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Holy Crap...It's been SOOOOOo long!

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Hey everyone...I know it's been a long time since I've even logged onto gamespot, but for good reason. I am no longer kyles_ducky...haven't been since Sept. 2005. And it's a good thing too...we just didn't seem to get along anymore.

In October 2005, I met my beau, Jeff and we've been together since. I wouldn't have even come on here if it wasn't for something being sent directly to my hotmail...I had over 300 messages to be read, and SO many offers to become leader/officer, and invites to join groups and I appreciate it. I don't want to get rid of this account because I'm at level 10, but in order for me to move on from my past, I must delete this account.

 Thank you all,

 My new GS account name is sweetie1986...please add me if you'd like. See you there!

What's New With You, What's New With Me? (Entry 44)

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Hello everyone. What's new with you (post comment if you wish)? Well, I'm a busy girl, but it's the long weekend and time to R-E-L-A-X! No drinking for me, though. It's been over a year since any form of alcohol has touched these lips, and I'm going to keep it up. (I mean, with the lack of calories from the sweet Smirnoffs and stuff, I've kept some weight off. When I was a social drinker, I gained 0.3-0.5 lbs. per 2-3 drinks, and that adds up). There isn't much of a reason I'm not drinking, just decided it wasn't worth it.

So, this weekend I'm doing a lot of hanging out. Yesturday, the man and I went to the 400 Flea Market (a big gathering of vendors with lots of different things) and I got 1000 card protectors for $10, and 4 packs of Core Set (Magic the Gathering Card Game) for $16, where they're usually $5 a peice. Then I sorted out lists of the sets on my computer while Kyle slept on my bed. LAZY! lol. He drooled on my pillow, so I laughed. He slept for 2 hours, while I played on my computer. It was pretty cool, I don't mind being on my PC...speaking of which, since I use a Mac at work, I find myself TRYING to use mac commands on my PC, then I realise that, I don't have a Apple/command button, and apple + w won't close documents for me.

Oh well, I might invest in a Mac in the next few years....maybe a mini-mac, so I can switch back and forth between PC and Mac for different things. Especially seeing as to how I'm going into Graphic Design, a Mac might be a good idea.

Also, I found out the four manditory courses that I need to take for first year Graphic Design, and there's a manditory communications (I'll be taking the advanced Work-place), and a mandatory Gen-Ed (have to wait and see what my options are...)

Themandatory courses are:

Graphic Design 1: This is a project-based course involving two-dimensional design. Emphasis is placed on visual problem-solving, studio skills and production of design solutions.

Typograhpy: This course introduces students to letter forms and type applications as they are used by the graphic designer. The course includes typographic terminology, comprehensive rendering of display letter forms, and assignments focussing on use of letter forms as design.

Applied Drawing Techniques: This studio course deals with the fundamentals of representational image making and the application of design elements and principles, as required by graphic illustrators, graphic designers, interior designers and industrial designers.

Quark Xpress 1: This hands-on course will emphasize the capabilities of Quarkxpress as a graphic design tool for both single and multiple page layouts on the Macintosh computer.

I am REALLY looking foreward to this year! I can't wait to get back to the books!

Today, Kyle's going to help me make a new deck, we might go to the lakeshore and walk around, aybe go see Monster-In-Law (yes, Kyle thinks it looks amusing) and we saw Unleased with Jet Li last weekend, and it was pretty good. I recommend it. Tomorrow...prob. the same as today...hang out, go for a walk...who knows.

Anyway, this is probably enough for you to read, so I'm going to call it quits for now. Have a good weekend! And...


It's been a while... (Entry 43)

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Man. Have I been one busy girl!

I started work on April 18th, and I have been so busy! I am the second (kind of third) Graphic Artist at my grandfather's company.

He founded it about 27-28 years ago, after he and my grandmother moved to Canada from England. It started off with my grandparents and my father and uncle. The four people making Corrugated boxes has now turned into a general labour staff of over 200 (day and night shifts + supervisors + truck drivers + maintenance), and a office staff (including 2 computer techs, 5 order desk operators, 2 order desk supervisors, 15 sales representatives, 2 receptionists, 2 pricing/quote guys, 1 expeditor, 2 Certified General Accountants, 2-3 graphic artists/designers (one deals specifically with Autocad), 2 packaging designers for the more advanced corrugated displays, 1 president, 1 vice-president, and 2 CEOs)

We really are "one, big, happy family" business. Every year we have a company Christmas party, complete with buffet-style dinner and, my fav. DANCING! Almost everyone in the company knows everyone else, I have 3 great uncles, 3-4 uncles, 3-4 aunts, 1 great aunt, 3 cousins, 2 second-cousins, my 2 older brothers, my father, my grandfather, and sometimes my grandmother comes in. And all of my friends are considered family.

I've been working there ever since I was 12 for the summers. I've been a receptionist, accountant (for a little bit), order desk, in general labour, and now I'm in the graphic design part. My dad wants me to either: take place of our oldest CGA (he's about in his early-mid 70s, but barely looks 45), or our newest, but oldest, Graphic Artist, and she's about 60. But most importantly, my dad wants me to be happy with my desision.

Next year, (Sept. 2005) I will be starting my three year course in Graphic Design at college. My parents (I think father more so than mother, but if you've read some of my past entries, you know I don't get along with her too well anymore) are proud that I'm doing this. Because my grandparents needed my dad to work for them, he didn't get to finish highschool, even though he REALLY wanted to. He was a great student. My mom just didn't finish highschool, my oldest brother has been working for the company since the 11th grade, when he dropped out (so, for about 8 years), my other older brother finished highschool, but only took night courses for college for sales, which he didn't even stick to. I'm the only one (so far) in my family to have a college degree in SOMETHING! I mean, that's something to be proud of. My little brother isn't in highschool yet, and if he keeps his "lack-of-homework-finishing" up, he probably won't see the end of highschool. He wants to go to the IAAD (International Acadamy of Art and Design) in Toronto, Ontario to become either a game programmer/designer or an animation "dude" as he likes to refer to it as.

Well, if you've made it through my journal this far, congratulations. I can't remember how many times I've told the story of the family business, and I can't imagine how many people will actually read the whole thing.

Good night, and Happy Gaming!

Hello everyone. Just wanted to say... (Entry 42)

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...just that! Hello! I've finished school April. 15, and the following Tuesday I started work as a Graohic Designer at my dad's company. I'm used to working their as a receptionist, I've been doing that since I was 12, then at 16 I was in the factory, which was better than the office. Hot? Heck yeah. Lost weight? 20 lbs in 2 months. Fun? Always kept busy. The office? Well, it was really cool, I had to deal with annoying customers, and there were times where I had NOTHING to do. (FYI, from the age of 12-17, I only worked the 2 months in the summer. Now 18, I worked during my Christmas break, and am going to be working for 4.5 months, since I'm now in college.) Even now at the Graphic department I don't have a lot to do. Well, if I wasn't so efficient. Kori, my work-giver and Saeid, my "boss" say that "This should take you about 20 minutes to complete." Guess what? I finish in 10, sometimes only 5 minutes. And it's REALLY good! They are so impressed. I've been using Adobe Illustrator for 4 years...they figured only 14 weeks because of my Intro. to Mac class. BTW, I got my grades for second semester!

Intro. Mac Applications 90% Drawing from your Imagination 75% Fine Arts 2D 76% Fine Arts 3D 78% Tai Chi Chuan Fe 93% Graphic Design 83%

82.5% Average. Woot.

But as I was saying. You know how the majority of waitresses wish they had the big, corporated office jobs? Well, as a fairly big company office employee, I can honestly say that I really preferred waitressing, even though it was a crappy restaurant, and it was only for 3 months. It's just that I've been in the office scene for six years (even though it was 2 months a year), it gets really boring.

Well, I've got work tomorrow, so I'd better get to bed. G'night everyone.

Due to my recent interest, I was wondering who else was... (Entry 41)

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Anyone here like "Magic?" and I'm not talking the whole hocus pocus, alakazami swami stuff, I mean the card game, where you have to battle to death with creatures, sorcery, instants and so on and so forth? I think it's pretty cool. Here's the thing with the stuff: This has all the infor you could possibly need, but it doesn't have price lists. Oh well. But to the main point: I'm just wondering who likes Magic.

Well, I Did It...I Skipped My Class (Entry 36)

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I know most of you are saying, big _ _ _ _ing deal, but I've never skipped a class...even in highschool. My fiance and I were celebrating our 2nd anniversary, but going to his dentist appointment at 11:30, followed by lunch at 12:30. Then we hung around my house...he laid on my bed watching me play Sims 2: University (so fun!). Then we FINALLY went out at 6:30 (four and a half hours of nothing much...some cuddling/TV watching, but mostly I was sitting at the comp...not very romantic, huh?) so I could drop off my essay and go see The Ring 2. I HATED the first one...not scary at all. But the second was reather good...and the parody ideas I thought of! Ohhhhhhhh boy! I'm going to (eventually) make a Flash parody of it. Why? Because it was just TOO easy to parody! LOL! Anyway, overall, yesturday was pretty good, esp. the company and lunch...mmmmm burger. Yummy yum. *Cough* ahem. I'm sorry. Memories are good to recall upon, even if it was just yesturday.

Happy Gaming! And Keep Watching the Ski's...I mean, Skies!

One LOOOONG Comment Response...So Here...(Entry 35 Part 2)

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Wow...thanks everyone! I've been told throughout my life to "have fun". Up until I MET Kyle, I didn't know exactly what "have fun" means. I was a get-home-from-school-and-do-nothing-but-homework-and-study-even-if-there-areb't-any-tests girl. I would go out once a week with my friends, but I'd always be the "boring" one; always talking about school, stupid little tid-bits I'd come across (tid-bits meaning usless trivia...but hey, that's a great thing to know when a get-together is dying down!)I was going to skip the class anyway, but I wanted to know your opinions, and I am very thankful for them.

I Have an Honest Question... (Entry 35)

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On Tuesday, March 29, it is Kyle's and my 2nd Anniversary. However, I have a class that night. Throughout my ENTIRE fourteen years of school, I have NEVER skipped a class. All we are doing in that class is review...which is what we did last Tuesday, tonight, and will be doing for the next two Tuesdays (I have this class, as well as all others, once a is college, after all). And we're reviewing the same things. Is it alright for me to skip this ONE class, for that reason? Or should I keep my record? I really would like to spend the evening with him, but then again, I've never skipped a class. What should I do?

Thank you, and Happy Gaming!

Wow...It's Been a While (Entry 34)

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Sorry it's been a while since I've been on here, writing my journals that I can't believe are pretty popular, but school's been REALLY eating at my free time. But, it's gone back to normal...for now, and I've decided to write a little bit before doing some homework. Remember that Sculpture thing I told you about? The Gallery at my school that I would be participating in? Well, it was a rather boring night, but the viewers thought it was pretty cool. Here are some pictures of it:

With all due respect for the other classmates, I will not show any close-ups of their work, for I do not have their consent. However, here is my really, really crappy "Praying Buddha". It was a REAL pain to put the tissue paper on the wooden figure!

Well, that's pretty much what I've been up to. I hope to be on here a little more often than I have been, but we'll see how school goes.

Happy Gaming!

What would normally be a 15 minute drive took an HOUR! (Entry 33)

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I was coming home from the mall today, and it would take about 15 minutes on a good day to get home. Well, on my path, there was a cop car blocking off the main root. "No biggie" I said to myself as I took the detour onto the parallel road. Then there was another barricade on that street, so I had to detour onto ANOTHER street. It was one that would normally take a minute and a half to drive on at 40 km/h...guess what? IT TOOK ME HALF AN HOUR! But that's not the best part! After the detouring was finished, I went back onto the road I was initially on, when I found out I had to detour around it, and it WAS CLEAR!!!! Traffic was flowing as usual!!!! ARGH!!! I am so angry about that! But I'm home now, so...yeah.

Thanks for letting me rant!

Happy Gaming!