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I was so bored!!!!

i got so bored the other day that i went through all my old games for consles like the sega genesis and added them to my games lists, i was only little when i first played them but can still remember playing them like it was yesterday, the best game was the original sonic platformers games.


got my GEARS OF WAR 2

gears of war 2 is the greatest game ever i only played the campaign for half hour and already had 100 kills, and the executions are so much fun when the locust r tryin to crawl away.


gears of war 2

i have a preordered gow 2 and cant wait 4 it 2 come out its gonna be one of the best games ever made i mean come on how often do u get a game that has a chainsaw connected to a gun u can use to shoot enemies cut them in half:D or shove the saw through their back and out of thier chest