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Black The Shooter Follow up to Replacements part 1

The Shooter


Pitch (Culver) Black was a black smith turned shooter. 

He was working late one night at his shop called the Auto body. One of his walls had a 16ft wooden rack that held metal bar irons.  Next to his work table he had a wooden keg full of horse shoes.  His fire was hot enough to melt a bar of iron just to soften it up so that he could hammer it flat.

He pounded away at the iron over his anvil until he had the right shape.  It was perfect and just to the right shape and size that would fit his chest. He was making a suit of armor.  He strapped it on under his shirt to see how it would feel. 

Off in the distance about 20ft away was his homestead.  His wife Amanda Culver usually is by his side in the shop but she wasnt feeling good so She was in bed waiting for Pitch.  She finally fell asleep after an hours wait.   

15ft away there were some men dressed as Indians lying on the ground watching Pitch and his Wife.  These men also trained their horses to lay down with them.

They waited for the right moment to strike.  Amandas lamp went off by her bedroom window.

The men got up and raced to the house with torches and lit the house in flames.  Pitch took his eyes off his work to see the bright blaze outside like the sun came up.  Amanda! He yelled as he grabbed for his 1851 colt navy revolver.  He ran outside to see Indians hooting and yelling as they ran towards him.

Pitch drew his gun on one of the Indians and shot him between the eyes.  Another Indian rode harder and faster to get to Pitch after seeing that his friend was shot.  He was closing in on Pitch but he was so out of control every shot that the Indian fired missed.  Pitch turned to face the out of control horse and then jumped out of the way.  Pitch rolled on the ground to his knees and shot the Indian that was holding a bottle with the wick on fire.  The horse reeled the dead Ingin into the shop window and he flew into the wooden rack.  The rack broke and the Iron bars fell on top of him.  He dropped the bottle and Pitchs shop lit on fire.

There was one more Indian left that was starting to feel antsy.  He aimed his rifle at Pitches chest and fired. It knocked Pitch on his back and then He rode off.


Sun rise the next day

Blazing sun was beating down, dry desert, tumble weeds blowing in the hot wind.  There was taste of dirt in Pitches mouth.  A hawk flew circles over him belting out a scream Caw!

A fly buzzed his ear.  He shooed it away.  Pitch sits up with a mad look in his eyes.  He screams out Amandas name as he gets up with a pain in his chest.  He then takes off the iron armor that was baking from the hot sun and burns his fingers.  His house is still smoldering.  Everything is gone except half of his shop. 


Pitch starts digging a hole in the ground for his Wife.

He looks around for the body of the Indian that he shot in the face. 

He wants to take a look at his face to see what kind of a creature would interrupt his life and turn it upside down.  I am just a black smith that didnt hurt anyone.  You stepped on my soil and blew up my home.  You took my love away from me.  I am going to hunt your kind down until there is no more of you Demons!  He didnt find the first one that he shot.

The second one was burnt. Serves you right thats what you get.  The other one that left must have taken his dead friend away.  He looked for tracks.

Some horse tracks were leading west.  Pitch saw some blood on the trail.  Pitch walked back to what was left of his shop.  He took some iron out and made another chest plate.  It wasnt as good as the first one convertible wise but it would do.  Pitch was in a hurry.  There wasnt any more time to waste.  That demon was several hours away from him.  Pitch knew that in the direction that the Indian was going there was a town.  He might stop there first.  He will need food and water for him and his horse. 

Pitch gets what supplies that survived the fire and he takes off.  He follows the trail to a fresh burial site.  Pitch digs it up to see a white man with a bullet whole in-between the eyes dressed in Indian garb.  What? He says in surprise.  This man looks familiar to him. 


Pitch had a job offer a week ago from a man named William Jenkins.  William had problems with some Sioux Indians raiding his land or so he said. 

There was one Indian named Black Coyote that kept stealing Williams food.  He would paint pictures with cow patties on Wills barn doors that would suggest that he had mad cows.  William, I will pay you to take out their tribe. Will says to Pitch.  Pitch, I am not in that profession any more.  I am a black smith now with a wife.  Will turns to Frank the dead man that Pitch dug up. Will, Well I guess we will have to go with plan B. 


Pitch comes back from his thoughts, So I guess this is plan B.  Stupid plan, make me think that some Indians did this, So that I would take the job.  Now, I am coming after you.  I have nothing to go back to.


Pitch makes it to the small town of Pickferd.  He enters the White Key Saloon.  He walks past two gentlemen in their sixties.  They are talking about a sky city and how unbelievable that could be. There is no way this could be possible.  I feel safe here on the ground.    Pitch also sees a big ugly brute playing cards.  This big guy is bald and wears a brown jacket that covers up the secret gadgets that lay beneath it.  Pitch can see that he has gadgets under his sleeves, but dares not to point them out, because he isnt there to fight him.  He also notices something metallic under his jacket.  He can read the words Auto body on the plate.  Hm, he has metal armor, Pitch thinks to himself.  Pitch takes a seat at the bar and gets a drink.  He watches the brute take everyones money.  The saloon doors swing open and a wiry fellow comes in.  He is wearing all red with yellow pinstripes down the collars with a red cowboy hat.  He is part of a group called the Cowboys.  The Cowboys are a group of men that try to get rid of large cattle industries.  Being put out of work by these industries they have been known to steel cattle from the large ranchers and re-brand the cattle to sell for their own.  Charro Vaquero can hardly get by the way that it is losing his farm to these rich tycoons and now he is being cheated by this large man named Plunger.  Charro takes out his knife and plants the tip into the table.  He is showing that he means business trying to call out the Plungers bluffs.

Charros Uncle had a problem with a gambler before and told Charro that he put his knife on the table and the cheat got up and left in fear for his life also leaving the money on the table.

Plunger looks at the knife. Is this supposed to mean something?  Because, I have heard of this tale before.

You are not the first mule to do this.  Now before this gets ugly ... for you, you better just turn around and leave.  Charro turns around like he is going to the door and then swings back drawing his gun, but Plunger was too fast for him.  Plunger, If you cant draw first, dont draw at all.  Plunger grabs the knife with the ivory handle, This will look good in my collection. Some one better clean this up! (A couple of guys grab Charros body and take him outside. Plunger looks at Pitch, You look new around here.  Do care to lose?  The only thing that I lose at is players.  I keep running out of them.  There is this one guy that keeps coming back.  I think his name is Booger Dumbwitt or something.  Pathetic creature he was bragging that he is going to war.  Thinks hes a big guy.  Oh well he makes me richer, but I might have to get rid of him soon if he doesnt pay up.  Do you bring money?  Pitch hesitates at first because he doesnt have money, but needs some. Yes.

Plunger, Then youre my kind of player!

Pitch has been sitting there long enough watching Plunger that he has learned some of his bluffs.  He also knows that he will have to ante up before they play so Pitch took some of the tips that were on a table during the shooting in all of the chaos.  Pitch plays one hand and wins.  Plunger, Lucky punk, lets play again.  Pitch, I would like to but I was just passing time. I was looking for William Jenkins and I dont want to keep him waiting.  I need to find him before he gives a job away to someone else.  You wouldnt know where he is do you?  Plunger, If you play another round and win I will tell you.  Pitch, I dont have time for games, how bout I pay you the money you lost, half now and half later. Plunger looks out the window and sees a posy of Cowboys coming which motivates Plunger to say, That sounds good to me when we do leave!   They head off further West. 

The Cowboys ride up to the saloon and rope off their horses.  One of the Cowboys named Bob jokes about having a Indian in the group named Wolf.  Bob, I cant believe Jack dragged and Indian in our group.  We had to stop several times at the Oshiti shaka wind (he chuckles) or whatever it was that he said.  Wolf, Ocheti Shakowin you little heyoka (clown) and they are sacred campfires of the Sioux.  If I wasnt there you would have been scalped.

Billy, That Black Coyote coot was off in another world.  He had too much fire water. 

Sam, Did you see him ride backwards on his horse? The horses tail was wiping him in his face he nearly fell off a cliff when he fell off his horse.  Black Coyote jumped back on his feet and fired his rifle and hit a snake that was in a tree.  Billy, Yeah that darn snake fell on my head.  Sam, You screamed like a girl.  Wolf, Black Coyote called you (pointing to Billy) Prancing Butterfly. 

Billy, Well shoot, I hate snakes!
Sam, That reminds me, Jack how much did you get for that rifle that you sold to Coyote?  
Jack, Some fire water and nunya.
Sam, Whats nunya?

Jack, Nunya business now shut up! Wheres Charro?  Billy, He said he would be at the White keys Saloon.    

They enter the saloon and take their seats except for Wolf.  He scouts the area and sees a large patch of dirt that appears as if someone or something was being dragged.  Wolf has a good insight on these clues.  Images appear to him easy like a bright light that highlights symbols for only his eyes to see.  He sees blood trails leading to a shed.  He finds his friend Charros body inside.  Wolf runs back to the saloon.  A man stops him at the door way.  Old Man, We dont take your kind here.  get out 

Wolf, Get out of my way wasicho (white man).

Old Man, Plunger doesnt allow Ingins in his establishment.  Wolf, I need to speak to this Plunger.  A friend of mine is dead and I need to know who did it.  Old Man, I dont know about your friend, but Plungers gone.  Wolf, Sounds guilty to me. Hey Jack! Wolf yells to his leader thats inside. We need to go now!  Jack gets up the rest of them are still sitting.  Jack, mount up boys!  Bob takes his last drink.  Billy whines, We just got here. How come we always have to go when the Ingins running.

Sam and Bob get up. Bob looks at Billy. Bob," Come on kid lets go.  Billy, Im a coming, but someday Ill be famous and I will go where I want to. 


Meanwhile at William Jenkins Ranch at sunset.  Plunger took Pitch there in a hurry.  Plunger, Okay, Heres the place and Ill be taking my money now! Pitch, I need to make sure this is the place.  Plunger, The sign behind us as we came in said Williams Ranch on it.  Pitch, How do I know its the right place? This could be some other Williams place.  You wait here let me knock on the door so that I can talk to him. 

Up ahead on the roof tops stood a sentinel with a long range firing rifle with a scope.  The scope shined in the sun and Plunger noticed. He grabbed Pitch before he got too far.  Pitch, Get your meat hooks of me! Plunger, Calm down, you see that flicker o light on top of the ranch?  Thats a scope and no doubt it is mounted on a rifle ready to blow off your head.

I dont think you are here for a meeting about a job. The way you look like you ready to take somebodies head off.  Pitch, How do you know anything I may be just tired.  Plunger, You look like you came out of a fight with a bullet hole in your shirt. Your head strong about something and are ready to march into a place without a plan.  This is the place you want and before you get yourself killed I want my money.

Pitch, I know why you were so eager to take me here.  I saw the Cowboys come in as we left.  They will be looking for you for killing one of them.  Plunger, Thats for me to worry about.

Pitch, You may be right about the ranch and me heading in there without a plan, but if you go back to town the Cowboys will be waiting for you.  Since your here why not cover my back?

Plunger, Well it might be fun to rough up a rancher.

Plunger looks around thinking of ways for distraction.  He sees a herd of cattle locked up in a pen.  There are hey barrels in a wagon and some empty milk jugs up on a hill.  Plunger, Pitch if you could let the cattle out and then wait for the ranchers to come out.  I am going to give them a surprise and after you see it then you can go in.  Pitch, We need to take out the sentinel on the roof.  Plunger, Take him out after you free the cattle.  Before we get started I need those milk jugs up on the hill and I need to fill them with manure.  Pitch looks puzzled, but he goes and gets them. He then releases the cattle which gets the attention of the sentinel on the roof.  The sentinel yells down a metal tube that leads into some rooms in the house.  The cattle has been released, send in the ranch hands!  Pitch takes aim at the sentinel and fires his gun and nails him.  The shot echoes in the rooms below.  Williams ears start to ring.  William, I told you lumps that Pitch would find out about my plan and now Hes here!  Patrick, How do you know that its him?  William, Because only Pitch can shoot that good,   


Some feet away

Wolf jumps off his horse to get a closer look at the ground.  He picks up the dirt to feel the softness.  He sees two sets of horse tracks.  He looks up to the sky and says, Oh Nagi Tanka help me find the way to these thieves of life.  He drops the dirt and the wind blows the dust in the direction that He will go.  

His group is not that far behind him, because Wolf marks some trees pointing out the direction he is going. 


Part 2 is on my blog.


part 2 follow up to Replacements

Back at the Ranch

Patrick looks out the window. Oh heck, the wagons on fire and its coming this way!  Lets get out of here!  Plunger is hanging onto the back of the burning wagon he is taking shots at everyone that is coming outside narrowing the odds.

Plunger jumps off the wagon just before it hits the ranch doors.  He sees William on the porch walking toward him.  William shoots Plunger in the chest and Plunger smiles.  Plunger gets up from the ground and grabs Williams wrist shaking the gun out. William, I didnt expect you.  Plunger, I am here to collect. Where is my money?  William, Its in the kitchen by the stove.  Plunger, Thats all I need so leave me alone and I will be on my way after I get the money.  Pitch is looking for you so watch your back.  Plunger goes in after the money.  He forgot about the milk jugs full of manure that is sitting in the hay that is on fire on the wagon that is now in the living room.  The heat is making the gas combust inside of the milk jugs until eventually it explodes. Blowing everything into the kitchen and knocking everything over even Plunger.  Pitch is still outside. Pitch, That must be the signal for me to come on in.  Before he gets a step closer He sees the Cowboys ride in.  Jack, Wow, looks like the parties starting without us!  Bob, I should have brought the marsh mellows.  Sam, Look theres Wolf and he just ran inside the burning house.  Wheres the kid?  Billy was riding his horse in after Wolf.  Sam, Crazy kid!  Wolf, I see the man that lay on the floor before me, do they call you Plunger?  Plunger, Do I owe you money?  Wolf, I have no need for pictures of your President.  If you are Plunger than I have to avenge my friend with your life.  Plunger, Well in that case I am not Plunger, but if you could help me up and out of this place I will take you to him.  Wolf gets closer.  Plunger grabs him and stabs him with a knife.  Plunger, He is on the other side of the knife.  Wolf looks down at the ivory handle knife. Wolf, This is Charros knife!  Plunger, He wanted you to have it.  Wolf falls to the ground.  The stove thats in the burning kitchen blows the door right off into Plungers chest and Plunger falls to the ground.  Billy rides in and grabs Wolfs body.  Plunger sits up with his gun aimed at Billy.  Billy reaches for his gun and shoots Plunger in the head. He gets Wolf situated on the back of his saddle and is off for the outdoors again.  Billy passes Pitch outside the door.  They only look at each other but dont draw for their guns. He meets up with the rest of the Cowboys and they take off back to Ocheti Shakowin to see if they can get help for Wolf.


William is hiding in the shadows.  William is holding his revolver toward Pitches head and his hand is shaking.  Pitch, You took my wife away from me.  William, That wasnt me.  Patrick set the plan in motion and messed up. Pitch, You planted the message in their heads it was you that pulled the trigger.  Pitch falls back pulling out his gun and fires.  Pitch hovers over William.  William is holding his chest and coughing.  William, I never set the plan in motion.  We only talked about it.  Pitch, I saw Frank in the Indians clothes.  Frank is one of your guys.  William, Frank went missing.  I dont know what happen to him.  Black Coyote grabbed him.  Gun fire comes from behind and shoots William in the head.  Patrick is standing behind Pitch and is about to get shot until Plunger comes out of the kitchen and grabs Patrick by the head and breaks his neck.  Pitch runs out holding Plunger up by the arm while the place goes up in flames.  Plunger is on the ground unconscious.  Pitch sees the wound in Plungers head.  Pitch, Good thing you have a thick skull.  Pitch cleans it out and retrieves the bullet, lucky for Plunger it didnt go in to deep.  To stop the bleeding Pitch only had some thin plates that he placed inside of the skin of Plungers scalp. 

Pitch couldnt do anything about the stove door that was imbedded in Plungers chest.  If he pulled it off Plunger might die.  So the door stays for now. 



At Ocheti Shakowin

Wolf is getting healed by the medicine man.  The Cowboys talk to Black Coyote.  He tells of how he got rid of William Jenkins.  Black Coyote, Blow up white mans home.  Blame it on other White man and then have them fight it out.  I took Blacksmiths little woman and hid her outside.  I blew up his house.  Blacksmith shoots Dancing Prairie Dog in between eyes.  After I shoot the Blacksmith in the metal chest knocking him to the ground I take off Dancings clothes and throw his body on the little womens bed while the house was on fire.  They are about the same size.  I didnt like him much...Dancing was always whining like a little woman.  Before I did this I captured the white man that worked with William.  I had him locked up in the forest near where I buried him.  I told him to put on Dancings clothes and then I shot him in between the eyes.  I put him in a whole where the Blacksmith would find him.  I knew that would set him off. 


 A white woman comes out of a tent screaming let me go!  I want to go home.  Black Coyote, Billy, since you brought my Brother back home, can you bring that wild women back to hers.  I named her Cry like baby.
Wolf I can now call you by your new tribe name, Turning Hawk.  You were almost gone on that white horse, but you turned and flew back to me.  Its good to have you back Brother.

infinite bioshock contest: THE REPLACEMENT

1890 Wounded Knee Colonel James Forsyth surrounded the encampment supported by four Hotchkiss guns. They nearly wiped out a whole tribe of Lakota Sioux all because of a Lakota Sioux man named Black Coyote. He was a trouble maker that waived his rifle, declaring that he had given money for it and no one was going to take it unless he was paid. When He and another Lakota Sioux named Turning Hawk wrestled with the rifle it went off and started the war. Later after the battle Turning Hawk said that, "Black Coyote was one crazy pony and he was always up to no good."

1912 The Sky City of Columbia was owned by Zachary Comstock. Every dead beat, low life and officer was on his payroll. Every Bookie, or thug that wanted to make a buck went to Zachary for a job. Pitch Fork was a hired gun from Zachary Comstock. He was sent down from New Columbia in search of a shooter named Plunger. Similar in looks to the Handyman in Columbia City, Plunger was an ugly brute that bullied everyone for cash. He played poker and won more than he lost. He didn't always play fair. He had built in contraptions up his sleeves that held cards that magically appeared in his hand when he needed a better one. He plays at the White Key Saloon off in a little dusty town below Columbia.
Turning Hawk a Lakota Sioux was searching for the white man that was at Wounded Knee. Turning Hawk enters the saloon and sits next to Booker DeWitt. Turning Hawk looks at Bookers Medal of Honor that lies on the table. Booker is using his medal in means of payment to be part of the poker game. Booker Dewitt was a gambler, but not a very good one. Lucky for him he is a better shooter. Turning Hawk, "That's a pretty shiny medal." Booker, "If you want it you need to play for it." Turning Hawk, "It wouldn't look good on me, but I could tell interesting stories of how I got it. I could tell my people that I killed a white man and took it from him. What can you tell me about Wounded Knee?" Booker, "I don't want to talk about it. (Booker reaches for his gun) Are we going to have a problem?" Turning, "No, there is no problem. I just don't think you should give it up. You survived... Booker interrupts Turning Hawk, You do not speak to me about things you dont know about! Turning Hawk, "I know plenty; you were given that medal because of a massacre that took out a lot of my people." Plunger interrupts, "Ladies please, lets play the game or you can just save yourself some time and give me the money Booker! Pay off your debt. I am going to bleed it out of you if you lose. No point of still crying over a few reds and you! I don't play with your kind, so get out!"
Pitch Fork came into the saloon and passes two old guys drinking whiskey. He over hears them talking about how wonderful it would be to live up high in the clouds, to be near God and live out the remainder of life. They talk about the city in the sky like it's Heaven. Pitch smirks and thinks if they only knew of the hell that is up there. Pitch lost his hand as an example from Comstock. Pitch was trying to defect to the other side. He stole some plans of Comstocks. Comstock found out. Comstock, "steal from me and lose a hand! Now go back to the hole that you came from and get me a replacement." Pitch can still feel the pain in his wrist as he stood next to Plunger who was at the table with Booker and Turning Hawk. Turning Hawk was just leaving and He goes outside and waits by the door. He needs to tell Booker something, but it can wait. Plunger looks at Pitch Fork and says, Do you bring money? Yes, Pitch says while shaking his head away from the memory of the pain. Plunger, "Then you're my kind of player."
Pitch takes a seat. "Do you want me to get you a salad for your hand?" Plunger mentions to Pitch. What? Your hand looks like something found at a dinner table. Put that thing away before you poke an eye out. Pitch puts his hand behind his back in embarrassment. He was too intimidated to say something back to Plunger.
Booker has a couple flashbacks of Wounded Knee. It was total chaos with gun fire and people with their guts ripped open. The stench of bodies filled the air that attracted a swarm of flies. Booker was shooting anything with a heartbeat, he couldn't tell anyone apart at times with the smoke and gunfire from the Hotchkiss guns. He sees an Indian waiving his rifle off in the distance before the massacre started.... Plunger, "Hey Pinkerton, snap out of it! Lets play." The image of the Indian fades away and Booker is back in the smokey saloon and now staring at Plunger. They played their game and near the end Booker noticed the little machine inside of Plungers sleeve. Booker, "You're a piece of work, you've been cheating this whole time?" (Booker reaches for his gun under the table, Plunger ketches this and shoots out from under his sleeve one of his mechanical gadgets that has a claw at the end of it and it grabs Bookers gun. Plunger stands up knocking the table and all the chips and cards off including Bookers medal.
The medal goes sliding out by the door. Turning Hawk picks it up. Plungers claw throws the gun into the air and out the door. Booker takes a swing at Plungers chest and it felt like hitting a steel wall. Booker holds his hand and tries to shake off the pain. "What do you have under your shirt?" Plunger lifts up his shirt to reveal an iron door from a stove embedded in his chest. Booker, "You are a piece of work." Booker picks up a chair and smashes it across Plungers head. It didn't have any effect on him. Plunger taps his head with Pitch Fork's hand and you could hear metal on metal. Pitch, "Hey!" Pitch takes his makeshift hand back. Plunger, "I have a tin plate up there Pinkerton." Booker, "That explains your looks." Plunger, "That tares it!" Plunger plunges forward towards Booker, but Booker side steps and lets the raging bull take it outside. Booker, "Bully!" Booker follows because the fight isn't over. It's going to take more than that to take out this brute. Turning Hawk was still outside by the door holding Bookers gun. Pinkerton, here's your gun. Booker takes it, but Plunger was already up on his feet. He grabbed Booker by the neck and held him in the air and then through him. Plunger looked at Turning Hawk. Plunger, "I told you to leave! It was a big mistake that you are still here. It will cost you your life." Plunger punches Turning Hawk in the chest. Plunger, "I will take you back down memory lane of Wounded Knee!" My soul is ready for the white horse to take me away, Turning says with a winded breath. I will be with my people and we will rain down on you. Cold rain with hard hammer strikes upon thee. You will feel my wraith come down on you with lighting speed. I am ready... are you? Plunger takes both of his hands and squeezes Turning Hawks head until it cracks. Turning Hawk falls to the ground. A gun shot rings out from behind Plunger. Plunger falls to his knees and plants his face into the dirt. Booker walks up to him and kicks at him to see if he is dead. Plunger doesn't move. Booker sees his medal in Turning Hawks hand. Booker goes over to retrieve it and then gets startled by Turning Hawk. Turning Hawk gasps for his last breath and his final words Turning Hawk, "Fear no guilt about Wounded Knee, storms may come and wipe out lives, but without weather we have no rain for the new corn of life. The storm is coming." Then it started to rain and it was a cold rain. Plunger starts yelling behind Booker, I'm going to get you!"
Booker, "No way!" Booker turns around at the same time a bright flash from the sky like a thunder bolt shoots Plungers body. Sparks fly off of his metal plate in his head and the iron door on his chest Plunger, "Noooo! I am not ready!" Plungers body is gone and so is Turning Hawks. Lucky for Pitch Fork the lighting was only attracted to Plunger.
Pitch, "That wasn't odd at all was it?" Booker, "No, not at all." Pitch, "Look I was sent down here to get someone to replace me for the City of Columbia and I choose you. All those stories you hear of it being a paradise are true." Booker, "Why do you want to leave?" Pitch, "There are some people that are looking for me, I figure I could just disappear down here." Booker, "Do not lie to me." Pitch, "I do know someone that can pay off your debt." Booker, "How do you know about my debt?" Pitch, "It doesn't matter." Booker, "Who do you work for?" Pitch, "You might have heard of him, Zachary Comstock." Booker, "The big guy huh?"
Pitch, "I have a case here just look at it." Booker reads the outside of the case, The flame that will ignite the world. (Booker opens it) There is this picture of a beautiful girl in it. Booker, "Who is this? Pitch, "Oh, Her, that's Elizabeth. She is actually who I need you to look for, She is missing. Now that I have your attention please come this way. You will take my zeppelin up to the City. There are arrangements made for you inside. My people will help you the rest of the way. Enjoy your flight. There is money involved."
Former Pinkerton agent Booker DeWitt, is sent to the floating air city of Columbia to find a young woman, Elizabeth. Find out what happens next in the game Infinite Bioshock.

This story is for the Bioshock Infinite Creative Writing Competition