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Why would you say this is a casual game? When I think casual, Angry Birds comes to mind and all the other crap games out there. And enough with the racist "lazy american" comments. I could throw out many different stereotypes about many different cultures, but the fact is, I don't live in these places I've only HEARD about. I've learned not to listen to stereotypes, and decided to make up my own mind about a given people. Racism is ignorance, don't be a fool.

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Jesus, how many times did "lied" and "lazy port" appear in that one post?!?!? Sheesh. Well, I think we get the idea. I've been playing PC games since I had a 386 at 33mhz. Couldn't even run the first doom on it. Wolfenstein ran though, lol. Look, I've constantly went back and forth, from console to PC to console and back again. If I have a choice I will always play a PC version of a game, simply because of the amount of money I have sank into my latest gaming rig. I had last year purchased 2 6970's to crossfire. Upon realizing that crossfire completely f!@#$%^ sucks, I decided a week ago to dump them and order a GTX 680 sc+. My what a good decision that was!!! Options for graphical settings are important to me, but if I allowed myself to get so pissed about their lack of options, to the point where I couldn't enjoy a good running, good playing game like this,well, I believe my priorities must've went the wrong direction at some point. It is slightly irritating they are missing, nothing more. I'm all about the game itself. Your argument about people with poor performance not being able to adjust settings to improve the experience is ok, I guess. The fact is, this game is not all that demanding, so if people are getting poor performance, I believe it's time for an upgrade, or a system purchase so they won't have to worry. You can't expect a dev to include options to take a games graphical fidelity down to PS1 level graphics simply because a few people won't stay current with technology. If you can't afford it, well, too bad. Get a system. I've definitely spent quite a bit of money on PC's over the years, and love nothing more than to tinker with settings and squeeze everything I can out of a game(which isn't very hard with my current setup), but I also love to game, and this sir, is where our priorities differ. I will never spend more time in a menu adjusting settings, than playing the actual game. It looks better than the 360 version, in the higher resolution, so I don't see what the uproar is all about. Sometimes they DO release a patch that adds some settings, but if they don't before I beat the game, oh well, not much of a big deal as far as I'm concerned. Seems to me there are a lot of people out there that are just graphics whores, and just enjoy what their machines can do, rather than the actual game being played. Doesn't make much sense to me.

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Man, the things people get pissed about. Graphics options are important, but they do not decide whether or not I'm going to buy a game for PC. I have been gaming for so many years, before doom on pc. We're talkin' Old Atari and Odyssee. I have every console known to man, and have built many pc's over the years, last of which is a freakin' beast I can max any game on. I'm not bragging, just want you guys to know where I'm comin' from. I like to have the options to tweak graphical settings, but like I said already, their absence won't prevent me from purchasing a pc version. The fact is, even without a plethora of options, most of the time, PC will still look better than the current consoles. I'll have to agree with chubby guy, and say that "not" buying a PC version solely because of the lack of options, IS hurting our platform. What do you think a development company is going to notice when it comes time to tabulate the sales of console versus PC? Do you think they're going to look at the numbers and say, "Ha ha, look how much of the PC version we were able to sell without graphics options!"? Or do you think they'll say, "Wow, look how many PC copies we sold. Maybe the PC market isn't dead, and is perhaps a viable avenue of sales. Maybe next go around, we'll focus a little more attention to the pc port." I am going to purchase this on PC, today, and just ENJOY THE GAME. I want to let developers know there is still a market for the pc. All this elitist talk gets on my nerves. I'm not a console fanboy, or a pc elitist. I am simply a "Gamer". I f a game is released multi-plat, I will always buy the pc version. Re-selling a game was never a selling point for me, as I am also somewhat of a collector of games. I still have every single game I have ever owned. Never know when you'll get that wild hair up your a@# and decide to play the old classic again. I won't down somebody for their purchasing decisions though, so like someone already said, if you own a console too, then just buy it for the console, problem solved. For myself, if it is multi-plat, you'll find me in the PC section.

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I wish they would re-create the original Red Faction, like Starbreeze did with Riddick. Admittedly a little dated, yes, but awesome when it was released. Remakes of games I loved back in the day excite me more than new IPs. I liked that formula better anyway. Sure, the open sandbox that was guerilla was good, but I liked the lonesome claustrophobia of the original. Also the FP perspective. I'm not sure, but from what I've seen, it seems they may be straying away from the sandbox with armageddon. Looks to have similarities with the original, but I want a true remake.