can't wait to get my hands on this Kojima Masterpiece. :D

First cold in 3 years

I caught a real bad cold recently. Haven't caught one in 3 years... hell I even forgot how it felt to be sick.

Anyway my head hurts, I'm coughing a lot (and smoking isn't helping it) and my sinuses are filled with something I can't describe. At least I don't have a fever (yet); makes the thing more bearable. Good thing I've got no school for the next 5 days. Hopefully I'll be feeling better by the time I go back. Going to school when you're sick isn't one of the most pleasurable things to do in life...

Just sayin'... :|

Update on my Life

It's been like a month since I kept telling myself to write a blog but finally I did it. I also kept asking myself why should I even write one anyway, but now I've figured it out: my blog can be like a personal diary. It's perfect! At the same time it stays personal so my friends can't see and read it and, at the same time, other GameSpot Users can read it and give their opinions. It's a win-win situation. :D

Anyway I'm gonna write about everything that happened in my life since last September. So here it goes:

Last September I finally convinced my parents to buy me a new PC. My old PC was REALLY old. It was a Pentium 4@1.80 Ghz, 256MB RAM, GeForce 5500 with 128MB VRAM. Yeah it pretty much sucked and I've had that PC since 2004. Lucky for me I've been mostly a console gamer, but still that PC came in handy for surfing the web and downloading things. :)

The new PC i bought is really good appart for the GPU which is starting to show its age. It's a Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q9400 @ 266Ghz, 4GB RAM, GeForce 9800 GT with 2.7 GB VRAM. It's a pretty good PC except for one thing: it cost us 1000 euro. Yep that's right, 1000 euro, and it's all my fault; we bought it from an electronics store instead of a computer store. Computer stores usually have lower prices. :?

That computer even broke once. The HDD got fried. It was a 1 TB HDD. The guys at the electronics store said that Iìve got a 2 year warranty with HP, but that wasn't the case. The PC was second hand! How did I know that? Easy! The PC's case has a serial number which can be used to register your PC on the HP website and when I did it said my serial number was already used. :evil:

So I had to buy a new HDD and install it myself which I did. The new HDD was only 500GB this time. The scary part was that in the same period my Internet modem died too. So I had to replace that one too. The new modem is obviously better than the last one. It's also got a built-in router both wireless and by ethernet cable. :D

School was mostly fun through September-December. Didn't have major academics related problems until the next period. At school everybody kept talking about Black Ops and I kinda felt like an idiot when I tried talking because I have it for the Wii... so everybody was like: STFU NOOB! :(

When Christams was getting close I knew what I wanted: Rock Band 3 Pro Drums for the Wii. Problem is Rock Band has a scarce popularity here in Europe, so I had to order them online. I had my Italian uncle, Gianluca order them from Spain and it arrived in 3 days. I obviously had to wait till Christams Eve to open it. Luckily it was only a few days away. :D

We went to spend Christmas at Gianluca's house. He's got a big house so spending Christmas at his house was a good idea. We had fun and all and after that we opened up the presents. As I unwrapped my present I felt like a 4-year old (like every Christmas actually :lol: ). And there they were, my Rock Band drums were finally here. I even brought my Wii there so I could try them. Boy was I happy. :D

As February came my birthday was getting closer. It was my 18th birthday so everybody kept telling me to go out and celebrate it. I really didn't feel like celebrating it with my friends. So I got drunk at my Gianluca's house instead. I was so drunk I started making-out with the walls... :oops:

Things went smoothly with school and all except for electronics where I had a 4 out of 10 which isn't enough to pass. But luckily my teacher passed me anyway. I guess he liked me or something, but at least I didn't had to go to summer school. :lol:

As a present for finishing this school year without any problems my parents bought me a 3DS with 2 games: SSF4 3D and Ocarina of Time 3D. SSF4 wasn't really my type of game, I like Zelda better in the end.

Here come the sad part: my bestest friend from school, Mattia, moved out of Rome. His family had economical problems and so they moved to Perugia which is 3 hours far by car. Everyone in my class was saddened to see him go, everybody liked him; he's a really great and smart dude. :cry:

But before Mattia could go away he had to say goodbye to all his friends one of them was this girl, Julien which at the time was in love with him. She even went as far as to go live with him for a whole year. One of the reasons was her bad relationship with her mother; she just couldn't stand it anymore. Julien was in love with him, but Mattia wasn't; he considered her just a close friend. :|

So went with him to say goodbye to Julien. She has a PS3 and I've been asking her for a long time to play Metal Gear Solid 4. Which I did! I stood awake for 20+ hours to finish it and loved every minute of it. The bad thing is I came home with head lice. :cry:

Seams like Julien's family's got a lice infestation or something. Luckily I discovered them while playing MGS4. I was randomly scratching my head and found one on the back of my head. I freaked out because I have long hair and would have hated the thought of shaving my head. Luckily before coming back home I phoned my mother to buy me anti-lice shampoo and a lice comb. As I came home my mom hurried up to help me cleanse my head of lice and so we did. :D

A month later Mattia invited me to stay for a week at his new house in Perugia which I gladly accepted. A few days later I was at his house. We had a lot of fun together going to the pub, getting drunk and playing Minecraft. After that week had passed it was his turn to stay at my place and so he did. The next week he stood at my place and we went to visit all of his friends one last time before he went back home. :D

Then I went to Romania by car with my father to visit my relatives. It was kinda boring and all... no Internet and no PC... luckily I had my 3DS with me. :D

When we came back home all hell went loose: my mother wanted to divorce. Even now after hearing both my mother and father and can't understand my mother's reasons behind it. It would seam she's been think about it for the last 20 years... bogus or no bogus... I would like to get into more detail about it but it's just too personal to write it down here. :(

Anyway things seam to have calmed down now. I don't know if she's decided not to divorce or not but it's better than before. At least I don't have to hear them fight. Anyway... school started 3 weeks ago and I'm already sick of it which is strange because I always liked going to school... well... these past few years at least. Must be because of Mattia's absence... he always makes things more interesting and fun, even at school. :cry:

Well, that's about it for now. This must be my biggest blog ever and I'm happy to have finally wrote it down here. It will be a good way to preserve memories. :D

Ahh... the memories...

Today I was looking through my old blog posts and had a rush of nostalgia. :D Such fond memories... from my Wii purchase to the creation of The Conduit Union which later became The Wii FPS Union. From the day I bought SSB Brawl to the day my Wii bricked and sent it to repairs. :D

It seamed like it was yesterday when I played The Conduit online with my (cyber) pals. They had Wii speak but I didn't so I couldn't communicate with them. Now most of them are MIA... coiln0606, cjm23, jackpotco and 3quin0x. I still wonder what they're up to and hope that maybe one day we'll play together again.

Those are the gaming moments I wish I could experience again as it seams like video games aren't all they're cracked up to be these days... :(

(I know nobody's gonna comment this blog post as it seams nobody remembers me anymore.... :( )

Today is the lucky day I lost my wallet...

This morning, before going to school, I wanted to buy something from a bar nearby. I bought it, put the change in my wallet and then put it back in my back-pocket. When I arrived in class I wanted to show a friend of mine my Identity Card photo (I look like I was drugged in that photo:P). I reach for my back-pocket to get my wallet (where my ID was) and I noticed it was missing.

I searched it in class, I even retraced my footsteps throughout the school, but nothing. I even asked the principal for permission to go outside the school to search for it from the school to the bar. Nothing...

With it I lost 40 euro, my October transit pass ticket, my Identity card and a rechargeable battery. This is just a real bummer because I might have to remake my Identity card which is a real pain in the a** since their is always a lot of people who need to make one so your going to have to wait standing up for many hours doing nothing.

Then my 18 euro October transit pass ticket for use with buses, trains and subway trains... now I'm gonna have to hope that no control personnel finds me without a ticket, or else I'm gonna have to pay a 50 euro fine.

My Identity card which costs a lot of money to make could now be in the hand of who knows who. Who knows if he might use it to pretend he's me and get me in trouble.:(

And last my rechargeable battery... now I won't be able to listen to my MP3 anymore as my battery recharger doesn't charge 1 battery, it has to be at least 2.

In the end I think I lost more than 40 euro with the value of all the stuff my wallet had in it I lost more than 100 euro. In the end I really hope somebody finds it and tries to contact me...

What a lucky day...

Today was my first day at school: I miss summer vacation already...

Today was my first day at school. It was great to see my friends again and stuff, but it wasn't great meeting all the guys who made my last year an inferno. All they they would remind me of all the stupid stuff I said and did last year in front of the new classmates to make reputation even worse.

Best part was meeting all my friends again. It really helped me feel better, but those losers almost ruined it all. How much do I have to wait until the next summer vacation? 9 months... this year is sure going to be a long one.:(

I bricked my Wii, I'm screwed...

I was updating my Wii to 4.1 when the power went out...:(

Now my Wii won't output any signal to the TV and my Wiimotes won't connect. It won't read any disc unless it's already inside. I googled it in hope of finding a solution to recover my Wii from it and found out about SaveMiiFrii which consists in pressing all 4 d-pad buttons while turning on the Wii.

This would boot the Wii into recovery mode and then all I would have to do is insert any Wii Game and it would automatically install the firmware update from it.

This is my Wii. It's as useless as a brick.

It didn't work and so, I've got no choice but to send it to Nintendo, again.:( First the artefact issue, then the kid who formatted my Wii, now this... Why does it all have to happen to me?:cry:

Then I'll have to get all my Friend Codes and my friends to add me again... what a pain...:(

How kids can format your wii...

Let's start with the important stuff first, shall we?

I hate kids. I hate them even more now...:evil:

So my little 12 year old cousin comes to pay me a visit after so many years since we saw eachother. He saw I had a Wii and he was like "OMG you got a Wii, can I play? Please!!??". I, the good guy I always am said "Yes you can!". Then my father came and told me to take out the garbage. I took the garbage out and he remained playing, or at least I thought so...

After taking out the garbage,I enter my room and see the same screen you see when you buy a Wii, you know the one with the language select, sensor bar thingy etc. I obliously asked him what he did. He told me he formatted my Wii just to make a joke...




So, being the bad guy I had just became:x, I kicked him out of my house and told him never to come back without apologizing. The worst thing is that he wasn't even sad about it, he just went back home laughing.:|

So now I have all my online accounts, game saves, channels, VC games WiiWare eliminated.:( But the good thing is that strangely I can still download the VC and WW games from the Wii Shop Channel which is great!:) But I have lost all of my Wii saves which is devastating.:( I can download them too off the internet (except for a few like Mario Kart, SSBB), but it will never be the same as the sense of accomplishment is lost with it. I lost all of my accounts as they were bound to your Wii save so now I have to check every online game I have to see the new friendcode.:?

Starting with that my new Wii friendcode is:


Anyone who added me before this happenning to me can delete the old one and add this one if they want. As always remember to PM me if you do it.

You, me and E3

E3 is over and it surely left gamers salivating for what's in store for them in the future, or at least some of them. After whatching all 3 Press conferences I confirm that this gen will be like no other before.

And I must say I was very impressed the most by Microsoft's conference. Project Natal and Mylo are like out of this world, demonstrating that the future is now. :) Also it's upcomming exclusives makes me wanna buy an X360.:)

Sony was great too, but with the PSP GO they made me feel like they are milking the PSP to bring in more sales and make developers develop more for PSP.

Nintendo like always tries to focus more on the casuals, showing Wii Sports Resort and humiliating themselves with all their Weeee! Wooo! gestures and pretending that parachuting is fun...:| At least they showed trailers for the new Mario games, Metroid and DS games.:D

Well, what can I say?... Pretty good E3. Made me wanting for more. 2009 was good year, but 2010 is starting to look even better.:D